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    JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Human Resources Management

    JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Human Resources Management is a cost-

    effective, robust solution that enables human resources departments to

    develop a strategic focus while routine activities are simplified and automated.

    JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Human Resources Management provides

    comprehensive functionality that helps you efficiently manage common

    human resource tasks and the intelligence to help your organization identify

    and analyze workforce trends and needs.

    P R O D U C T H I G H L I G H T S

    Drive performance where it counts

    Streamline administrative tasks

    Intelligent reporting and analysis

    Improve regulatory compliance

    Integration with other JD Edwards EnterpriseOne modules

    Mobile application

    UX One role-based pages for Benefits Manager and HR Manager

    The Issue: Managing Critical Human Resources Activities While Staying Focused on Your Core Business Many organizations are faced with declining budgets and aggressive growth targets. To meet these challenges, they need to achieve the highest level of performance from their workforce. They look to their human resources departments for workforce planning, competency management, and employee development aimed at raising the overall level of workforce skills and commitment.

    Yet human resources departments are often overwhelmed by government mandates and paper-intensive administrative work such as address changes, benefits enrollment, paper approval ratings, and manager reports. Although these maintenance tasks are important, they leave little time for human resource professionals to be proactive and strategic in their mission to develop a productive and reliable workforce. And, as the importance of having knowledgeable, committed workers grows, human resource departments must find ways to effectively address the alignment of employee recruitment, salary and benefits, skills, training, and career plans with the current and future needs of the organization.

    The Solution: Strategic Human Resources Management Oracles JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Human Resources Management is a comprehensive solution for managing your entire employee lifecycle. It is designed to automate many of the administrative tasks that now occupy your time, enabling you to focus on the strategic direction of your department and organization. The system is easy to maintain and is integrated with all JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software products from Oracle to provide data consistency and accuracy across your enterprise.

    Access to UX One role-based pages enables Benefits Manager and HR Manager to easily access, review, and act upon important information related to employee enrollment, thereby managing the human resource program effectively and efficiently.


    O R A C L E D A T A S H E E T

    F E A T U R E / F U N C T I O N H I G H L I G H T S

    Configurable automated workflows

    Employee requisitions

    Position control

    Applicant tracking

    Benefits administration

    Job information

    History and turnover analysis

    Competency management

    Compensation management

    Performance management

    Government reporting

    Health and safety

    Pay grade and step administration

    Reporting tools

    Competency gap analysis

    Automated graphic organization chart creation

    Legislative compliance

    Contact employee mobile smartphone

    Aligning Your Workforce to Company Goals and Objectives By streamlining and automating everyday administrative tasks, Human Resources Management enables you to focus on strategic activities such as competency mapping to align employee skills with corporate objectives. The software supports you as you work with managers to define needed competencies and map those competencies to specific positions within your organization. You can then compare this information to data about existing employee skill sets and identify gaps to determine recruitment and training needs.

    With Human Resources Management, you will always have a current database of employee skill sets and competencies, which employees can access to update their skills online. You can use this database to find the right people with the right skills for the right positions.

    After you have filled a position, the system allows you to assign employees to work orders, purchase orders, or business units and track information such as start and stop dates, pay and bill rates, and charge-to information. This data can also be used to automatically generate time-entry templates with all the required information for each employee, based on the pay period being processed.

    The Human Resources Management solution also makes it easy for you to assess your new employees to ensure that you are attracting the best candidates. You can track criteria such as:

    Where are you getting your employees? How long do they stay? Will they have the right qualifications? How much does it cost to recruit and replace employees?

    Controlling Costs Human Resources Management helps you keep on top of headcount spending. It facilitates collaboration between your human resources and accounting departments so that you can better plan, forecast, monitor, and control budgets for new hires. The system tracks approved positions and headcount by company and department and automatically updates this information to reflect any changes in employees status.

    With this solution, you no longer have to worry about managers hiring employees without the budget to do so. They are able to easily verify that an open position is budgeted for before submitting a new hire requisition.

    Managing Employee Development By streamlining the routine, administrative aspects of the employee development process, Human Resources Management gives you more time for managing employees developmental needs. Automated workflow simplifies the evaluation process, automatically alerting employees and managers about scheduled performance reviews. In addition, built-in competency gap analysis tools help managers assess the gap between employees expected and actual performance. You can focus on helping managers and employees establish development plans to meet both career goals and


    O R A C L E D A T A S H E E T

    company objectives.

    Human Resources Management also lets you standardize salary increases for your organization by using a matrix that matches salary with items such as length of service, compensation ratio, performance review score, and percentage achievement of competency goals. With the information uncovered during the evaluation processsuch as competency ratings and gap analysismanagers can use this salary matrix to make equitable salary recommendations for their employees.

    Improving Decision Support The Human Resources Management solution offers flexible reporting tools that enable you to cut through the reams of data entered about your employees to give you a complete picture of issues and trends. The software makes it easy for you to create ad hoc reports, summarize data or drill down into the details, embed workflow messaging for true exception reporting, and populate spreadsheets.

    With Human Resources Management, you have access to actionable information that helps you find and correct negative trends before they become costly, long-range problems. At the same time, positive information helps you direct procedure and process improvements.

    By providing you with information you need, when you need it, Human Resources Management lets you make important, informed decisions. It streamlines routine activities and brings consistency and clarity to human resources processes and procedures; you get the time and tools you need to make strategic HR planning and management a reality.

    Solution Integration This module is designed to be integrated with the following JD Edwards EnterpriseOne products and suites across your operations using common tools and a Pure Internet Architecture:

    JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Human Capital Management

    Payroll Time and Labor Employee Self Service Manager Self Service

    JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Capital Asset Management JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Manufacturing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Project Management

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    The Issue: Managing Critical Human Resources Activities While Staying Focused on Your Core BusinessThe Solution: Strategic Human Resources ManagementAligning Your Workforce to Company Goals and ObjectivesControlling CostsManaging Employee DevelopmentImproving Decision SupportSolution Integration


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