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  • JeopardyClassroomTodays CategoriesVocab. 1Vocab. 2PhasesRound n RoundExploreCreated by - Tara LaChapell

  • Final JeopardyQuitTeam 1Team 2Team 3Team 4Team 5Team 6

  • Chunks of rock that look giant potatoes in space.What are asteroids?Vocabulary 100

  • The passing of one object through the shadow of another.What is eclipse?Vocabulary 200

  • An instrument that magnifies distant objects, or makes them appear larger.What is a telescope?Vocabulary 300

  • Point in Earths orbit at which hours of daylight are at their greatest or fewest.What is solstice?Vocabulary 400

  • Large, round bodies that revolve around a star.What are planets?Vocabulary 500

  • Vocabulary 100What is rotate?To spin on an axis.

  • Vocabulary 200A robot vehicle used to explore deep space.What is space probe?

  • Vocabulary 300What is axis?An imaginary line that passes through Earths center and its North and South Poles.

  • Vocabulary 400Point in Earths orbit at which the hours of daylight and darkness are equal.What is equinox?

  • Vocabulary 500What is a satellite?A natural body, like the moon, or an artificial object that orbits another object.

  • Phases 100What is 1st quarter moon?The name of this phase.

  • Phases 200What is Last quarter moon?The name of this phase.

  • Phases 300What is full moon?The name of this phase.

  • Phases 400What is 1st quarter moonThe name of this phase.

  • Phases 500What is waxing gibbous?The name of this phase.

  • Round n Round 100What is an orbit?What the dotted line represents.

  • Round n Round 200What is a rotation?What the arrow represents.

  • Round n Round 300What is revolves.The moon ____ in a closed path around Earth.

  • Round n Round 400What is orbit?The path the moon takes around Earth is its _____.

  • Round n Round 500Timekeeping on Earth is based on Earths ____.HemispheresSatellitesTime zonesDistance from the sunWhat is c time zones?

  • Seasons 100What is summer.What season is it in the Northern Hemisphere?

  • Seasons 200What is winter?The season in the southern hemisphere.

  • Seasons 300What is equinox?Is this a solstice or equinox?

  • Seasons 400What are the tilt of the Earth and revolving around the sun?These are the two things that cause the different seasons.

  • Seasons 500What is spring?This is the season in the Northern Hemisphere.

  • PlanetsFinalJeopardyHow many points are you willing to wager?

  • Name the 8 planets in order starting from the closest to the sun.Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune,

  • Hope you enjoyed playing Classroom Jeopardy!!

    Good Luck on your test!! Created by Tara LaChapelllachapellt@peshtigo.k12.wi.usQuit