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  • WOW WOW 7 Rishikesh Snow leopard Ziplining

    WOW 6 Jim Corbett National Park Scrubbing Elephants

    WOW 8 Rishikesh White Water Rafting

  • W O W 6

    swimming EXPLORING


  • Hiking

    Having Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Making New FriendsELEPHANT WASHING Team Effort


    WOW 6 was a wonder- ful adventure, it has made people bond with each oth- er. They took a good long break from Delhi’s famous pollution. The went to cor- bett and visted the Corbett tiger reserve (as shown on the bottem of the left page.) Unfortunately, none of the groups saw any tigers.

  • Highlights included listening to the sound of the river and the birds, watching the bird life and other animals, feeding and washing an elephant, playing lots of frisbee, hula hooping, ultimate frisbee and more outdoor games, UNO games at meal- times, walks through the woods and up to a village, and much much more! -Mrs. Lockwood

    The Highlight for WOW 6 is always new friend- ships and this year was no exception. Students extended themselves beyond comfort levels, made new friends and enjoyed the beauty of India’s nature. Specific highlights were the Elephant Washing, S’mores, Environmental games with new friends from a local school and our Bus Stop clean up service project. We also took a village hike, played Capture The Flag and enjoyed jewelry making, which all added to the fun. WOW 6 was a huge success! -Mr. Al Moreno

    A highlight for me was watching our Grade 6 students overcome some of their fears. We walked through the woods in the dark, scram- bled over rocks, and held big bugs! I also saw a lot of students help others work through their discomfort. -Mrs. Cullen

  • WOW 7 Illustrated

    Camp Amlani ---------------------- Camp Melgaard ----------------------

    Camp Pupovac ----------------------

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