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Job Evaluation Wage & Salary Administration Training


<p>April 22, 2014</p> <p>MS. CLAUDIA A.PONDALES</p> <p>OIC, General Manager</p> <p>SUKELCO INC., Tacurong City</p> <p>JOB EVALUATION &amp; WAGE/</p> <p>SALARY ADMINISTRATION SEMINARApril 28-29, 2014 (Monday-Tuesday)Cebu Grand Hotel, Cebu City 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.Objectives: At the end of the two-day seminar, the </p> <p>participants would be able to conduct a simple job evaluation</p> <p>program likewise craft sound salary scale and administer the </p> <p>latter properly resulting in a competitive and equitable </p> <p>allocation and distribution of base pay amongst employees </p> <p>within an organization.Module 1: Introduction- Job Evaluation Concepts- Principles of Job Evaluation- Objectives of Job Evaluation- Job Evaluation ProcessModule 2: Job Analysis- Data to Gather- Job Analysis Methods- Job Analysis ProcessModule 3: Crafting Job Descriptions- Styles- Techniques in WritingModule 4: Job Evaluation Methods- Qualitative Approaches- Quantitative ApproachesModule 5: Job Classification &amp; Pricing- Traditional vs. Broad banding - Internal Data- Market Data- Considerations in Job Pricing- Salary Structure OptionsModule 6: Wage/Salary Administration- Job Evaluation Adjustments- Variations in Individual Base Pay- Compensation Policies- Change Management- IntegrationMethodology:Lecture, Discussion, Case Study, Workshop, Critiquing, </p> <p>Structured Learning Experiences</p> <p> telephone: (032) 512-2824 / 418-9201 </p> <p>SPEAKER PROFILE</p> <p>DR. VIRGEL C. </p> <p>BINGHAY</p> <p>Dr. Binghay is currently Associate Professor and Chair of the Graduate Studies Program at the School of Labor and Industrial Relations, University of the Philippines (U.P.-SOLAIR) in Diliman where he teaches graduate students subjects in industrial relations and human resource development and where he conducts researches in the same fields of discipline. He is also a Consultant of many organizations on industrial relations and human resource management matters. </p> <p>...</p> <p>Dr. Binghay has provided various HR/IR consulting services to more than a hundred satisfied and delighted client organizations. He has trained, since 1987, thousands of workers, supervisors, managers and top executives. Aside from his numerous local enagements, Dr. Binghay is an international lecturer. He has lectured in various overseas conferences and seminars. </p> <p>Educational Background </p> <p>Dr. Binghay earned the following degrees: Ph.D. in Educational Sociology and Anthropology; Master of Arts in Industrial Relations (Major in Human Resource Development); and Diploma in Industrial Relations at the University of the Philippines in Diliman; Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of the Philippines at Los Baos; and Diploma in Quality Management from the Tokyo Kenshu Center in Japan. Dr. Binghay is the author of the book entitled "Organizational Ethnography: Socialization in Organizations (2005). </p> <p>...</p> <p>Before joining the academe, Dr. Binghay was in the corporate world. He was Vice President and Division Manager for Corporate Planning and Human Resources of the Reliance Tong Fang Ceramics Corporation and Member of the Executive Committee (a multinational company manufacturing ceramics figurines); Personnel and Administration Manager and Member of the Executive Committee of Tuff-Kote Dinol (an automotive rust-proofing company); Corporate Labor Relations Manager of San Miguel Corporation (a food and beverage conglomerate); Training Specialist of the Institute of Personnel Management (the name of the former training arm of the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines); Researcher of a UNICEF project (a United Nations affiliated organization); and Writer of the Bureau of National and Foreign Information, Office of Media Affairs (Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines). </p> <p>R E S E R V A T I O N F O R M</p> <p>JOB EVALUATION &amp; WAGE / SALARY ADMINISTRATION SEMINAR</p> <p>NAME OF COMPANY: ____________________________CONTACT NO: ___________________</p> <p>EMAIL ADDRESS: ________________________________</p> <p>NAME OF REPRESENTATIVES DESIGNATION</p> <p>1.________________________________ __________________________</p> <p>2.________________________________ __________________________</p> <p>3.________________________________ __________________________</p> <p>4.________________________________ __________________________</p> <p>FOR RESERVATION PLEASE CONTACT: GIDJET CUARTO</p> <p>TELEPHONE #: (032) 512-2824 TELEFAX #: (032) 418-9201 MOBILE #: 0910-334-8841</p> <p>EMAIL or visit</p> <p>PLEASE ISSUE CHECK PAYABLE TO GLOBAL BUSINESS STANDARD PHILS.</p> <p>(Please email us or fax a scanned copy of the deposit slip for confirmation and verification)</p> <p>FOR BANK TRANSFER / ONLINE PAYMENT MAKE DEPOSIT TO: BPI ACCOUNT #: 9065-8163-23</p> <p>Schedule may change without prior notice. Please call to confirm GLOBAL BUSINESS STANDARD PHILS. is not liable for any expense incurred by seminar registrant resulting from cancellation of any of our events.</p> <p>EARLY BIRD RATE: 6,950 until April 24, 2014 </p> <p>REGULAR RATE: 7,500 </p> <p>Group Rate: 6,450 per person (3 to 4 persons)</p> <p>Group Rate: 6,255 per person (5 or more persons)</p> <p>(Inclusive of a.m. / p.m. snacks, lunch, learning materials, certificate of participation)</p> <p>Get GBSPhils MEMBERSHIP CARD &amp; avail instantly of our + 10% Discount.</p> <p>GBSPhils MEMBERSHIP CARD or the One4ALL card can be used by one or more participants attending our seminar. Expiration date is 2 years from purchase.</p> <p>Get more Discounts!</p> <p>If you have this MEMBERSHIP CARD it will be added to our Early Bird Rate Promo if you book early to our Seminar / Workshop thus giving you and your company BIG BIG SAVINGS!</p> <p>Get this MEMBERSHIP CARD FREE when you send 5 or more participants to any of our courses offered or purchase it for </p> <p> 5,000 only</p> <p>BOOK EARLY: (For your guidance)</p> <p>To all attending Participants, we urge you to book early for our SEMINAR so that we could assist you (most especially those from outside Cebu) in booking you early to your desired hotel, as well as booking early the seminar venue to avoid any inconvenience.</p>


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