Job Hunting Tips For Older People

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  • Job Hunting Tips for Older People

    The current economic environment has made it hard for older people to land a job. Many experts say it's

    because employers do not want to shed money on professionals who have vast working experiences.

    Others suggest that older people are simply too slow to catch up and adapt to new technologies being

    applied on the job. Still, for a few it is all about the age issue. Whatever the case, the fact remains that

    older people are struggling to find regular work compared to other jobseekers.

    Getting hired is still a possibility for older workers however. Arnie Fertig, a columnist for US News, says

    that older people may be facing a serious challenge when it comes to competing against their younger

    counterparts. The key to win this contest, Fertig said, is experience. Fertig recommends older workers to

    bring that attribute to the fore.

    An interview is the best opportunity for old workers to demonstrate their experience advantage. If you

    land that opportunity, you can bring your experience to the surface by recalling a specific event with

    your previous employment and discuss how you helped during those rocky times. If you can then add

    that along with details about your experience, you can really gain a lot of ground.

    Fertig says that most employers are a bit uneasy about hiring older professionals because they can

    demand larger salary figures. If you are really worried about unemployment, it is best that you leave the

    salary issues untouched. Instead, focus on how the company can save on you because you already have

    the expertise and can do a lot of things that younger people can't do. Speaking of savings, you can also

    point out that since you know a lot, you only need minimal training and you can start immediately,

    unlike other younger employees.

    When the age subject is broached, Fertig advises old job seekers not to resort to emotional responses.

    Instead, use your age as an asset, stating that you have gained a lot of knowledge and skills throughout

    the years that you have been working. Remember that many interviewers will ask you if you can still do

    the job even if you are beyond your prime. It will happen. However, always face such event with

    calmness and answer age-related questions with the confidence that is due.

    Bear in mind that you have what most jobseekers, especially those who are younger than you, do not

    have - a track record. Make your history and your experience your advantage and you will certainly have

    a competitive edge!