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INSIDE JOHN BURROUGHS SCHOOL REPORTER PUBLISHED BY JOHN BURROUGHS SCHOOL FOR ALUMNI, PARENTS AND FRIENDS AUGUST 2012 Defending a Title, Adding Another The girls’ lacrosse team defended its State crown, and the track team claimed a State championship in shot put. Class of 2012: Where are they headed? Faculty and staff retirements Back from Bogliasco 25-year honorees Ode to spring Arch Grant recipient Jon Chen ’04 Spiritual matters Fall arts events on campus 3 4 5 5 6 8 8 9 When the last game-ending horn of the spring season blared, Burroughs had much to celebrate. The girls’ lacrosse team had held onto its State crown and finished the season with a perfect record (17-0) in Missouri. The track team had claimed a State championship in shot put, two second- place finishes in hurdles and a second-place finish in pole vault. And a tennis doubles team had finished second in the individual State tournament. First to top the headlines was the girls’ lacrosse team’s third State championship in four years. After the first five minutes of the final game against MICDS, the Bombers bombarded the Rams goalie and made crucial saves in the Burroughs goal to turn in a decisive 15-5 victory. The boys’ lacrosse team, in its first season as a varsity sport, finished with an 11-6 record and extended play to the State finals. The boys’ and girls’ track teams walked away from the State sectional meet with State qualifiers in nine events and several new school records and personal bests. Individual top performers included Jordan McClendon ’15, a newcomer to shot put who shattered her school record to claim the State championship in the event. Ezekiel Elliott ’13 finished second (and broke school records) in the 110m and 300m hurdles and finished fifth with a personal best time in the 100m dash. Andrew Bartnett ’13 broke the school record and placed second in State in pole vault. And the boys’ team as a whole finished fifth in the State meet. The tennis duo of Michael Peters ’15 and Matthew Wong ’13 won Districts by defeating the defending State champions from Clayton in the finals. Clayton took advantage of a second chance at the Bombers in the finals of the State meet, and Michael and Matthew walked away with a second-place finish. The girls’ soccer team captured its second consecutive District championship and earned a second consecutive trip to the quarterfinals of State. The water polo team had one of its best seasons ever, advancing to the quarterfinals in State. The Bombers dominated in the State championship lacrosse game against MICDS. When the final horn sounded, the score was 15-5, and the Bombers were once again State champs. Charlotte Martin ’12 (above, with ball), the Post-Dispatch All-Metro Player of the Year, scored 66 goals and 22 assists during the season.


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    august 2012

    Defending a Title, Adding AnotherThe girls lacrosse team defended its State crown, and the track team claimed a State championship in shot put. Class of 2012:

    Where are they


    Faculty and staff


    Back from




    Ode to


    Arch Grant


    Jon Chen 04



    Fall arts events

    on campus









    When the last game-ending horn of the spring season

    blared, Burroughs had much to celebrate. The girls lacrosse

    team had held onto its State crown and finished the season

    with a perfect record (17-0) in Missouri. The track team

    had claimed a State championship in shot put, two second-

    place finishes in hurdles and a second-place finish in pole

    vault. And a tennis doubles team had finished second in the

    individual State tournament.

    First to top the headlines was the girls lacrosse teams third

    State championship in four years. After the first five minutes

    of the final game against MICDS, the Bombers bombarded

    the Rams goalie and made crucial saves in the Burroughs

    goal to turn in a decisive 15-5 victory. The boys lacrosse

    team, in its first season as a varsity sport, finished with an

    11-6 record and extended play to the State finals.

    The boys and girls track teams walked away from the State

    sectional meet with State qualifiers in nine events and

    several new school records and personal bests. Individual

    top performers included Jordan McClendon 15, a newcomer

    to shot put who shattered her school record to claim the

    State championship in the event. Ezekiel Elliott 13 finished

    second (and broke school records) in the 110m and 300m

    hurdles and finished fifth with a personal best time in the

    100m dash. Andrew Bartnett 13 broke the school record and

    placed second in State in pole vault. And the boys team as a

    whole finished fifth in the State meet.

    The tennis duo of Michael Peters 15 and Matthew Wong 13

    won Districts by defeating the defending State champions

    from Clayton in the finals. Clayton took advantage of a

    second chance at the Bombers in the finals of the State meet,

    and Michael and Matthew walked away with a second-place


    The girls soccer team captured its second consecutive

    District championship and earned a second consecutive trip

    to the quarterfinals of State.

    The water polo team had one of its best seasons ever,

    advancing to the quarterfinals in State.

    The Bombers dominated in the State championship lacrosse game against MICDS. When the final horn sounded, the score was 15-5, and the Bombers were once again State champs. Charlotte Martin 12 (above, with ball), the Post-Dispatch All-Metro Player of the Year, scored 66 goals and 22 assists during the season.

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    class of 2012

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    1. Seniors duped the juniors in the annual tug-of-war match-up on Field Day. With the sounding of the horn to start the event, the Class of 2012 gave its all, but only briefly before relaxing tension on the rope. Juniors, given the misconception of victory, let down their defenses and were then pulled forcibly over the center line.

    2. Spring days lured seniors, who relocated their senior lounge, with furniture, to the Quadrangle.

    3. Brad Riew 13 (cello), Ian Fletcher 12 (bass guitar), Ginna Doyle 13 (violin), David Gu 12 (drums) and Colman Jin 12 (piano, not shown) performed One Republics Apologize and Coldplays Paradise at assembly on the seniors last day of regular classes, April 30.

    4. Madison Qualy and her classmates are amused by their own excuses for being late to school, as read by Scott Heinzel, principal of grades 11 and 12, at the picnic for seniors on their last day of school.

    5. Josh Gollub and Brittany Washington are lined up to proceed into Graduation Grove.

    6. Devan Sadowski-Sanders and Vince Vance bring up the rear in the procession into Graduation Grove.

    7. From left, Caroline Ludeman, Michael Epsten and Tessa Baum enter Graduation Grove.

    8. The Class of 2012



    5 6

  • class of 2012

    August 2012 | 3


    RITES OF PASSAGEWhere Are They Headed?


    Libby Yost


    Makeda Yohannes


    Bear Kaminer


    Maggie Bliss


    Martha Reis

    Alenna Schneider


    Julia Katzman


    Conor Tillinghast


    Elan Shatoff


    Ady Steinbach

    Ellen Swicord


    Nick Beulick


    Amos Shinkle


    Nina Fischer

    Jack Murray

    Turner Rapp


    Elizabeth Fox


    Georgia Macon


    Morgan Trapp


    Sam Hefler

    Emma PeConga

    Liz Wilkins


    Katy Barenholtz


    Emma Compton

    EckERd cOLLEgE

    Claire Pfeifer


    Alex Francis


    Jason Gusdorf

    Madeleine Uelk


    Maddi Hicks


    Anna Clemens


    Jing Qiu


    Devan Sadowski-Sanders

    Jacob Waterman


    Spencer Beyersdorfer

    Emily Quayle

    Steven Trulaske


    Sydney Lehman


    Tori Luecking


    Brittany Washington


    Darcy Camp

    Justin Germeroth

    Daniel Yee


    Rebecca Mogil


    Charlie Moley

    Madison Qualy


    Cory Lester


    Sofie Kodner

    Isabelle Stillman

    Carlyn Vachow



    Logan Gerard


    Sylvie Sherman

    Eileen Williams



    Alex Collins



    Eunice Ko


    Annie Altman


    Rebecca McDonald

    Hannah Padda

    Neerja Singh

    Caroline Stoner

    Houston Sudekum


    Will Bramlett


    Leo Bearman


    Tessa Baum



    David Gu

    Colman Jin

    George Li

    Caroline Ludeman

    Austin Scharff

    Sam Schnabel

    Jake Simpher

    Milti Symeonoglou

    Sandra Yamada


    ANd MARY

    Michael Epsten


    Kevin Liberman


    Nathan Adams

    Nick Goel

    Diploma in hand, Maddi Hicks 12 hugs a classmate after the graduation ceremony. This years graduates will head to 61 colleges. Four of them will take a gap year or gap semester two in Israel, one in France and one in Korea.

    The Class of 2012 selected Bob Henningsen (English and College Counseling), on right, as its Senior Assembly speaker. Eric Hanson (Mathematics), on left, delivered the invocation and benediction at graduation. Hanson, who announced his plans to leave Burroughs late in the school year, departs after 40 years at the school. Henningsen retires after 31 years.

    Sam Schnabel, the first of the two graduates selected to speak at graduation, said, No one can truly leave this place without leaving some part of themselves behind. Especially with the ongoing construction, this school will not be the same place we knew when we come back to visit. ... With every demolished building comes a foundation, an opportunity to build something new. So while something that we once thought was constant and unchanging now comes to an end, we must take comfort in our memories of that place and the things we have left behind, close our eyes, take a deep breath and dive forward into the unknown.

    Isabelle Stillman summed up her years at Bur-roughs in terms of the books she had read as a student. In front of us are unknown room-mates, strict professors and life choices. But with us are Huck and his raft, Odysseus and his sword, Buck and his instincts. We take on this frontier with the humor of the Pardoner and the Reeve, the insights of Zooey Glass, and the strength of Hester Prynne. T.S. Eliot has asked us if we dare to disturb the universe. Faulkner has taught us to forget the bounds of time. Fitzgerald has inspired us to run faster, to stretch our arms farther. And as we continue to journey through page after page, chapter after chapter, so we will journey through our own growth of mind and character.

    At Senior Assembly, Sam Hefler, the 2012 senior class president, talked about the perspective that comes when something great reaches its conclusion.



    Simon Sandler

    Alex Wood

    Tess Yost



    (six-year medical program)

    Josh Gollub


    Ian Fletcher

    Nora Kovacs

    Vince Vance



    Elizabeth Soffer


    Trisha Bhat

    Charlotte Martin


    Annemarie Schnedler


    Davey Holmes


    Nitai Melnick

    Mariel VanLandingham

    Andy Zhou


    Alex Spencer


    Maddy Smith


    Nathan Nguyen


    Kelsey Dupont


    Sydney Brown



    Grace Renner

    Cameron Thomas

  • faculty and students

    4 | Burroughs reporter



    Finley Named Assistant HeadHead of School Andy Abbott named

    Macon Paine Finley 73 assistant

    head of school. Macon, who holds a

    bachelors degree in statistics from

    Princeton and a masters degree

    in business administration from

    Stanford, joined the math faculty in

    2000. She has taught at almost every

    grade level, everything from seventh-

    grade math to advanced placement

    calculus and statistics. In 2008,

    Macon was named principal of grades

    7 and 8. The focus of her attention

    will continue to be in that capacity,

    with the new position primarily

    involving decision making in the

    heads absence.

    Mercer HonoredThe Association of Independent

    School Librarians recognized

    library chair Linda Salisbury Mercer

    74 as the 2012 recipient of the

    Marky Award, which recognizes a

    member for exceptional dedication

    and service to the organization.

    Linda came to JBS in 2000 from

    Washington University in St. Louis

    where she was associate director of

    information services for the medical

    school. As chair of the JBS library,

    she has continued the schools

    practice of leading in the adoption

    of technological resource tools,

    expanded training opportunities for

    faculty and students, and integrated

    the library more fully into the life of

    the school.


    Forty years worth of students horror stories about the

    difficulty of Eric Hansons mathematics classes are all true.

    Students knew they would have to work hard, and they

    dreaded his tests. But most of them ended up liking his

    class, and they genuinely liked the man. They respected his

    enthusiasm for and knowledge of the subject he taught, and

    they appreciated his encouragement and willingness to help

    them get through his classes. In fact, two of the schools

    nine Presidential Scholars honored Eric by naming him the

    Distinguished Teacher who most influenced them.

    Beyond the classroom, Eric served as chair of the Mathemat-

    ics Department, as a coordinator of teacher evaluations

    and as a leader in some of the schools early environmental

    efforts. As the first Drey Land coordinator, a position he

    held until just a few years ago, he envisioned how the camp

    would look, maintained it for 38 years and was involved

    in the development of many of its programs. Eric holds a

    bachelors degree in mathematics from the University of

    Michigan and a masters degree in mathematics from the

    University of Virginia. Prior to coming to Burroughs, he

    served in the Peace Corps for three years. Eric and his wife,

    Arsenia, are the parents of Erica Hanson 00.


    As an English teacher since 1981 and college counselor since

    1988, Bob Henningsens characteristically even-keeled and

    selfless style has been just what students have needed. In

    the classroom, he recognized students strengths and en-

    couraged them to keep doing better. As a college counselor,

    he penned countless well-turned recommendations, helped

    students polish essays that demanded notice and buoyed

    spirits during the process.

    Bob is a former chair of the English Department and a for-

    mer holder of the Neville-Parry Endowed Chair in English.

    He was a baseball coach for 14 years, director of August

    Days for 11 years and faculty advisor to The World for seven

    years. He holds a bachelors degree in English from the

    University of Northern Iowa, a masters degree in writing

    from Washington University in St. Louis and a masters in

    Anglo-Irish literature from St. Patricks College-Ireland. In

    his retirement, he looks forward to more time for his two

    great passions writing and long, solitary walks through

    the Ozarks and Western Europe.


    Since 1995, Marian Walsh has been the go-to person when

    a faculty or staff member has had a computer crisis. She

    quickly responded to the summons, poked around and usu-

    ally found the source of the problem, changed some settings

    and then politely advised the user that his computer would

    work more efficiently if he cleaned up his desktop, emptied

    his trash and quit clicking buttons. Marian worked first as

    a humanities computer lab monitor two mornings a week.

    Her job and her skill set evolved into a full-time position that

    involved troubleshooting computer problems and configur-

    ing almost every computer and printer on campus.


    Heidi Currier an alum from the Class of 1966 found

    her way back to Burroughs in 2003. Heidi holds a bachelors

    degree in psychology from Wellesley, a masters in education

    from Claremont Graduate University and a masters in

    library science from Kent State University. She taught at

    the elementary level for five years and then worked as an

    archivist at Suffield Academy and later as a librarian at

    Columbus Academy. After the death of her first husband,

    Heidi married a high school friend, Carter Smith 66, in

    2002 and returned to St. Louis, where Burroughs quickly

    snapped her up. Though her primary responsibility in the

    JBS library has been the support of audio-visual resources,

    Heidi says she has especially enjoyed working with students

    in her role as an advisor.

    kAREN MccRAY

    Karen McCray started subbing at Burroughs in 2003

    and joined the English faculty in 2007. Before coming to

    Burroughs, she taught English at Lindbergh High School

    for 30 years and in September 2011 was selected by the

    Lindbergh High School Alumni Association to receive the

    Distinguished Educator Award. She also was an adjunct

    professor of English at St. Louis University and a writer/

    editor for Zaner-Bloser, Inc., a publisher of educational

    textbooks. Karen holds a bachelors degree in English

    literature and American literature from Indiana University

    and a masters degree in education/English from Southern

    Illinois University. She and her husband, Michael Strauss,

    are the parents of Nathan Strauss 06.

    Missing You AlreadyBest wishes to the 2012 retirees.

    From left are Karen McCray (English), Bob Henningsen (English and College Counseling), Eric Hanson (Mathematics), Marian Walsh (Computer Technology) and Heidi Frey Currier 66 (Library).

  • faculty and students

    August 2012 | 5


    FILMMAkER: Donald Soffers 14

    Bottled Rationality earned Best Story

    and Best Picture nominations in

    the THIMUN (Hague International

    Model United Nations) Qatar

    Northwestern Film Festival. Donalds

    film, one of 23 nominated in seven

    categories, addresses the issue of why

    Americans drink bottled water.

    VIOLINIST: Ginna Doyle 13, one of

    16 violinists from across the nation

    invited to perform in the American

    String Teachers Association National

    Honors Orchestra, was selected as the


    The first hires of then new Head of School Keith Shahan

    marked 25 years of service this year.

    Elaine Childress, biology teacher and immediate past principal of ninth and tenth grades, is a recipient of the

    Outstanding Biology Teacher and Access Excellence Teacher

    Awards in Missouri. She holds a bachelors degree in

    education and a masters in biology from the University of

    Missouri-St. Louis.

    French teacher Babeth Dyer came to Burroughs after teaching in Clayton elementary schools. She holds a

    bachelors degree in English literature from the University

    of Lyon (France) and a masters degree in French literature

    from Washington University in St. Louis.

    Susan Greditzer teaches seventh- and eighth-grade physical education and racquetball and coaches field hockey and

    boys tennis. In her early years at Burroughs, she also taught

    eighth-grade social studies. Susan holds a bachelors degree

    from Barat College in Lake Forest, Illinois, and a masters in

    political science from St. Louis University.

    Howard Jones teaches painting and drawing, printmaking and photography. He currently holds the Fred Dreher-Joanna

    Collins Chair in Fine Arts and is the immediate past chair

    of the Fine Arts Department. He holds a bachelors degree

    in studio art from Kenyon College and a masters in fine art

    from Ohio University.

    Tom Norton serves as assistant director of plant operations, responsible for the care of the schools grounds, vehicles

    and janitorial equipment. Tom holds an associates degree

    in horticulture from Meramec Community College and a

    bachelors degree in business from Fontbonne University..

    As the schools business manager, Laura Placio oversees all things financial from payroll to land purchases,

    retirement benefits and health insurance to the bookstore.

    Laura holds a bachelors degree in accounting and finance

    and a masters degree in finance from St. Louis University.

    She is a certified public accountant.

    Wayne Salomon chairs the JBS Theatre Department, teaches speech and serves as the faculty co-sponsor of Student

    Court. Wayne was a Kevin Kline Award nominee for best

    director for his work in professional theatre, and he was

    named the 2011 Art Educator of the Year by the St. Louis

    Arts and Education Council. He has directed a record

    number of JBS productions, 75 and counting. Wayne holds a

    bachelors degree in English and communications from the

    University of Missouri-St. Louis.

    English teacher Richard Sandler is co-sponsor of the Student Court and the faculty sponsor of Amnesty International. He

    is a past chair of the English Department and co-founder

    and former director of the summer enrichment program,

    Aim High. He holds a bachelors degree from Wayne

    State University and a masters and a doctorate in folklore/

    mythology from the University of Pennsylvania.

    Silver Anniversary HonoreesThe completion of the 2011-12 school year marks the 25th anniversary for the new hires of 1987.

    Back from BogliascoClassics teacher Jim Lowe returned from a month devoted to scholarly study at the Liguria Study Center in Bogliasco, Italy.

    The WorkThe intersection

    of classical

    tragedy and



    Through an analysis of the

    film noir Nightmare Alley and the iconic

    tragedy Oedipus the King.

    Dr. Jim Lowe (Classics) recently returned

    from 31 days spent deep in contemplation

    of ancient drama and Hollywood cinema at

    the Liguria Study Center in Bogliasco, Italy.

    Situated on a cliff that drops steeply to the

    rocky shore of the Mediterranean, the Liguria

    Study Center is one of only a few residential

    institutions that is dedicated exclusively to the

    pursuit of creative and scholarly endeavors

    in the arts and humanities. Jim Harrison 53

    and George Jerry Bitting 53 established the

    Burroughs Bogliasco Fellowship at the center

    as a tribute to the teachers and the school that

    shaped their lives.

    Lowe, a former college professor who joined

    the Burroughs faculty in 1989, is the first

    recipient of the Burroughs fellowship.

    (Subsequent fellowships will be offered

    during the 2013-14 and 2015-16 school years.)

    His research interests center on the way

    the ancient world has been received by later

    cultures. At the center, he focused on the

    intersection between Sophocles Oedipus the

    King and Nightmare Alley, a 1947 film based

    on a novel by William Lindsay Gresham. As

    a recipient of a Bogliasco fellowship, Lowe is

    expected to see his work through to completion,

    including publication.

    Lowe recapped his experience at the Liguria

    Study Center at a morning assembly. He

    provided a geographical orientation,

    described the local flora and fauna,

    introduced his fellow fellows (among them

    a Greek novelist, an Icelandic musicologist,

    an Italian art historian, a composer from

    Utah and an artist from Brooklyn), shared a

    few of his field trips (to Venice, Portofino,

    Genoa and throughout Bogliasco) and

    explained his work and its rhythm at the study


    Since resuming my life in St. Louis, I have

    come to realize and appreciate, fully and

    deeply, the opportunity I had to suspend my

    daily duties walking the dog, ferrying my

    daughter to school and sports events, making

    meals and cleaning up after them, preparing

    for four different classes and counseling 13

    seniors all good things but they prevent me

    from doing serious research.

    I look back on my fellowship with nary a

    regret: it was more stimulating and fruitful

    than I could have imagined in my wildest

    dreams. My project remains very much a

    work in progress but without my time

    in Bogliasco, it would remain nascent,

    nothing more than ideas. Much more

    remains to be built, but the foundation has

    been laid securely in my time amidst lovely

    surroundings and in congenial company.


    Elizabeth Soffer 12 was named

    a Morehead-Cain Scholar at the

    University of North Carolina

    at Chapel Hill. The oldest, and

    considered by many to be the most

    prestigious merit scholarship in the

    U.S., the Morehead-Cain Scholarship

    provides an undergraduate experience

    that includes four academic years and

    four summers.

    Strauss Peyton Photo

  • on campus

    6 | Burroughs reporter

    Ode to SpringAs the school year culminates, students emerge from their studios, workshops, laboratories, study carrels and practice fields to roll out their best work and celebrate the season.


    1 2


    7 8 9




  • on campus

    August 2012 | 7

    1. Ninth-grade biology student Austin Miller practices using a hypsometer to measure the height of a tree on campus.

    2. The editors of the Review hosted an evening of performance art on May 4. At left, Jing Qiu 12 sings the last song of the evening, Sarah McLachlans I Will Remember You. The show had about 16 musical acts and eight readers of poetry and short fiction.

    3. On April 7, more than 600 area athletes came to Burroughs for the twelfth annual Skippy Keefer Relays. At left, Ezekiel Elliott 13 competes in the 110m hurdles. Ezekiel is an All-State performer in football, second-team All-League in basketball and one of the top 25 hurdlers in the nation.

    4. Before school on April 19, a group of students drew a warm welcome message on the sidewalk leading into Haertter Hall. By the end of the day, most of the sidewalks in the Quadrangle were covered with student chalk work. At left, looking at the camera is Corina Minden-Birkenmaier 13.

    5. Five concerts in six weeks showcased the choral, orchestra and band programs at all grade levels. In addition, 25 members of Burroughs ensembles competed individually or as members of small groups in the Missouri State High School Activities Association Solo/Ensemble Festival. Thirteen of them advanced to State where six earned Superior I ratings and seven earned Excellent II ratings. At left, Grace Haselhorst 15 plays in a pre-concert orchestra rehearsal.

    6. On the last night of Bio Drey Land in mid-May, ninth-grade biology students processed and formed conclusions about the data they had collected.

    7. The 2012 Super Mileage Vehicle Competition teams new, smaller car for 2012 averaged 112 miles per gallon using JBS-produced biodiesel fuel and claimed the Engineering Award at the annual competition on April 8.

    8. Back-to-back exhibits in the Bonsack Gallery showcased the work of faculty and students. First up was the biennial faculty show featuring Donya Allisons lithographs and photographs, Andrew Denneys ceramic vessels, Anne Martins bronze ponies and wash drawings, Howard Jones tool sculptures and pastels and Andrew Newmans 87 photographs. Here, Ms. Allison tells students about some of her work.

    9. From left, Rachael Eickmeyer 14, Daniel Wexler 14, Abby Balfour 13 and Grace Danforth 14 show off treasures culled from the Potpourri pre-sale on April 26.

    10. Grace Hildreth 14 and A.D. Marshall 13 make faces at the camera at the Candy Land-themed prom on April 14.

    11. Clara Abbott 14, representing Bahrain, and Rosalind Shinkle 14, representing Brazil, cast votes at the St. Louis Model United Nations event on April 11.

    12. From left are Tori Luecking 12 as Mrs. Bramlett, Devan Sadowski-Sanders 12 as Olivia Grayne and Elizabeth Soffer 12 as Nurse Libby in the opening scene of the JBS Players production of Night Must Fall, presented on May 11 and 12.

    13. The Young JBS Players presented An Evening of Story and Song on May 18 and 19. The cast of 38 seventh and eighth graders enacted adapted versions of four classic short stories from their English curriculum. The entertainment began with vocal and instrumental performances interspersed between readers theatre presentations of The Monkeys Paw, by W.W. Jacobs, A Telephone Call, by Dorothy Parker and The Open Window, by Saki. The evening concluded with a full-staged adaptation of Shirley Jacksons The Lottery. Here, Old Man Warner, played by Josh Kazdan 16, waits to draw for his fate in The Lottery.

    14. The Practical Arts Festival on May 22 featured the work of almost 400 students (grades 7 through 12) in industrial technology, home economics and computer science. At right, students in the Robotics Club prepare for a demonstration of the Lil Bomber robot. Shown from left in the foreground are John Stegeman 15 and Andrew Gelfman 16.

    15. Hubs of activity transformed the landscape on both sides of the field house as construction began on the athletic center and new Haertter Hall (shown at right). For real-time video links to cameras at both construction sites, follow the Campus Construction link on the JBS home page (www.jburroughs.org).


    During the week of April 23, the entire eighth grade spent four days volunteering in more than 20 community agencies, primarily day care centers and senior centers.

    The Burroughs community purchased 555 tickets for the Cardinals/Brewers game at Busch Stadium and in so doing earned the baseball Bombers the privilege of playing and defeating (4-2) MICDS at Busch Stadium on May 6.

    The Classics Department sponsored a two-day marathon reading of Vergils Aeneid in the Bonsack Gallery on April 19 and 20 to celebrate the 2,765th anniversary of the founding of Rome. Seventy participants (students, faculty, alumni and parents) read aloud in 15-minute sections through all 12 books. The entirety was read in English, but sections were also read in French, German, Italian, Latin and Spanish.

    The Science Olympiad team placed third in the April 14 State championship tournament. It was the teams third consecutive third-place finish.

    Seniors Nick Beulick and Morgan Trapp met Mariel VanLandingham and Eileen Williams in the All-School Debate on April 18, addressing the question of whether the cost of a four-year college education is greater than the subsequent benefits. Nick and Morgan prevailed on the side that contended that a college education is worth the cost.

    Two of the four Missouri teams to receive honorable mention awards at the high school level in the Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Awards came from Burroughs. Seniors Simon Sandler and Will Bramlett received honorable mentions for their Adjustable Solar Energy Collection Window, and seniors Alex Spencer, Josh Gollub, Leo Bearman and Nick Beulick received honorable mentions for Breathergy 3011.


    11 12




  • alumni

    8 | Burroughs reporter

    Spiritual MattersThis issue highlights the ministries of seven alumni.



    Josh Jacobs-Veldes 94 decision to pursue the rabbinate was

    an outgrowth of his wrestling with the deeper questions of

    human existence, which he traces back to his senior year

    at JBS when he was a student in the late James Alversons

    philosophy class. He re-engaged with Judaism while in

    college, studied for one year in Israel and then studied

    for five years at Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in


    Josh and his wife, Daria, now share rabbinical duties at Ohev

    Tzedek, near Youngstown, Ohio. The congregation, formerly

    affiliated with the Conservative movement, hired the couple

    to find a balance between a deep and reverent connection to

    Jewish tradition and a creative and contemporary approach.

    Josh says sharing the job of rabbi with his wife has been a

    good thing. We are able to share the significant burdens of

    the congregational rabbinate, as well as bounce ideas off each

    other. We have complementary strengths, so we are able to

    parcel the work in an effective way.

    Josh says the best part of his job is that he gets paid to

    teach and learn Torah (Jewish wisdom). Its an incredible

    privilege. I think my greatest accomplishment (if you can

    say such a thing after only two years on the job) is also

    one of the things I find most rewarding: to feel like Im

    making a difference in peoples lives, connecting them to an

    expression of Judaism that is vibrant and meaningful.

    Jonathan Chen 04 Claims Arch GrantSt. Louis attorney Jerry Schlichter

    (father of Andy 98 and David 04),

    who has been involved in civic initia-

    tives to revitalize St. Louis, conceived

    Arch Grants as an incentive to retain

    young St. Louis entrepreneurs and

    attract others to the city. One of this

    years Arch Grants has brought

    Jonathan Chen 04 back to St. Louis.

    The goal is to create a much more

    robust entrepreneurial infrastructure,

    create a more dynamic economy and

    develop a buzz nationally about

    St. Louis as a great place for entre-

    preneurs, says Jerry. It is a national

    competition for entrepreneurs who

    are already in St. Louis or are willing

    to relocate to the city. Recipients

    get $50,000 and a broad package of

    support services, including business

    mentoring, cheap space, free legal and

    accounting services, and university

    collaboration to give them the best

    chance of success with their start-up


    Jonathan, who graduated from

    Washington University in St. Louis,

    was one of 420 applicants from 12

    countries. Jonathan was working for

    Target in Minneapolis when he got

    wind of Arch Grants. He and Kenny

    Kline, his best friend from Washing-

    ton University, started Med Preps, a

    business that provides online medical

    accreditation test preparation materi-

    als to medical assistants, pharmacy

    technicians and many other medical

    professionals. They plan to expand

    the business to include college board

    exams in the near future.

    Jonathan and Kenny applied, made

    multiple rounds of cuts, advanced as

    one of 30 finalists to present their idea

    and finally claimed one of this years

    15 Arch Grants. They have set up

    offices downtown in affordable space

    amidst a burgeoning group of start-

    ups and other Arch Grant recipients,

    and they have hired six employees.

    As chief operating officer, Jonathans

    responsibilities include management

    of content development, accounting

    and customer service. Check them

    out at www.medpreps.com.


    John Moscowitz 70 went to rabbinical seminary not to be a

    rabbi so much as to learn Jewish tradition in depth.

    I wanted to be able to read the ancient texts the Torah,

    the Talmud in the original. While in the seminary, I

    found I not only enjoyed the learning, but also the doing:

    teaching, counseling, speaking and more.

    After being ordained at the Hebrew Union College in 1982,

    John studied history in graduate school at the University

    of California, Los Angeles. He moved to Toronto in 1987

    to become the associate rabbi at Holy Blossom Temple,

    Canadas most prominent synagogue. In 2000, he became

    the congregations senior rabbi.

    Although John devotes himself as a rabbi to the needs of

    his congregation as well as the needs of the Jewish people,

    he believes that part and parcel of those needs is concern

    for the larger world. And hence his work in Kenya with

    Free the Children, a Canadian-based organization doing

    developmental work health care, water irrigation,

    education and creation of jobs and income stream on

    several continents.

    John says, As a rabbi, Ive learned that concern for my own

    cannot be separated from concern for all. The remarkable

    thing about working in Kenya is that I do so in the Great Rift

    Valley the very spot, as best we know, where the ancient

    primates evolved into the peoples of the earth. If that doesnt

    make one feel the commonality of all people, no less the

    uniqueness of each person nothing else can.

    Jon Chen 04


    My vocation was really named for me by teachers and

    mentors, pastors and friends, and nurtured through a great

    education that celebrated beauty in the midst of the mess

    of human experience, says the Rev. Dr. Deborah Krause

    80, academic dean and professor of New Testament at Eden

    Theological Seminary in St. Louis.

    I can remember Mr. (John) Houghton my tenth-grade

    English teacher opening up T.S. Eliots The Love Song

    of J. Alfred Prufrock and helping us have compassion for

    Prufrocks angst-ridden cry: Do I dare to eat a peach? I can

    still hear Mr. (now Rev.) Houghton yelling, Eat the peach,

    eat the peach!

    Later, professors at Amherst and Eden would do the same

    thing with the texts of the Psalms, Israels Prophets, Pauls

    letters and the Gospels. While at Amherst, Deborah culti-

    vated a friendship with a chaplain, who encouraged her by

    putting her to work in the church. Before she knew it, she

    was applying to seminary.

    Deborah, who is ordained in the Presbyterian Church USA,

    now works with 12 full-time faculty and several adjunct

    colleagues at Eden to provide theological education for about

    200 ecumenically and ethnically diverse students who are

    preparing to serve in religious leadership. Like the educa-

    tors who shaped her path, Deborahs responsibilities extend

    beyond teaching and administrative tasks. My work is really

    a series of relationships in which I get to share the traditions

    of the faith as I know them and explore with others how it is

    that God is at work here.

  • alumni

    August 2012 | 9


    Fall Arts EventsBONSAck gALLERY ExHIBIT

    Featuring paintings by Tracy Turner


    August 31 through September 25*


    Featuring photographs by

    Quinta Dunn Scott 59

    August 27 through October 15

    Alumni are invited to a reception from

    5:30 to 7:30 pm, October 12.


    Featuring photographs from private

    St. Louis collections, curated by Jeff

    Rosenheim 79 of the Metropolitan

    Museum of Art

    September 28 through October 23

    Reception will coincide with the Alumni

    Cocktail Party from 5:30 to 7:30 pm on

    October 12.


    The JBS Players will present

    Playing for Time by Arthur Miller

    (subject to availability of rights).

    8 pm, October 19 and 20, Haertter



    Featuring ceramic vessels and

    photographs by Susan Zimmerman

    October 26 through November 27*


    7:30 pm, November 7, Haertter Hall

    gRAdES 7-12 BANd cONcERT

    7:30 pm, November 14, Haertter Hall


    Featuring ceramic sculpture by

    Carol Fleming Marks 79

    November 30 through January 15*


    5:30 pm and 7:30 pm, December 19,

    Haertter Hall

    * All are invited to an opening reception

    from 5:30 to 7:30 pm on the first night of

    the exhibit.

    Brian C. Reilly/NorthJersey.com


    As a young person, I shared the general cultural view

    that clergy fell into two categories: one group made up

    of the good-hearted but not especially bright, and the

    other consisting of hypocritical or worse moralizers

    exploiting the vulnerable and credulous, says the Rev. Cn.

    John Hartnett 69. As I came to know actual clergy,

    I realized that my experience and those images had little

    in common.

    John graduated from St. Georges School in Newport, Rhode

    Island, and went on to Harvard and a career in publishing

    before feeling a strong tug in the direction of the church. He

    enrolled in Union Theological Seminary in New York City to

    begin the formal journey toward ordination in the Episcopal


    After earning a master of divinity degree, John worked in

    two Manhattan parishes before accepting a call as the rector

    of St. Elizabeths Church in Ridgewood, New Jersey, where

    he has served for almost 20 years. Of his work, John says,

    In the Episcopal tradition, some of the prominent elements

    of the Christian life are respecting the dignity of all people,

    striving for justice and peace, and being honest about our

    own failings and contribution to much of the evil we see.

    Clergy need to preach but not pontificate, to tell the truth

    while being mindful of its impact and to be available while

    observing appropriate boundaries. None of us can do this

    job with only our own resources, which, no matter how

    great our abilities, will at some point prove inadequate to the

    work before us. But when we find a way to bring and present

    what we have been given in trust, then perhaps we have a

    chance of hearing, in some form, at the end of the long day,

    servant, well done.

    Please Keep Us InformedPlease mail or e-mail your news and

    address changes to Alumni Office,

    John Burroughs School, 755 South

    Price Road, St. Louis, MO 63124 or

    [email protected] Or to

    reach us by phone, call 314/993-4040,

    ext. 264.

    John Burroughs School publishes the

    Reporter for distribution to alumni,

    current and past parents and grand-

    parents, faculty, staff and friends

    of the school.

    Editor: Lynn Hoppe Phelps

    Photographer: Andrew Newman 87

    Director of Communications

    and Community Relations:

    Ellen Leschen Bremner 67


    Naomi Carson Smith 97 went to the University of Kansas

    with a heart for dance and graduated with a new focus.

    Dance was the center of my life, she says. Everything

    revolved around it my diet, relationships, finances,

    sleep schedule and so much more, says Naomi. During

    her senior year at KU, Naomi became a Christian and

    recognized a greater purpose for her life. She attended

    a school for campus ministry and studied at Fuller

    Theological Seminary in California.

    Naomi returned to KU, and in 2005 she and a team from

    around the world started Midwest Student Ministries, which

    recently linked with a sports ministry, Called to Greatness.

    As a member of the Called to Greatness staff, Naomi serves

    as campus minister, womens ministry coordinator and

    dance instructor.

    In addition to her penchant for leading missions trips and

    serving the poor, Naomi has worked as a coordinator and

    speaker for StraightUpBeautiful conferences. She also

    continues to teach dance at the Lawrence Arts Center as she

    pursues her desire to celebrate both the arts and her faith.


    After graduating from Burroughs and before enrolling at

    Brigham Young University, where he is now studying neu-

    roscience, Rob Poeppelmeier 09, served as a missionary in

    the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints.

    Rob explains that young Mormons are encouraged to serve

    in a full-time mission men usually for two years after

    high school, women usually for 18 months during a leave

    from college. Leaders in the church determine where each

    missionary will go.

    Rob was sent to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he did ev-

    erything from digging, painting and sawing to performing

    baptisms and inviting people to hear the Morman message

    of Jesus Christ.

    This has been the most meaningful experience in my life,

    says Rob. Highlights included meeting the people of Argen-

    tina and being a part of their culture; walking in the rain,

    humid heat and seeping cold (always in a white shirt and

    tie); praying to find a family to teach and then finding them

    later that day.


    After earning a psychology degree from Manhattanville

    College of the Sacred Heart, Mari Garesch 54 wanted to

    help people in other parts of the world. She decided she

    could best serve in the religious institute of the Franciscan

    Missionaries of Mary, which is worldwide.

    Since taking her First Vows in 1961, Sister Mari has served

    in five countries and six U.S. cities. Though teaching had

    not been in her plans, teaching is what she was asked to

    do in her early career. She taught sixth graders who were,

    in large part, children of Portuguese immigrants, in

    Massachusetts. She then moved to Australia, where, for 10

    years, she taught first seventh grade and later French with

    a bit of hockey coaching added. More recently, she taught

    French to seminary students in Liberia.

    After earning a masters degree in theology at St. Louis

    University, Sister Mari completed a year of clinical pastoral

    education, training to be a hospital chaplain. Chaplain

    assignments in the U.S. and abroad led to a position at St.

    Francis Hospital in Long Island, New York, where she has

    served as member of the health care team for more than 20

    years. Mainly I am there to support the patients and their

    families to pray with them and be with them when they

    are going through a really tough time, she says.

  • alumni news and notes

    10 | Burroughs reporter

    Alumni News and NotesThe notes, marriages, births and condolences on these pages were received by July 1, 2012. If you dont see your submission, please check the next issue of the Reporter.


    The late Martha Gellhorn 26 disliked being a footnote in the life of Ernest Hemingway. Yet it was her relation-

    ship with her husband (they divorced after four years

    of marriage) that was the focus of the HBO movie,

    Hemingway and Gellhorn, which aired on May 28. An

    accomplished novelist, travel writer and journalist in

    her own right, Gellhorn is considered by many to be the

    greatest war correspondent of the 20th century. Dur-

    ing her 60-year career, she reported on all major world

    conflicts including the Spanish Civil War, World War II,

    the Vietnam War, the Six-Day War in the Middle East

    and wars in Central America.


    Katie Bowers Girl Scout project, building a library for

    Bethesda Dilworth Nursing Home, was a tribute to

    her grandmother, Madeline Haertter Jente 45, who is

    a Bethesda Dilworth resident and retired JBS reading

    teacher. Katie (on left) and Madeline (seated) were fea-

    tured in a recent Bethesda Dilworth publication.

    Jeanne Rassieur Casey 47 writes, My thanks to Jim, Sue, Charlie, Julian and Janet for years of keeping us

    informed and meeting every few years. I am going to

    try to make this reunion.

    Fleur Barngrove Hampton 47 writes, Bud and I have been married 61 years. We were 21 and 22 years old

    (just babies)! We have 10 grandchildren, one married

    and three engaged all in their mid- to late-twenties.

    1950sClayton resident Susan Levy Uchitelle 52, co-founder of the Saint Louis Art Fair, was honored at the citys Tenth

    Annual Visionary Awards event. Susan is an educa-

    tional consultant with Confluence Academy Charter

    Schools in St. Louis, which she started. She also helped

    establish the Grand Center Arts Academy.

    SEEN AT gRAdUATION: Milling about in the area behind graduation seating were a number of recent grads and current students. From left are:

    1. Whitney Weisman 11 and Brent Westbrook 11.

    2. Zo Smith 13, Kate Koby 13 and Katie Sky 13.

    3. Ben Westfall 10. John Stillman 10, Matt Williams 10 and Alex Dyer 10.

    4. Robert Wright 11, Timothy Ross 11, Fade Oluokun 11, Nick Rassieur 11 and Karlos Bledsoe 11.

    5. Nathan Gusdorf 08, Jerry Taylor (Science) and Bob Henningsen (English and College Counseling).

    6. Philip Dearing 11, Alex Prakken 11, Fade Oluokun 11, Henry Fremont 11 and Will Bliss 11.

    7. Julia Meyer 10, Thom Finley 10 and Sam Margo 10.







  • alumni news and notes

    August 2012 | 11

    Pamela Morris Clark 58 is director of senior services at Family and Childrens Association, a large nonprofit

    in Nassau County, New York, that provides a variety of

    services to seniors living at home. Her husband, Doug,

    is retired. The couple have three sons, one daughter and

    three granddaughters (ages 16, 11 and 7). Her eldest

    granddaughter, a junior at New York City School of

    Performing Arts, recently appeared on The Good Wife

    television series.

    Men of the Class of 59 continued a 15-year tradition

    gathering at the Lake of the Ozarks for a weekend of

    music, golf, food and camaraderie. Guests of the class

    included Chuck Mill 60, John Mabry 60, Charles Gail (friend) and Barry Oxenhandler (parent of alumna). At

    the weekends Saturday evening meal, the group toasted

    the late Tom Gladders (parent of alumna), who was a

    regular attendee. From the head of the table clockwise

    are Chuck Mill, Brig Buettner 59, Henry Dubinsky 59, Charles Gail, Barry Oxenhandler, Joe Ruwitch 59, Lew Portnoy 59 and John Mabry.

    1960sJune of 2011 marked my formal retirement after a

    nearly 45-year career in secondary education, writes

    Ellen Walz Svenson 63. Ellen taught English and math-ematics in Atlanta and St. Louis, beginning in 1967.

    She was the assistant director of admissions at

    Whitfield School in St. Louis for 22 years. Ellen now

    volunteers in a math-enrichment program at Mason

    Ridge School. In retirement, she has enjoyed traveling,

    playing tennis and bridge, and spending time with her

    mother, children and grandchildren. She writes, I am

    looking forward to seeing many classmates at our 50th

    reunion in 2013.

    Doug Johnson 67 writes, At the end of last year, I retired from my position as an academic publisher to

    return to full-time research and writing. Ive now spent

    more time in Kenya and the newly independent nation

    of South Sudan. This fall, I will be back in the U.S., at-

    tached to my old college, Haverford, working on a new


    Mary Davidson McWilliams 67 retired four years ago as president of Regence Blue Shield to lead a new non-

    profit. She reports on the variation in the quality and

    cost of health care in Puget Sound. Mary also serves on

    the boards of the Seattle branch of the Federal Reserve

    Bank of San Francisco and Puget Sound Energy.

    Christy Bertelson 68 is the senior policy advisor/chief speech writer for Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.

    Jonathan Edwards 68 writes, Our company is still concentrating on energy-efficient building materials

    but has expanded into custom engraving/fabrication

    services for brick and stone (www.buildingproducts-


    1970sMary Cissel Suttell 70 was recently featured in East Bay Life for her 24 years of service as a volunteer emergency

    medical technician (EMT) with the Little Compton

    (Rhode Island) Volunteer Fire Department. Because

    of her teaching schedule at Providence Country Day

    School, Mary volunteered at night, on weekends and on

    holidays. The article quoted her as saying, Its a small

    town. You know these people. You realize you can help

    them. Its so important. I just really enjoyed it. Mary

    recently retired from her EMT responsibilities, and the

    city of Little Compton promptly appointed her to fill a

    vacant seat on the towns planning board.

    Charlie Neff 73 writes, Ive lived in Colorado outside Boulder for 10 years now with two great children,

    Michael (age 17) and Alanna (age 15). Ive been back to

    St. Louis only once since leaving in 1973, but I continue

    to hear great things about JBS through friends and

    acquaintances. I spend my time enjoying the beautiful

    weather and mountains here, playing music, continuing

    my interest in Eastern religious studies, hitting the gym

    and generally enjoying life. Ive been primarily involved

    in finance and international high-tech leasing for

    several large firms, first in the Chicago area and then in

    Colorado and Philadelphia.

    1980sOtto Monnig 80 earned a masters degree in software engineering from DePaul University in Chicago. He

    manages the information technology operations for

    privately held companies.

    Lori Rotskoff Cantor 87 is co-editor of the book, When We Were Free to Be ... Looking

    Back at a Childrens Classic and the Differ-

    ence It Made, to be published in November

    2012 by the University of North Carolina


    Bill Obrock 88 writes, Im enjoying small town life in East Hampton, New York, with my wife, Lesley, and

    11-year-old son, Jack. Having a great time working for

    singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett at his residence in Sag

    Harbor, New York.


    Three alum dads from left, Sandy Schenck 90, Davey Desloge 94 and Kyle Chapman 97 coach the River Dogs Little League baseball team. Members of the

    team include Julian and Brady Schenck, Tucker Desloge,

    Will Chapman and Charlie Dunaway (son of Tyler 91 and Amy Greenwood Dunaway 92).

    Emily Stein MacDonald 91 is a fifth-generation funeral director with Berger Memorial Chapel in St. Louis

    Central West End.

    Laurie Schwesig Smilack 93 teaches kindergarten at Lovett School in Atlanta. Her twins (a boy and a girl)

    recently turned 4.

    John Carleton 94, the financial management officer of the U.S. Embassy in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, was

    in St. Louis in early June as part of the State Depart-

    ments Hometown Diplomat Program. He spoke to area

    students about his role representing the United States

    under circumstances that are often difficult. Johns next

    assignment is in Fiji.

    Bryan Jones 94 earned his second masters degree, an MBA from the University of Missouri - St. Louis.

    Amy Jost Starmer 95 writes, Happy birthday to Kather-ine (Katie) Margaret Starmer born at 12:34 on 5/6. Were

    so proud of our budding little mathematician. Are you


    Lindsey Rogers Hogan 96 and her husband and their two children (ages 4 and 2) are moving back to St. Louis

    after 16 years on the East Coast. Lindsey is taking a

    position at Cepia, LLC, developing its entertainment

    division and running its digital platforms. She reports

    that she cant wait to reconnect with old friends and see

    how great the campus looks.

    Tate Greditzer 97 recently became engaged to Ivy Bello.

    Emily Horner 97 lives in Dallas and is engaged to Ever-ett Ledet. The couple plan a September wedding.

    Megan Crane 99 lives in San Francisco where she is an attorney with Habeas Corpus Resource Center.

    2000sLilly Connett 02 writes, I am very excited about our reunion. I will pass the time until then with more

    graduate school, and this summer I will be working for

    an American nongovernmental organization in

    Mozambique where I will be identifying ways to im-

    prove access to basic health care supplies and energy in

    rural communities.

    Paul Salomon 02 recently received a masters degree in pure mathematics from Hunter College. A math teacher

    at St. Anns School in Brooklyn, New York, Paul also co-

    writes Math Munch, a math blog for middle schoolers.

    Ben Weiss 02 book, Malice in Wonderland: What Every Law Student

    Should Have for the Trip, reveals the truth

    about the first year of law school. The

    book was published under the pen name

    Thaddeus Hatter by Fine Print Press.

    Rachel Lawton 04 moved to Chicago in September 2011 and is working on her doctorate in child and adoles-

    cent clinical psychology at Northwestern Universitys

    Feinberg School of Medicine. Rachel says she is most

    interested in the psychosocial implications of pediatric

    chronic illness.

  • alumni news and notes

    12 | Burroughs reporter

    gOLF TOURNAMENT: The Alumni Board sponsored the 21st annual golf tournament for alumni, parents and friends at the Norman K. Probstein Golf Course on May 9. From left are: 1. Bob Flynn 61, Allison Flynn Engelsmann 95, Davey Desloge 94 and Tim Liebe 94; 2. Kathy Rainey Bussmann 75 and Nancy Luehrman Sauerhoff 77 (parent of alumni); 3. Terry Schnuck 71 (parent of alumnus), Jim Hullverson 71 and Jud Calkins 59 (parent of alumnus); 4. Ben Rassieur 04, Lee Chusak 04 and Phil Harris 04; 5. Jay Williamson 85, Scott Bush 82, Bill Hizar 82 and Jim Koman 82; and 6. Scott McNett 79, Peter Anderson (parent of alumni), Steve Johnston (parent of current students) and David Kemper (parent of alumni).






    In his ninth turn at bat in the Major League, Dodg-

    ers rookie Scott Van Slyke 05 (on left), the 2011 Minor League Player of the Year, hit a three-run homer to give

    the Dodgers a 6-5 lead and sweep the world champion

    St. Louis Cardinals. Above, David Busse 74 (right) of KABC-TV Los Angeles, covering pregame activities at

    Dodger Stadium, poses with Scott.

    During his first year of law school at Valparaiso Uni-

    versity, Danny Matlock 06 was a teaching assistant to his legal writing professor, treasurer for the Sports and

    Entertainment Law Association and litigating alternate

    for the Moot Court team and was accepted into the

    universitys MBA program. This summer, Danny is in

    Chile and Argentina, studying the judicial systems of

    Latin-American countries and brushing up on his Span-

    ish, which he minored in at Rhodes College.

    Allison Brinkhorst 07 is living in Cobn, Guatemala, where she volunteers with Community Cloud Forest

    Conservation (CCFC). She writes, Ill be helping run

    its high school scholarship program for young women

    from rural villages of Guatemala. This November,

    CCFC will pay 153 young women to attend its 25-day

    leadership institute on sustainable agriculture, cloud

    forest conservation, nutrition, health, family planning

    and more.

    Miles Seidel 07 has been awarded a two-year Post-Baccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award by

    the National Institutes of Health in Washington, D.C.

    He will do his own research with both computer and

    clinical aspects at the National Institute of Biomedical

    Imaging and Bioengineering.

    Nathan Gusdorf 08 received a James B. Reynolds Schol-arship for Foreign Study from Dartmouth. Awards are

    for an academic year of post-graduate study or comple-

    tion of a project.

    Alison Maskus 09 writes, In the last year I switched majors from computer science to electrical engineering.

    I also mentored a team from Jenks High School in the

    Oklahoma Regional F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Competition

    through the University of Tulsa.

    Ryan Torno 11 writes, About to begin my second year at the United States Air Force Academy. Just completed

    flying gliders for two weeks.


    Please keep us posted on job changes, degrees, honors, marriages, births, deaths

    any news you may have. We rely on your updates to compile the notes on these pages

    and maintain our database, which we often access to identify alumni for Reporter

    features. Please contact Nancy Cusanelli at 314/993-4040, ext. 264, or [email protected]


  • alumni news and notes

    August 2012 | 13

    Marriages, Births and AdoptionsCongratulations to:

    Jeffrey and Kimberly Dent Markuns 87 on the adoption of siblings (Vitalij, Agata and Renata Markuns) from


    Drew 88 and Gina Shanfeld on the birth of a son, Andrew Evan Shanfeld, on April 28, 2012.

    Bill and Molly Ott Ambler 92 on the birth of a daughter, Sarah Franklin Ambler, on February 8, 2012.

    David Flanders and Kathy Morrison 97 on their April 21, 2012, marriage.

    Michael Koman and Ellie Kemper 98 on their July 7, 2012, marriage.

    Billy and Michelle Leontsinis Reisner 98 on the birth of a son, William Weils Howell Reisner Jr, on September

    21, 2011.

    Ryan Nusbickel and Margaret Scavotto 98 on their April 14, 2012, marriage.

    Andrew 98 and Pam Schlichter on the birth of a son, Benjamin Miles Schlichter, on June 3, 2012.

    Andrew Volpe 98 and Phoebe Scott on the birth of a daughter, Andrew Winifred Volpe, on May 14, 2012.

    Ben and Eleanor Pessin Correa 00, on the birth of a son, Franklin James Correa, on October 23, 2011.

    Ted 01 and Nicole Albrecht, on the birth of a daughter, Haley Grace Albrecht, on June 28, 2012.

    Allen and Jenny Lowe Cook 02, on the birth of a son, Max-Pascal James Cook, on March 25, 2012.

    Rob 92 and Elizabeth Rogers on the birth of a son, Crawford Wolff Rogers, on April 25, 2012.

    Bobby 94 and Mary Corley Dunn 94 on the birth of a daughter, Agnes Aggie Sayer Dunn, on June 23, 2012.

    Etienne Lacrampe and Kristin Hubert 94 on the birth of a son, Lucien Etienne Thomas Lacrampe, on January

    31, 2012.

    David and Amy Jost Starmer 95 on the birth of a daughter, Katherine Katie Margaret Starmer, on May

    6, 2012.

    Douglas Burns and Julie Goran 96 on the birth of a son, Justin Goran Burns, on May 3, 2012.

    Patrick 97 and Shelley Carleton, on the birth of a son, Andrew Max Carleton, on April 17, 2012.

    Austin Smith and Naomi Carson 97 on their May 28, 2012, marriage.

    Blair and Margaret Pundman Fortner 97 on the birth of a son, John Walker Hunt Fortner, on April 3, 2012.

    Kathy Morrison 97 and David Flanders

    CondolencesThe school offers condolences to:

    Bill Schneider 44 on the death of his wife, Rosemary Schneider, on May 27, 2012.

    Carolyn Crossen McMillan 49 on the death of her husband, John McMillan, on April 26, 2012.

    Warren Gladders 67 and Julia Gladders Henderson 87 on the death of their brother and father, Thomas

    Gladders, on April 13, 2012.

    Bill Reed 68 on the death of his father, William Oliver Reed, on June 1, 2012.

    Ellen Pershall Harris 69, Richard Pershall 73, Nick Harris 99 and Samantha Harris 01 on the death of their father and grandfather, Samuel Pershall Jr., on

    April 14, 2012.

    Fax Pollnow 69 and Peter Pollnow 76 on the death of their father, Frank J. Pollnow Jr., on April 12, 2012.

    Jim Hullverson 71 on the death of his father, James Everett Hullverson Sr., on May 26, 2012.

    Julianne Versnel 71 on the death of her mother, Julia Versnel, on March 6, 2012.

    Tim Luehrman 75, Nancy Luehrman Sauerhoff 77, Julie Luehrman 82, Kate Sauerhoff 02 and Peter Sauerhoff 06 on the death of their father and grandfather, Ernest W. Luehrman, on June 14, 2012.

    Keith LaPlant 80 and Steve LaPlant 82 on the death of their father, Kenneth J. LaPlant, on May 29, 2012.

    Tom Sullivan 80 on the death of his mother, Helen Sullivan, on April 9, 2012.

    Kory Kopitsky Bluestein 82 and Neil Kopitsky 84 on the death of their father, Harvey Kopitsky, on May 18,


    John McRoberts 85, Andrew Metcalf 06, Nancy Aitken Vanier 52 and Jane S. Aitken 58 on the death of their mother, grandmother and sister, Annette Aitken

    McRoberts, on May 18, 2012.

    Harry Orchard 87, Ethan Orchard 17 and Ed Orchard 44, on the death of their father, grandfather and

    brother, Robert Orchard, on April 14, 2012.

    ObituariesThe Reporter includes death notices for alumni and former faculty/staff as soon as possible after notification has been received. Though we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of obituaries, we sometimes must rely on outdated school

    records. Survivors and friends of the deceased can help by sending information to Nancy Cusanelli, John Burroughs School,

    755 South Price Road, St. Louis, MO 63124 or to [email protected]

    1930sDorothy Fairbank Newton 36 died on April 20, 2012.

    Mrs. Newton graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Vassar

    College. She met her husband, Robert E. Newton, in St.

    Louis, and they married in 1941. The family moved to

    Monterey Peninsula in 1952.

    Mrs. Newton was president of the board of the United

    Way, president of the Auxiliary of Community Hospital

    of the Monterey Peninsula, president of Carmel Public

    Library Foundation and active in Girl Scouts, the

    Monterey Institute for Research in Astronomy and the

    League of Women Voters. She served as the Monterey

    County representative for Vassar College.

    The school offers condolences to Mrs. Newtons family

    including her son and daughter. She was preceded in

    death by her husband and a sister.

    Charles H. Bland 38 died on May 5, 2012.

    Mr. Bland attended Colgate University for two years

    before transferring to Washington University in St.

    Louis. After Pearl Harbor, he left school to join the

    United States Army during World War II. As an Army

    Reservist, Mr. Bland was called up to serve in Korea,

    where he was awarded a Bronze Star.

    Mr. Bland worked in the insurance agency his father

    founded, Bland and Company Insurance.

    As an active member of Emmanuel Episcopal Church

    in Webster Groves, he enjoyed many years of service

    as dish dryer, lawn nurturer, usher and food-pantry

    volunteer as much as his time serving as senior warden.

    He was also a dedicated Eagle Scout, helping to found

    the Eagle Scout Association, and he volunteered for

    Habitat for Humanity.

    The school offers condolences to Mr. Blands family

    including his two daughters, four grandchildren and

    two great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by

    his wife of 55 years, Elizabeth Bland.

  • alumni news and notes

    14 | Burroughs reporter

    1940sJefferies M. Arrick 45 died on April 26, 2012.

    Mr. Arrick earned a bachelors degree in geology from

    Princeton University and served in the Coast Guard

    during World War II.

    Mr. Arrick was an active member of Ladue Chapel. He

    also served as a member of the JBS Alumni Association

    Board and as an Annual Giving volunteer. He was an

    avid tennis player.

    The school offers condolences to Mr. Arricks family

    including his two daughters; son, Jeff Arrick 78; and six grandchildren. The school thanks the family for suggest-

    ing that memorial donations be made to John Burroughs


    Mary Susan Weinrich Kauffmann 47 died on January 17, 2012.

    Mrs. Kauffmann was the daughter of former chair of

    the JBS Music Department, the late Ralph Weinrich.

    She attended Washington University in St. Louis.

    The school offers condolences to Mrs. Kauffmanns

    family including two daughters; five sons; 17

    grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren; two brothers,

    F. Joseph Weinrich 54 and Ralph Weinrich 53; and a sister, Jeannette Weinrich 70. She was preceded in death by her husband, Louis F. Kauffmann Jr., and

    brother, Jack W. Weinrich 49.

    Jean Baker Bewick 48 died on October 18, 2011.

    Mrs. Bewick was the daughter of former JBS Latin

    teacher, the late Charles M. Baker. She earned a

    bachelors degree in English and history from West

    Virginia University and then married Robert Dixon

    Bewick Jr. in 1952.

    Mrs. Bewick was active in many community and

    gardening organizations in Dover, Delaware. She was

    an active member of Christ Episcopal Church, the

    Junior Board of Kent General Hospital, Dover Century

    Club, Sprig and Twig Garden Club, Potpourri Garden

    Club, Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs, Delmarva

    Orchid Society and Pennsylvania Horticulture Society.

    She was a Kent County Master Gardener, associated

    with Delaware State University and the University of

    Delaware. She also taught private kindergarten and

    volunteered with the Dover and state libraries.

    The school offers condolences to Mrs. Bewicks family

    including her husband of 61 years; daughter; son; and

    brother, Jack Baker 45. Another brother, Richard Baker 41, preceded her in death.

    James William Forsen 48 died on April 24, 2012.

    Mr. Forsen graduated from Westminster College, where

    he was a member of Kappa Alpha Fraternity. He was

    a medic in Korea from 1953 to 1955. Mr. Forsen was

    employed by Ralston Purina Co. and later Purina Mills

    for more than 30 years. He worked in Wilmington,

    Delaware, and Bloomington, Illinois, before serving

    as plant manager in Richmond, Virginia. In 1971

    he returned to St. Louis to work in the commodities

    department and retired in 1989 as director of


    Mr. Forsen loved studying archeology, Native American

    culture, military history and gardening. An avid

    outdoorsman, he enjoyed hunting, fishing and wildlife.

    He also enjoyed woodworking, Indian beadwork,

    reading, traveling and animals. He was a member of the

    Masonic Order and attained the Level of 32nd Mason.

    The school offers condolences to Mr. Forsens family

    including his wife of 51 years, Mary Forsen; two sons;

    daughter; and seven grandchildren, one of whom is

    Libby Forsen 17.

    Richard G. Jackman 48 died on May 18, 2012.

    Mr. Jackman graduated from the University of Penn-

    sylvania, where he studied economics at the Wharton

    School of Business. He was drafted in the Army during

    the Korean War and served as a bookkeeper in Augusta,

    Georgia. Mr. Jackman returned to St. Louis and the

    family business, Jackmans Fabrics, in 1955. At one

    time, Mr. Jackman operated five fabric stores through-

    out the metropolitan St. Louis area. Stores in Creve

    Coeur, Missouri, and Fairview Heights, Illinois, remain

    in operation today.

    Mr. Jackman was a founding member in 1964 of Forest

    Hills Country Club in Clarkson Valley.

    A conservationist, he created a conservation easement to

    protect his 30-acre home in Wildwood from being taken

    over by developers after his death.

    The school offers condolences to Mr. Jackmans family

    including his wife of 56 years, Betty Jo Jackman; two

    daughters; son; sister; and two granddaughters.

    Janet Long Salisbury 48 died on July 2, 2012.

    A graduate of Bradford Junior College, Mrs. Salisbury

    earned her bachelors degree in fine arts from Washing-

    ton University in St. Louis. She was a member of Kappa

    Alpha Theta Sorority and the Junior League of St. Louis.

    Mrs. Salisbury worked as a freelance fashion illustrator

    for 17 years and later as the coat and suit buyer for Gar-

    lands Specialty Stores for eight years. Active in the com-

    munity through the Junior League and other interests,

    Mrs. Salisbury was on the original committee of the

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch Rotograbure Fund Raiser for the

    St. Louis Symphony Society. She served for seven years

    on that committee and one as a chair. Mrs. Salisbury

    was an avid volunteer for the newly formed Archives

    Department in connection with the Stamper Library at


    The school offers condolences to Mrs. Salisburys family

    including her daughter, Linda Salisbury Mercer 74; two grandchildren, one of whom is Hayley Mercer 11; and brother, Wil Long 52. The school thanks the family for suggesting that memorial donations be made to the Howard

    A. Stamper Library Expansion Fund at Burroughs.

    1970sChristopher A. Brown 72 died on February 10, 2012.

    Mr. Brown earned degrees in biology and economics

    from Ripon College in Wisconsin, and then worked with

    the National Park Service in Pennsylvania, Georgia,

    Utah and Alaska.

    In 1987, he moved to Fort Myers, Florida, and began his

    career as a special agent with the United States Depart-

    ment of Homeland Security.

    The school offers condolences to Mr. Browns family

    including his wife, Vicki Brown; two daughters; mother,

    Barbara Brown; granddaughter; brother, Phil Brown 70; and sister, Emily Brown Tyler 75.

    Paul Berwald Keller 72 died on April 13, 2012.

    Mr. Keller earned a bachelors degree in civil

    engineering from Duke University and an MBA from

    the University of Michigan.

    He joined Isle of Capri Casinos Inc. as chief

    development officer in 2008. Previously he directed

    teams of designers on major projects for a quarter of a

    century. Before joining Isle of Capri, he was executive

    vice president of design and construction for Argosy

    Gaming Company. He was credited with transforming

    the Argosy Casino in Kansas City from a first-generation

    riverboat to one of the major destinations in the market.

    His design was recognized by the American Gaming

    Association as the Best Architectural Re-Design for

    a Casino Resort. Mr. Keller also had a leadership role

    at Walt Disney Imagineering and was active in the

    development of EPCOT Center and Tokyo Disneyland.

    The school offers condolences to Mr. Kellers family

    including his wife, Mary Gaertner; daughter; mother,

    Helene B. Keller; and sisters, Cyndy Keller Maasen 70 and Amy J. Keller 75.

    Former FacultyJohn Faust Jr. died on April 22, 2012.

    Mr. Faust taught theatre, history and fine arts at DeSmet

    from 1970 to 1979 and taught English and was chair

    of the Theatre Department at Burroughs from 1979 to


    The school offers condolences to his family including

    his wife, Debby Faust; two sons; and two grandchildren.

    Former staffMarilyn Wandling VonSchulze died on May 8, 2012.

    Mrs. VonSchulze worked at Burroughs from 1979 to

    1982 as assistant to then Headmaster Ed Cissel. She

    held an education degree from Webster College and

    a masters degree in art education from Washington

    University in St. Louis. After leaving Burroughs, Mrs.

    VonSchulze taught art for the St. Louis Public Schools

    Foundation. As an artist, Mrs. VonSchulze created oil

    and pastel portraits on commission and participated in

    numerous art shows.

    After retirement, Mrs. VonSchulze was active in the

    Daughters of the American Revolution, United Daugh-

    ters of the Confederacy and P.E.O. Sisterhood. She was

    an alum of Chi Omega Sorority.

    The school offers condolences to Mrs. VonSchulzes

    family including her daughter, Pam Seymour Bliss 82; two sons; and seven grandchildren, two of whom are

    Will Bliss 11 and Maggie Bliss 12. The school thanks the family for suggesting that memorial donations be made to

    John Burroughs School.

  • memorial and triBute gifts

    August 2012 | 15

    Memorial and Tribute GiftsSincere thanks to the members of the Burroughs community who have honored friends and loved ones through memorial and tribute gifts made to John Burroughs School. The following gifts were received from April 11 through June 30, 2012.


    Jefferies M. Arrick 45Lisa BakerLinda BearmanRay Bolin Jr. 48 Patience ChrislerMaurice B. Cohill Jr.Mary and Alec Cornwell Jr. 45 Taylor and Marian DeslogeJoseph DubuqueDale and Karolyn FritzJack FultonMr. and Mrs. Edmond A. B. Garesche IIIJohn G. Goessling 46 Briggs HoffmannCordelia Wilson Holmes 51 Clark and Twila HungerfordJohn K. and Sally Shepley LillyBarbara Costen MooreLarry and Heidi NicholsThe Republic GroupMr. and Mrs. Glenn R. SilerGene and Harriet SpilkerRon and Kathy StephensLiz Williams IN MEMORY OF

    Anita Beal To the Jason K. Lohr Memorial ScholarshipKaren and Chris GanschawBob and Jane GoldsmithStacey GravesRonald K. LohrCrystal and Nelson Spencer 62 George and Mary VournasBud and Susie Wilson


    Class of 1971 Jeff Dreyer 71


    Heidi Frey Currier 66James M. Chleboun


    Thomas R. Eames 70Jack 66 and Carol Wolfheim Goralnick 66 Michelle and Scott Harris 70


    Arnie and Harriet Hampton Edwards 59 Connie Lohr


    John Faust Eugene DeutschEric and Arsenia HansonRobert and Barbara KelleyCarolyn and Tom YagerFran Deutsch Zamler


    Allison Goralnik 95Jeff Dreyer 71


    Deborah HammTo the Deborah Garner Hamm ScholarshipBud and Susie Wilson


    Bob Henningsen James M. Chleboun


    Nils Hinshaw 04Mary Jo ColagiovanniCharles P. Derleth Jr.Edith B. Lubeck John Pocsik Deanna Snowden


    James Everett Hullverson Jeff Dreyer 71 Irene Zorensky Fowle 71 IN MEMORY OF

    Jonathan M. Kayes 75To the Jonathan Kayes Library FundAnonymous


    Paul B. Keller 72Jeff Dreyer 71 Mrs. Elizabeth Loeb


    Ann DePew Laird 59John Robertson Jones 59


    Jim Lemen To the Jim Lemen ScholarshipJack Biggs 62 Gardiner Bridge 38 John Mabry 60


    Faculty and StaffHeidi Frey Currier 66Kelly EdwardsEric HansonBob HenningsenKaren McCrayMarian WalshElisa Wang

    To the Jim Lemen ScholarshipAnonymous


    Jim LemenTo the Jim Lemen ScholarshipAnonymousCooky and Bob Flynn 61Matt and Lisa GiesekingMichelle and Scott Harris 70 Jackie Mendillo 01 The Powers FamilyJohn 56 and Jody Jackes Ross 56 Kit and Bud Samuels 41 Lisa and Chris Schoenecker 90 Bill Scott 61 David G. Sisler 76 Allen and Mary Beth SofferHeidi Frey Currier 66 and Carter Smith 66 Mark and Jennifer SmithJohn V. Wallace 66 Bruce and Ester Westling


    The Rev. Ernest W. Luehrman Bill Thomas and Kathy Standley


    Mrs. Arthur Max To the Jason K. Lohr Memorial ScholarshipConnie Lohr


    Karen McCray James M. Chleboun


    Dorothy Fairbank Newton 36The Taryle Family


    Jack Orchard 85To the Jack Orchard FundMrs. Leonard Berg


    Bob OrchardTo the Jack Orchard FundJean Agatstein and Les Loewe Kenneth and Patricia BallMorton and Norma BaronTodd and Julie Mitchell Baur 90 Holly Lowy Bernstein 89 Kevin and Carol BlinderLaura BlumenfeldMr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. BorowskyDavid and Anne BromerElla Rena Potter ChapmanBeverly Wilson Clarkson 59 Bob and Kay Kutten CohenMr. and Mrs. Charles CookHope and Julian Edison 47 Mr. and Mrs. William B. Eiseman Jr.Mr. and Mrs. William S. FirestoneMrs. Milton FischmannSara Kraner Fleischer 00 David FleisherGretta ForresterLois and Bob FriedmanMrs. Solon GershmanBud and Lois GoldbergIrene GoldmanMr. and Mrs. Robert GoldsteinAlice GoodmanRichard and Judith HarrisJeanne HartzPaul and Debra HauptmanHarvard 33 and Patty Gamble Hecker 40 Greg and Beth Shuter Herbster 85 Anne W. HetlageMrs. Sally Portner HoffmanTed and Suzanne HoffmanStanley and Joan HollanderMargie and Martin JaffeNancy KalishmanMrs. Meyer KopolowRichard and Lisa Greenman Kraner 71 Ned and Sally LemkemeierMrs. Elizabeth LoebRalph and Barbara LowenbaumMr. and Mrs. James V. MaloneyBarry and Louise MandelAnn MandelstammSusan MatlofNina Renard Meissner 37 Paul and Laura MillerJack and Jerre MinnerBurt and Ellen Greenman Needles 73 The Newman FamilyBarbara and Mike NewmarkRochelle PopkinEmily Rauh Pulitzer


    Roslyn Schulte 02To the Roz Schulte Spirit Fund AnonymousCharles P. Derleth Jr.Ellen and Henry Dubinsky 59Susan and Steve Felker 70Karen Jensen Lynne and Scott Johnson 65Bruce and Kim Olson IN HONOR OF Keith E. Shahan 62To the Keith E. and Marcia W. Shahan Scholarship FundAnonymous


    Sylvie Sherman 12Roxanne H. Frank

    IN MEMORY OF Martha ShipeTo the Keith E. and Marcia W. Shahan Scholarship FundAllen and Mary Beth Soffer


    Geoffrey Moore Smith 63Heidi Frey Currier 66 and Carter Smith 66


    Leigh S. Strassner 53Cooky and Bob Flynn 61 Franc Family FundJoseph GlossbergGreg and Beth Shuter Herbster 85 Nancy OlsonLeon and Ann Robison


    Betty Howard Troth 57Community Foundation of Collier County


    Mrs. Marilyn VonSchulze Michael Anderson and Lee Ames Bascom 82 Ann Weigler


    Emily Vournas 92Connie Lohr


    Marian Walsh James M. Chleboun


    Susie Wilson Aaron 94 and Stephanie Park Zwicker 94


    Timothy R. Wnuk 00Charles P. Derleth Jr.


    Mrs. Ruth M. Yost To the Keith E. and Marcia W. Shahan Scholarship FundMary Beth and Allen Soffer

    Judy and Paul Putzel 57 Stephanie Riven and Roger Goldman 59 Richard and Sally RosenthalMr. and Mrs. Jerome M. Rubenstein 45 Nancy SacharThe Sachs FundBarbara and Martin ScherGlenn Johnson Sheffield 54 Jenny and Walter ShifrinRoberta ShifrinDr. Fredric and Beverly SimowitzMiriam Shifrin Sisson 46 Thomas and Susan SontagBetty SpitzerEleanor SteinbachStephanie and Randy Sterkel 81Carolyn SternMr. and Mrs. Walter G. SternMargie and Bob SummersMargie and Bert TalcoffHoward and Anita TischlerSheila Greenbaum and Gary M. WassermanSteve and Diane WeinstockMs. Marilyn WernerMr. Raymond WittcoffRichard WolfheimCharles 47 and Barbara Fritze Wulfing 55 Rosalyn and Robert WykesHelen M. (Nuni) Zimmerman 79 Hillary Zimmerman


    Ann Russe Prewitt 31Mrs. Paul Ekberg


    Mrs. Alex Reich Crystal and Nelson Spencer 62 Bud and Susie Wilson


    Retiring Faculty/Staff and Volunteer Leadership

    Kathy Rainey Bussmann 75 Andy Cornwell 80 Heidi Frey Currier 66 Eric Hanson Bob Henningsen Karen McCray Marian Walsh Jerrie Plegge Ben Rassieur 72 Eve Riley Dorothy Swicord Hardy Washington

    To the Keith E. and Marcia W. Shahan Scholarship FundAllen and Mary Beth Soffer


    CMDR Christopher Riley 88Mary M. Kimball 88


    Richard Sandler Roberta and Alex Solowey


    Simon Sandler 12Roberta and Alex Solowey

    IN MEMORY OF Bob OrchardTo the Jack Orchard Fund


  • 755 South P

    rice Road, St. Lou

    is, MO



















    . PO





    ST. LO


    , MO





    . 672






    Blue and G

    old Weekend: S

    aturday, Septem

    ber 22



    i Weekend: T

    hursday, October 11, through Sunday, O

    ctober 14




    7:30 am

    , Saturday, S

    eptember 22, startin

    g at JBS


    at JBS (fron

    t circle off Price R


    8 am, 2.5 K


    /walk to M


    S/All ages



    to 314/99


    , ext. 315

    Wear you

    r T-shirt from

    last year or reserve one


    gh th

    e Alu


    i Offi



    E BIg



    JBS versu

    s MIC

    DS, 2 pm

    , Saturday, S

    eptember 22, at M




    e Alu


    i Spirit Tent w

    elcomes all alu


    i and th



    Check the athletic pages on the JB

    S w

    ebsite for other Saturday


    All even

    ts are complim

    entary. In

    vitations w

    ill be mailed in

    early Au

    gust. P

    lease RSV

    P for each

    event th

    at you plan

    to attend



    , ext. 264).



    I wIN

    E AN

    d c


    SE g




    5:30 to 7:30

    pm, T

    hursday, O

    ctober 11, library


    lighting th

    e schools collection

    of alum

    ni au




    I cO


    TAIL pA

    RTY A





    5:30 to 7:30

    pm, Friday, O

    ctober 12, Ku


    er Gallery


    g photograph

    s by Qu

    inta D


    n S

    cott 59

    A separate exh

    ibit featurin

    g photographs from private St. Lou


    collections and cu

    rated by Jeff Rosen

    heim 79

    of the Metropolitan



    of Art w

    ill be on display in

    the Bon

    sack Gallery.



    I FAM

    ILY p



    11 am to 1 pm

    , Saturday, O

    ctober 13, Qu



    sic by Miss Ju

    bilee, featurin

    g Jason Torrey 0


    Followed by th

    e varsity football game again

    st Clayton

    at 1 pm



    N EV



    pus even

    ts on Satu

    rday, October 13, for th

    e classes of

    1947, 19

    52, 1957, 19

    67, 19

    72, 1977, 19

    82, 1987 an

    d 199




    I gA


    11 am to 1 pm

    , Sun

    day, October 14

    , neet in

    the Q




    e Next C


    Best w

    ishes to Hanson,

    Henningsen and the

    other 2012 retirees.


    N b