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John Wotton Thornhill Resident Mabel Bridge Rezoning Hearing

John Wotton Thornhill Resident. Lake Mabel Drive Mabel Bridge Thornhill

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John Wotton

Thornhill Resident

Mabel Bridge Rezoning Hearing

Lake Mabel Drive

Mabel Bridge


Three Communities

Long time residents with beautiful lakefront homes.

Former KB management and home owners have history of mistrust in regards to green space on property line.

Two confirmed items that are true:One of their own is selling the property to KB.No line of sight to the construction site.

Lake Mabel Drive Community

Beautiful trees/shrubs planted between Lake Mabel Drive and KB

Street view from Lake Mabel Drive to Construction site

Opposite street view at construction site looking towards Lake Mabel Drive

Pond residents paid premium for lots that included a pond and green space.

No change to the pond!Compromise on green space by not building

on first three original proposed lots36% of new construction is adjacent to Mabel

Bridge residents!Four homes adjacent construction- one home

owner not moved in.

Mabel Bridge Community

Mabel Bridge pond view towards proposed construction

New home, no current resident

64% of proposed construction is adjacent to Thornhill residents.

Community concerns:Increased traffic through Thornhill.Safety of children using playground.Resale value? Lot premiums paid for green space.Construction equipment, thefts and damages.

Thornhill Community

Three concerns:-Owner of property has the right to take down

every tree in the green space.-Current zoning allows for larger/mansion

type homes that could be back to back with Thornhill with no buffer.

-Not knowing the future with this property!

What keeps me up at night!

Written Agreement with Thornhill HOA40 ft. buffer of current green space. Buffer

area to be turned over to Thornhill HOA.Three designated traffic devices for the safety

of our children.Construction plan to minimize traffic,

increase safety and assist Thornhill owners with after construction improvements.

KB Commitments