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The Spirit of Jordan for schools The Spirit of Jordan expedition is a 8 day trip designed to give you an insight into the local Bedouin culture. You’ll be trekking in the Wadi Rum desert, following in the footsteps of the controversial and flamboyant Lawrence of Arabia. Having trailed through the desert and camped under the stars, you’ll visit the world heritage site of Petra. You’ll round off your trip with an unforgettable ‘float’ in the salt-rich Dead Sea.

Text of Jordan school trip Elite Survival Training

  • JORDANtHe SpiRit OF

    The Spirit of Jordan Expedition is a 8 day tripdesigned to give you an insight into the localBedouin culture.

    Youll be trekking in the Wadi Rum desert,following in the footsteps of the controversialand flamboyant Lawrence of Arabia. Havingtrailed through the desert and camped underthe stars, youll visit the world heritage site ofPetra.

    Youll round off your trip with an unforgettable float in the salt-richDead Sea.


  • a sensationaltrekking experience

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    The expedition begins with a full day of professionalexpedition training, focussed on understanding thedesert environment.

    Topics covered include:

    The dangers of the desert First aid Obtaining water Making fire Shelter building - using ponchos and rock shelters Navigation skills - using the sun and stars, as well as aSilva compass and a GPS.

    For the next 3 days, you and your team will set off on foot,heading for successive check points. Working as a team,you will use your training and navigate by compass, GPSand the lie of the land to decide on the best route. Eachday you will visit fascinating new sites -

    Lawrences Spring: where Lawrence of Arabia reputedlypaused to refresh himself at the height of the Arab Revolt.

    The Khazali Canyon: this deep, narrow fissure cut intothe side of the mountain contains numerous rockinscriptions.

    Rock Bridge: a spectacular natural arch carved fromrock, with amazing views.

    The Seven Pillars of Wisdom: the famous landmark, named after T.E. Lawrencesfamous autobiography.

    Sand Dunes: large area of sand piled up against the mountains. Theyre fun to climb... and even more fun to come down. A little-known fact sand dunes harbour asurprising collection of hardy and plant species.

    At the end of each day, local Bedouins will welcome you to their encampments. Youwill eat their delicious tagine-style food, cooked in traditional underground ovens. Youllrelax around a desert camp fire, whilst learning about the rich Bedouin history andculture. Nights will be spent under canvas, before heading off the following day tocontinue your desert expedition. This is exploring in its purest form - following in theintrepid footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia.

    Throughout the trekking phase, a professional U.K. expedition leader will be on hand todeal with any group or individual needs. Following from a distance will be a safety jeepin constant radio communications with the group leader.

    trekking phase - four days in Wadi Rum

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    Within the folds of the Jordan Valley lies the Dead Sea. Itis more than 400 metres below sea level and the lowestpoint on earth. Rich in minerals that have seeped fromadjacent wadis, the Dead Sea is well known for havingexceptionally buoyant water. Many also believe that itswaters possess curative powers.

    The sensation of weightlessness while swimming in theDead Sea is a novel experience one never to beforgotten.

    dead Sea one day

  • expedition itinerary

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    DAY 7 - LOCATION AND ACTIVITYDead Sea visit / swim.

    An early rise for the three hour coach journey to the Dead Sea. Round off your trip by

    floating weightlessly in this wonderful sea. Take a mud bath and relax.

    After the Dead Sea experience, there will be a one-hour coach journey to the hotel in


    NOTES: Dead Sea entry fee covered. Overnight stay in Amman Hotel.

    DAY 8 - LOCATION AND ACTIVITYGroup to depart from Amman Queen Alia Airport. Depending on your flight time visit

    Amman city.

    notes: Hotel local to airport.

    preparing for your expeditionElite Survival Training Expedition Leader, John Sullivan, will give detailed briefing ofthe trip. Our aim is to allow everyone the space to challenge themselves whilst enjoy-ing a personal learning journey.

    SafetySafety is key to all our expeditions and activities. Centralto Johns briefing will be our safety back-up plans, riskassessments and in-country support. Elite SurvivalTraining has carried out extensive work for a number ofTV Channels, including the BBC and the NationalGeographic Channel. Testimonies from these companiesemphasise our commitment to safety and emergencyplanning.In case of emergency, we equip our staff with GPS andSatellite phones, as well as comprehensive medicalequipment.

  • Who is this expedition for?The Jordan Expedition for Schools is open to young people of all abilities. Someactivities will be easy to handle. Others will be more of a challenge. By the end of thetrip, youll enjoy a feeling like no other - the sense of achievement, personal gain andadrenaline will be second to none. Some days you will feel the heady rush ofadrenaline. On others, youll feel almost overwhelmed, as you complete an activity as ateam - you just wont be able to stop smiling!This expedition is an amazing opportunity. The great thing is that its open to ANYONE.All thats required is a reasonable level of fitness, a thirst for adventure and a love for apersonal challenge.

    Whos in Charge?We hand-pick our expedition leaders and our localspecialist operators. All are fully certified experts in theirfield.We provide a full back-up team of Elite Leaders, Guidesand Cooks. Theyll meet you at the end of every day,help set up camp, provide expertise and most important- make sure you end the day with a hearty meal!

    Safety, Adventure, Leadershipand teamwork

    These are the four pillars of every Elite SurvivalExpedition. It is our mission to ensure that youexperience the adventure of a lifetime. Above all, wewant you to arrive back home wanting more.

    two points to note1. No-one will be forced to participate in any activity

    2. Although unusual, there may be times when, onsafety grounds, we have to skip an activity.

  • tHe FACtSDuration: 8 daysWhats included Meet and assist service upon arrival & departure by English speaking representative All transfers( from Queen Alia Airport to Amman Hotel , Amman Hotel to Wadi Rum ,Wadi Rum to Petra , Petra to Amman via the Dead Sea , Amman to Queen Alia Airport)by brand new bus (Large Bus) Entrance fees to Wadi Rum Protected Area and Natural Reserve Entrance fees to Petra Entrance fees at Amman Beach Resort and Spa in The Dead Sea with lunch English Speaking Guide during Petra tour and during the transfers 02 Night at Bait Ali in Wadi Rum with 02 breakfasts & 02 dinners 01 Night in Petra at Al Rashid Hotel or Sharah Mountains Hotel with breakfast & dinner 02 Night in Amman at Arena Hotel or Larsa Hotel with breakfast & dinner 02 Nights camping in Wadi Rum which is located in the heart of the desert 04 lunches or Packed lunches during Wadi Rum trekking (Day # 2+3+4+5) Mineral Water During Day # 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 (bottles of Mineral Water will be providedenough) 580 - Assistance by 4x4 Jeep with English Speaking Bedouin Guide/driverduring Day # 2 + 3 + 4 + 5) Mineral Water , Tea , Coffee , Juice during Wadi Rum are provided All taxes and service charges applied for the hotels/camps and all services listed above

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    Not included Flight Tickets Travel Insurance All kind of tips for the guides, driversand our team Jordan Departure Ta(Included in the flight tickets ) Lunches/Box lunches(Except Day 2 + 3+ 4+ 5 +6)

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