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Juggling Roles What Are you Juggling?. Topics to Cover? What are you juggling? What is out of balance? Coping with the juggling act: priorities, time

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Juggling Roles What Are you Juggling? Slide 2 Topics to Cover? What are you juggling? What is out of balance? Coping with the juggling act: priorities, time management, realistic expectations, believing you have control, support. Practicalities/simplify your life Your Action Plan Resources Slide 3 Are you out of balance? What balls do you drop? Slide 4 Work and Family Balance Quiz Do you successfully allocate time in your day to the things you want to do with your family? Can you participate in meaningful activities with family without feeling anxious or talking about work? Do you participate in family activities without the gnawing feeling of so much work being left undone? Slide 5 The Advantages of Being an Older Student You can focus. You've got a head start. A new career is as promising to you as it is to a 20-year-old. You know what you want (Part 1). You've been out in the big bad world. You've held jobs and paid bills. Negative experiences can benefit you Slide 6 You know what you want (Part 2). You can handle (and cut through) the red tape. Younger students are used to others telling them where to go and what to do. You are more used to solving your own problems, and this can be an asset. Slide 7 Time Management/Priorities How do you plan your time? Slide 8 Planner? Calendar on Fridge? Time Management Chart? Calendar on phone? Slide 9 Coping with the Juggling Act 1. You cant do it all, so set priorities Assess responsibilitieswhat can I leave out? No magic formula on how to balance. May depend on where you are at in your lifeLife has seasons Slide 10 Have Realistic Expectations Drop expectations of perfection Be honest about capabilities and limitations Burn-out results from too high or unrealistic expectations Slide 11 3. Reevaluate Priorities Reassess situation frequently and make changes Slide 12 4. Easier to cope with juggling school, work and family if Supportive/flexible work environment Good Child Care Role models Slide 13 5. Believe you have control If you believe you have no controlwill give up Draw on self esteem to help you see situation as a challenge. The more control you have over your destiny, the more likely you are to cope positively Slide 14 6.Find/Keep Support Isolation breeds negative attitudes and negative outcomes Talk with others in the same situation Slide 15 7. To Relieve the pressures of demands take a SAUNA S = Set Goals A = Accomplish U = Unwind N = Nurture Yourself A = Accept Your Limits Slide 16 PRACTICALITIESSIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE The Morning Dash Develop a Routine that works & stick with it. Lay out clothes the night before. Evaluate getting Ready timecan you be more efficient? Store keys, backpack, etc. near the door. Slide 17 Decluttering Assign everything a place. Use bags/baskets for each person for things downstairs that need to go up. Use clear boxes, jars, bags. Sort mail out over recycle bin. Check out broken stufffix or get rid of. Slide 18 SPEED CLEANING Assign some things (dusting?) as company only tasks Let go of rules for cleaning Clean top to bottom Only clean what is dirty Slide 19 LAUNDRY Buy plenty of underwear and socks Sort laundry as you take it off Fold as things come out of the dryer Reduce need for ironing and drycleaning Slide 20 SHOPPING Find 1-2 stores where you can buy it all If you dont love it, dont buy it Develop a standard grocery list with columns for need and coupon Slide 21 Your Ideas to Simplify Your Life? ???? ??? Slide 22 YOUR Action Plan Areas where I am out of Balance Things I must start doing Things I must stop doing People I need to communicate with in order to create change Slide 23 Resources BLUEprint Workshops TRIO Child Development Center at CSCC Action for Children On-line Workshops Adult Learner Newsletter Center for New Directions