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  • 7/23/2019 JVAVP: Jason VS Alien VS Predator


    JVAVP: Jason vs Alien vs Predator- Screenplay

    October 10, 2014

    Scene 1:"The Call for a Mission"

    The lm opens in space. The mother ship appears coming aroundEarth. Inside the ship, the elder predator pulls up a holographic

    screen, and vies a scout ship descending from the ship, and sees it

    move cra!il. The ship heads toard Earth. The elder predator !ooms

    in, and discovers the ship#s landing coordinates. The elder predator

    turns around in his throne, and calls for three predators. In another

    room, three predators appear, suited up. The Celtic $redator pulls up

    a distress signal on his rist computer. The other to predators,

    Scar and Chopper, hear the distress call, and the three head for the

    elder predator#s throne room. The three predators arrive, and see

    the Elder $redator in hios throne. %e then &egins to spea' (in$redator grunts translated & English su&titles)

    Celtic: (pulls up the distress signal) %ol... This is from master*

    +uic', euip*

    (the predators gra& a shoulder cannon, and their mas', and run

    toards Elder#s throne room)

    Elder $redator:-elcome &os* ou have &een called over a distress

    call, so I can tell ou something important. $lease pa attenion.

    Scar, Celtic, Chopper: es master*

    Elder $redator: /lright prepare for the nes*

    The three predators 'neal don to the elder.

    Elder $redator:0ust a fe minutes ago, I descended a scout ship to

    space, and it as destined to the insect planet. Instead, something

    interfered, causing it to crash into planet "Earth." -e &elieve that

    one of the older insects coarsed the ship to the planet. I have the

    coordinates to the location, hom the ship landed at. I have also

    called "-olf" to the scene. %e investigated the crashed ship. %ere is

    hat he sa:

    The Elder pulls up a screen in holographs, and plas &ac' a message

    from "-olf"

    -olf $redator:Master, I#ve eplored the ship, and all I sa that there

    as no sign of an $redator on the ship, and I tried to locate an

    other $redator, &ut onl got reports of insect sighting. I epect to

  • 7/23/2019 JVAVP: Jason VS Alien VS Predator


    meet our three arriors in hom ou ill &e sending, inside a cave.

    I ill &e aiting.

    The Elder closes the holographic screen and turns &ac' around to

    the three.

    Elder $redator: 2'. 3o that ou have our pro&lem. I ill send ou

    to Earth as soon as possi&le. /s of right no, no spacecraft is

    avai&le. / scout ship shall &e read soon. Celtic, la don some rules

    to our arriors.

    Celtic: es master* 4os, follo.

    Scar, Chopper: es sir (to Celtic)

    The three al' &ac' to their room.

    Celtic: I can#t &elieve the insects are on "Earth."

    Chopper: -hat do ou mean5

    Scar: eah, there is insects on our hunt.

    Celtic: eah, &ut the are on a place here it could spread5 /re ou

    gus aare5

    Chopper: 6enetl. 4ut e could stop them. -e#ve got all the

    eapons e could possi&l get.

    Scar: eah, after all, e did get our guns.

    Celtic: That shouldn#t &e such a pro&lem, if e have the guns.

    Scar: -e also still got some cooler ones.

    Chopper: 2h es. 7et us not orr a&out this. -e#ll &e ne

    Scar: eah

    Celtic: /lright, let me la don the rules:2ne, everone must follo

    mine or -olf#s rules. To, If I die, -olf is second command, on the

    other hand, if -olf happens to die, Chopper is second command. Ifeither one of ou die, and no one else is ith ou, &e &rave.Those

    are rules, I hope their eas to follo.

    ($redator al's into room)

    $redator: ou three, our ship is read.

    ( The Mother Ship releases the scout ship, and the camera points

  • 7/23/2019 JVAVP: Jason VS Alien VS Predator


    toards Earth)

    (8oes &ac' to Elder $redator#s room)

    Elder: -hat have I done5 I sent oung &loods*

    (calls -olf)

    -olf: es master5

    Elder: -olf, I need to have a ord ith ou.

    -olf: eah5

    Elder: These arriors are still oung &loods, please 'eep them alive.

    -olf: es master. /s ou please

    Elder: (turns his throne around as the screen fades)

    Scene 9:"-hat as That"

    (2pening Titles)

    Matt:($ulls up sh from ater) -ould ou loo' at that* Tent sh in

    hrs. I told ou this asn#t so &orr.

    Marcie: eah, this as fun. 7et#s do it again someda.

    Matt: -e &etter leave. Counselor training is a&out to start.

    Marcie: ;ight.

    Matt: (gra&s ore) So h didn#t ou li'e shing &efore.

    Marcie: It

  • 7/23/2019 JVAVP: Jason VS Alien VS Predator


    droned here. /fter his mother found out, she ent all cra!, and

    onto a 'illing spree. /fter she died, 0ason too' her place in 'eeping

    the la'e from opening. Since then, counselors have

  • 7/23/2019 JVAVP: Jason VS Alien VS Predator


    Scene =:"/a'ened"

    (The scene >ashes to the forest, here over the trees is a graveard.

    The camera !ooms to 0ason ?oorhees#s grave.)

    $amela#s ?oice: 0ason* 0ason... m special &o. Momm needs to tal'

    to ou. /lright, our camp has gotten some ne counselors, &ut this

    time...that#s not the orst nes. / un'non spacecraft has

    &reached the la'e. /nd it carried a strange race of un'non origin. I

    need ou to stop it, &efore ou camp gets into serious danger. @ill

    anthing that get#s in our a. I#m counting on ou. 3o


    (0ason#s hand emerges from the grave)

    $amela#s ?oice: I#m counting on ou.

    (scene goes &ac' to &oat)

    Matt: (a'es up, loo's at shA holes appear inside the sh) 2h m

    gosh. Marcie5

    (7oo's at her &od)

    Matt: %ol...

    (he then puts his hand on his chest)

    Matt: 2*

    (&egins to move his &od rapidl)


    (chest&uster emerges from his chest)

    Matt: /*

    (scene goes to space, and the scout ship lands into Earth, it slos

    don as it releases the three predators, their pods appear, and open

    up. The predators emerge from outside of it, and decloa'


    Celtic: 8ee!* This is one mess planet*

    Chopper: -here is -olf supposed to &e at5

    Celtic: I dont 'no, let me chec' m satAcom.

    (Celtic opens his satAcom, the hole la'e is revealed)

  • 7/23/2019 JVAVP: Jason VS Alien VS Predator


    Celtic: 2h lord. There#s humans*

    Scar: %o is that a pro&lem5

    Chopper: The can easil &ecome insect pre.

    Scar: Eactl.

    Celtic: I#ve located -olf. ou to...follo.

    (The Three $redators run to -olf#s cave. /fter a hile, the arrive)

    Scar: There it is.

    Celtic: 7et#s move &os.

    (The three approach the cave. The red laser points out of the cave,

    the &os &ecome startled. -olf then appears &efore and the red

    laser disappears.)

    -olf: -elcome &os. Come inside.

    (all four of the predators go inside, inside the cave, an holographic

    screen of the hole Camp can &e vieed.)

    Celtic: 3ice place.

    -olf: Than's. So ou#r still oung &loods5

    Scar: $rett much.

    Celtic: -hat do ou ant me to do5

    -olf: Celtic, ou#r going to help me lead.

    Celtic: es sir. I have a plan for ou to (to Chopper and Scar)

    /lright, Chopper, ou ta'e out the humans, and Scar ill hunt some

    insects, no go*

    (Scar and Chopper move out of the cave, cloa'ing themselves)

    -olB: ou have an idea for me and ou5

    Celtic: es, e ill aid them if the need us, so as of right no e

    need to move.

    (The move out of the cave too)

    Scene : "Counselor Training"

    (Scene opens in a ca&in, 'ids can &e seen tal'ing to one another)

  • 7/23/2019 JVAVP: Jason VS Alien VS Predator


    4la'e: 2'* -ho#s read for training5*

    @ids: -e are*

    4la'e: /lright then. 7et me introduce mself. I#m 4la'e, former

    counselor, and this is m collagous, 6avid.

    6avid: %e.

    4la'e: Ethan.

    Ethan: o.


    Connor: $resent.

    4la'e: 2' those are m friends. -e ill help ou ith the training.

    Connor:I have the list of mem&ers. Is this it5

    1. Carolna

    2. 6aniel

    3. Evan

    4. Caden

    5. %arlee

    6. %ale

    7. Matt

    8. Marcie

    %ale: 3ope*

    6avid: -h#s that

    %ale: There on the la'e.

    4la'e: Could ou and Carolna get them, please

    %ale: es sir. Come on Carol.

    Carolna: 2'.

    4la'e: -e shall start training hen the come &ac'. The rest of ou


  • 7/23/2019 JVAVP: Jason VS Alien VS Predator


    (Everone laughs

    (Carolna and %ale leave the ca&in and al' through the oods.

    The are then seen in predAvision. The Chopper $redator loo's a&ove

    them, and &egins to

  • 7/23/2019 JVAVP: Jason VS Alien VS Predator


    4la'e: So ou gus. ou must sear not to tell the counselors that

    e are arm soldiers.

    Connor: So that#s h e par'ed the helicopter in a secret location.

    4la'e: ;ight.

    6avid: So h can#t e tell the counselors. I mean er#e not actuall

    arm soldiers. -ere

  • 7/23/2019 JVAVP: Jason VS Alien VS Predator


    (Scene opems in forest. %ale and Carolna can &e seen al'ing.)

    Carolna: 8osh. I don#t reme&er the la'e &eing that far.

    %ale: Said the girl, ho has spent li'e ears &eing an intern.

    Carolna: It#s

  • 7/23/2019 JVAVP: Jason VS Alien VS Predator