K-CUTTER ELECTRONIC WIRE CUTTER - Kirintec K-Cutter electronic wire cutter NSN: 1377-99-968-6731 Understanding the threat, ADVANCING the response. K-CUTTER ELECTRONIC WIRE CUTTER

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Text of K-CUTTER ELECTRONIC WIRE CUTTER - Kirintec K-Cutter electronic wire cutter NSN: 1377-99-968-6731...

  • 01 K-Cutter electronic wire cutter NSN: 1377-99-968-6731Understanding the threat, ADVANCING the response.K-CUTTER ELECTRONIC WIRE CUTTERDiscreet single use miniature wire cutter

    The K-Cutter provides a single shot, miniature explosive wire cutting capability, that is high power but very discreet.

    Due to the high level of engineering and testing undertaken in the development of the K-Cutter, Kirintec has been able to officially remove the Class 1 Hazardous Classification usually required for pyrotechnic items of this kind, thus removing the need for explosive storage and transportation regulations to be followed when brought into service.

    This dramatically reduces the through life costs of the product and increases the operational scope and use of the K-Cutter as a specialist cutting tool. All test data and certificates pertaining to the Class 1 Exclusion are available on request.

    The K-Cutter uses a very small explosive squib that has a very high reliability rating (a failure rate of less than 1 in 20 million firings).

    It is immune to high RF and ESD type environments and is hermetically sealed allowing for use under water for specialist military applications. The K-Cutter can be kept up to 20 years without degradation to the performance and operational ability from -40C to +80C; providing it is stored correctly. The K-Cutter is very powerful and can cut a 4mm thick wire steel cable with ease. The action of the cutting force and cutting blade design expels the wire with some force, reducing the possibility of wires making a circuit

    once cut. The witness from a cut is very low and is more of a low level audible click rather than an explosive event. Firing of a K-Cutter does generate some heat but nothing of significance, also there is no flash or smoke or gaseous by-product which would prevent the use of the cutter in enclosed environments by a trained Operator.

    T: +44 (0) 1989 568 350F: +44 (0) 1989 568 351


  • Suitable for: Defeating the device

    Covert methods of entry

    Counter-intelligence and Special Operations

    Features Single or multiple units fired

    in sync by an exploder, an RF controller or Kirintecs KINESIS Remote Logic Controller

    IP67: fires underwater

    Our K-Cutter cuts up to 4mm steel wire and costs approx 25% less per firing than a disrupter with consumables

    Our K-Cutter cuts up to 4mm steel wire and cost approx 25% less per firing than the average through life cost of a disrupter with consumables

    Part No Description NSN

    KT-600-392-01 K-Cutter electronic wire cutter - min order 25 1377-99-968-6731

    KT-600-392-02 K-Cutter electronic wire cutter - 100

    T: +44 (0) 1989 568 350F: +44 (0) 1989 568 351

    info@kirintec.comwww.kirintec.com 02Find us on social media:

    Specifications Cutter external dimensions (minus cover) 12mm (0.5) diameter x 50mm (2) body length

    Maximum cutting dimension 4.2mm

    Cable length Bare wire exposed and twitted 20mm

    Weight 32g (1oz)


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