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Kashaful Aqaid Syed Baqir Nisar Zaidi Syed Baqir Nisar Zaidi Syed Nasir Abbas Zaidi Syed Akhtar Abbas Zaidi September 2001 1100 Micro Advertising baqarnisar@hotmail.com

This book is available at all Shia bookstores. This book is based upon Shia beliefs and written only for Shia Muslims. So non-shia Muslims should be aware before reading this book.


Imam Muhammad Taqi (as) said:

Anyone who will help the orphans of Ahlul Bayt (as) ( those which are away from Imam (as)) and removes their ignorance which is due to lack of knowledge and those of our shia who are prisoners in the hands of shaitan and nasibis (enemies of Ahlul Bayt (as)) and whoever releases those prisoners from their hands and removes their religious ignorance and removes the shaitani thoughts and doubts with the help of Allah and Ahlul Bayt (as) so that our shia could remember their allegiance to Us regardless of the difficulties they will face, the status of such a person who will do these things is like the heavens upon the earth and those shia who have obtained this haq (truth) their status is like the moon which shines upon the earth giving light to everything. :

(Ahtejaj e Tabrasi)2

Hadia (Dedication)

I dedicate this ordinary book to Hijab e Wahadat (sa) (Veil of Allah)- Raz e Wilayat (Secret of Wilayat)- Madan e Risalat (Treasure of Prophethood)- Gohar e Taj e Imamate (Crown of Imamate)- Markaz e Daira Ismat (Center of the Circle of Purity)- Makhdooma e Konain (Owner of the Universe)Mazlooma e Awal (First who was Oppressed)- Syedatul Nisa al Alemeen ( Mistress of the Women of World)- Syeda Fatima Zahra (sa) with this reminder from a slave of Syeda (sa) even though he be full of sins but he is a mourner of Her Son Imam Hussain (as). O my Owner is there one tear which I have wept for Your Son (as) which will bring me Your Shifaat (intercession)?


Makhiz (Sources)Book NameHoly Quran Tafsir ul Mutaqeen Asool e Kafi Furoo e Kafi Min La Yahzaral Faqih Alal Sharaih Najul Balagha Najul Israr Sahifa al Kalima Kitab Saleem bin Qais Halali Manaqib ibn e Shahr Ashoob Ahsanal Aqaied Biharul Anwar Allama Imdad Hussain Kazmi Allama Muhammad bin Yaqoob Kulleni Allama Muhammad bin Yaqoob Kulleni Sheik Sudooq Sheik Sudooq Khutbat Ameer ul Momineen (as) Khutbat Ameer ul Momineen (as) Duas of Imam Zain ul Abideen (as) Saleem bin Qais Allama Muhammad bin Shahr Ashoob Allama Hilli Allama Muhammad Baqir Majilisi



Makhaz (Sources)Book NameHaqul Yaqeen Alsiratul Assawi Fi Ahwalal Mehdi Dawat Tadbeer Fi Aldeen Hamare Murtaza ki Shaan Al Ali Sultan Un Naseera Asmatay Ahlul Bayt (as) Haqaiq ul Saait Tawheed ul Aimma ZangiPuri Shia Madhab kay Usool e Deen Ghayatul Maram Fi Zaroorat ul Imam Puri Shahadatay Salisa Quaid e Shariah Kokab Durri Yanabi ul Muwaddah

AuthorAllama Muhammad Baqir Majilisi Allama Syed Muhammad Sibtain Serswi Shah Abdul Aleem Allama Hakeem Syed Zakir Hussain Allama Syed Abdullah Shah Abd Allama Muhammad Bashir Ansari Allama Muhammad Bashir Ansari Allama Syed Muhammad Haroon

Allama Syed Bu Ali Shah Zaidi Allama Syed Hashmat Ali KhairAllah

Allama Muhammad Hasnain AlSabqi Allama Muhammad Hasnain AlSabqi Syed Muhammad Saleh Kashfi Tirmazi Sheik Suleman Qundoozi


Makhiz (Sources)Book NameMuwaddah Hasna Nafsul Rasool

AuthorAllama AbdulAli Herwi Allama Ali Haider

Aqmal Uddeen Baywilayat Ameerul Momineen Allama Syed Nisar Abbas Naqvi Shahadat Wilayat Ali (as) Tareeq ul Irfan Ala Sahibul Zaman (ajf) Gharar ul Haqam Wahder ul Kalam Majmua (A Collection of Saying by Moula Ali (as)) Allama Nazar Hussain Qamar Allama Ghazanfar Abbas Tonsvi Aqwal Janab Ameer(as) ka


Table of Contents

Topic Imam Muhammad Taqi (as) said Hadia (Dedication) Makhiz (Sources) Table of Contents Babul Abwab Necessity of Religion Beginning of Religion Who will make the Laws? Two Religions Usool e Deen (Principles of religion) Recognition of Usool e Deen Ghulu (Exaggeration)

Page No. 1 2 3 6 19 23 28 29 31 32 33 36


Table of ContentsTopic Are All Muslims Nusairis? What is Ghulu (Exaggeration)? Exaggeration in the Favor of Ahlul Bayt (as) Kinds of Exaggeration Exaggeration (Ghulu) and Lowering the status of Ahlul Bayt (as) (Taqseer) The Worst Thing is Lowering the status of another not Exaggeration Muqassireen (one who lowers the status of Ahlul Bayt as) Who is Worse? Exaggerator or one who Lowers? Ideology of Exaggeration in the time of Sheik Sadooq Is this Ghulu (Exaggeration)? Absolute Wilayat When the Oneness of Allah appears In other than Allah or When Others Appear to be the Oneness of Allah Absolute Master A Common Example of Commandment Page No. 38 41 42 44 47



55 59

61 64 70

76 79


Table of Contents

Topic Creation and Establishment is related to Wilayat Nearness of Allah Touched in Allah Wasila (Intercessor) Is Wasila (intercessor) a Creation? Exaggeration (Ghulu) and lowering the status of Ahlul Bayt (as) (Taqseer) Wilayat in Quran Promise of Allegiance Amanat entrustment from Allah (Wilayat of Moula Ali as) Haqq (Truth) Niamat (Blessings) Rehmat (Mercy) Siratul Mustaqeem (Straight path) Hidayat (Guidance)

Page No. 81 86 87 92 94 96

100 100 103

105 106 108 109 111


Table of Contents

Topic Islam Iman (Faith) Noor (Light) Zikr - Tazkira (Remembrance) Hidden Name of Allah

Page No. 113 114 115 121 122 126 129

Bismallah is the name of Ameer ul Momineen (as) Allegiance of Wilayat was taken on Every Occasion Absolute Wilayat is related only to Imam Ali (as) and His Offspring Introduction of Wilayat through the King Of Wilayat (as) A misconception about the Sermons of Ameer ul Momineen (as) Khutbat ul Bayan I Am That Book Which Contains No Doubt I am the Respresentative of Allahs Revelation I am Allahs Power and its Soul




138 141 143 143


Table of ContentsTopic I am the One who will Never Die I am the One who has full command of Religion I am the Trustee of Allah I am the One who has nothing like Him I am the One who was before Everything Khutbat Iftikhar (Sermon of Glorification) I Speak with Divine Inspiration I am the Worshipped and the Worshipper I am the Book and the Sacred Arc Sermon of the Gulf Sermon of Recognition Truth of Wilayat Tawheed (Oneness) Stages of Tawheed (Oneness) Proof of Tawheed (Oneness) Page No. 144 144 145 145 146 146 147 148 148 148 150 163 169 171


Table of Contents

Topic First Proof Nature First Part Second Part Last Stage of Human Intellect Second Proof-Organization Third Proof Opposite of Wilayat Shirk Explanation of Shirk Kinds of Shirk Shirk fil Zaat (in Allah) Shirk fil Ibadat (in worship) Shirk fil Safaat (in attributes) Shirk fil Fail (in actions) Shirk fil Amr (in power of Allah)

Page No. 172 173 176 178 183 186 189 190 191 191 193 196 201 209


Table of Contents

Topic Introduction of Wilayat-Justice and Prophethood Adl Explanation of Adl Proof Adl is from Usool e Deen Allah can never be an Oppressor Explanation of Nabuwat (Prophet hood) What is a message? The Greatest Message Purpose of Sending Prophets (as) Preaching (Tabligh) Prophet from Birth Removal of Doubt Ideology of Ismat (infallibility) Reality of Tarke Awla (abandoning that which is better)

Page No. 212 212 213 217 219 221 222 222 223 224 227 228 229 231


Table of Contents

Topic Undeniable Proof Removal of another doubt Levels of Prophet hood Imamate is a necessity of Prophethood First Proof Second Proof Revelation of Wilayat -Imamate Kinds of Imamate Levels of Imamate Importance of Twelve Explanation of Imamate Republic Nearness of Allah Knowledge

Page No. 236 238 240 243 244 245 247 248 249 250 255 257 257 258


Table of Contents

Topic Commandment Order (Rule-Power-Command) Recognition of Imam Importance of Recognition There must always be a Proof of Allah (Imam) upon The Earth at all times Imam (as) is the one who will give Reward and punishment Those who falsely claim to be Imam (as) Attributes of Imamate Patience Certainty of Belief (Yaqeen) Fortune and Will Wahi (revelation) is from Imamate True (sidq) Arrangement of the Universe

Page No. 259 259 260 261 264


266 269 276 277 278 279 281 281


Table of Contents

Topic Imam (as) is present at all times, in every place, And has full knowledge of Unseen Permission of Allah (bay izn Allah) Occulation of Imam (ajf) Reason for Occulation A new book and sharia will be revealed Through Imam Zamana (ajf) Hadith e Tariq Glory of Wilayat-Judgement Day First Questioning Second Questioning What is Death? Which Door does Death Close? Why Humans are afraid of Death? A misconception and its Removal Momins condition at time of death

Page No. 285

289 290 291 292

293 301 303 304 304 306 307 308 309


Table of Contents

Topic Third Questioning Fishar (punishment) Question Who will be questioned? What will be the questions? Who will ask the questions? Fourth Questioning Fifth Questioning What is rajat (return)? Proof of rajat (resurrection) in Quranic Verses Examples of rajat (resurrection) in Previous Nations Do not be deceived by the word shia Difference between natural death and one Who is slain It is compulsory for a momin to be slain

Page No. 312 313 314 314 315 316 316 318 318 320 324 325 326


17 Table of Contents

Topic Time period for rajat (resurrection) is very lengthy Judgement Day

Page No. 327 328 329 334 335 336 340 341 341