Keep Yourself and Your Home Safe During the Holidays

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  • Keep Yourself and Your Home Safe During the Holidays To a burglar, every day or every time that he robs a home is a holiday for him. The holidays

    are a special festival for him. Many homeowners leave home, and leave tell-tale signs that

    they are away. These are tips on how to minimize the chances that a burglar will rob your


    If you keep the outside festive lights on then ensure that the windows are shut.

    Electric lights require electricity, the source of which is often inside the home,

    resulting in the need for wires, through a slightly opened window. If this is the case

    for your home then call a 24/7 emergency locksmith or serrurier to rectify this.

    Remove all gift packaging and destroy them, preferably by burning or shredding them. If a burglar sees a box for a laptop computer then he will conclude that there is

    such a valuable item inside the home.

    Do not be too social on social media. Or, at the very least, do not disclose your whereabouts. Once you are back home then it is okay to tell everyone that you went

    vacationing in Italy or wherever you went.

    Similar to the first tip, it is suggested that you keep the drapes closed. However, this can be a tricky issue. In the normal course of a day, drapes are closed at night, but

    open during the day. Confer with your serrurier paris to learn what he suggests for

    your home and what modifications can be done to keep your home safe and secure for

    the holidays.