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  • 1. Key takeaways from Stanford Universitys- A Crash Course on Creativity What was most valuable? For me the most valuable lesson was "Paying Attention" and particularly the mention of Acute observation as a skill. Observation is so basic of a thing that everyone does so effortlessly that we hardly realize that we could be doing this wrong. Upon learning this in course, i became conscious of the role acute observation plays in our daily lives. I do look at my 2.5 year old son who has natural observation abilities like kids do. They see the things as they are whereas we as adults has so much things going on in our minds that we often fail to observe so acutely. What was most surprising? The introduction to The Innovation Engine was the most surprising aspect. The simplicity with which this Engine connects that various elements of Innovation is truly inspiring. Innovation is just not related to knowledge but it has a lot more to it. What will you be able to use in your daily life? I think most of the aspects taught in this course can be applied in the daily life. If I have to list a few of my favourites, it would be- Enhance and demonstrate acute observation skills in the daily life. Find out the opportunities for Cross pollination of ideas. Have read about that in the book- The Medici Effect. Inculcate the skill of questioning and use it to effectively frame and reframe the problems. Become expert in Creative Story telling.