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Introduction As multiple skills and competencies combine to realize technology-driven business transformations, software development continues to be the largest software engineering activity across enterprises. Drivers for custom-built solutions for clients are based on innovative use of technology to achieve competitive advantage and differentiation. As organizations drive towards iteration of their business and IT strategies, outsourcing IT application development allows focus on core businesses with benefits across the business spectrum. KGISL's well-honed capabilities and service methodologies address specific needs of enterprise IT programs, and Internet technology product development. KGISL IT services complement to define, optimize and align enterprise business strategy with technology initiatives in a comprehensive IT outsourcing framework that ensures costeffective and efficient management of customer IT operations. An enterprise will benefit from seamless coordination across strategy, implementation, and management of their technology programs; and from KGISL's expertise in focused industries, strong quality orientation, cross-technology expertise, and distributed project management capabilities. A proper understanding of this synthesis motivates every engagement, enabling KGISL to deliver technology solutions that give its clients the decisive competitive advantage. KGISL has a strong record of success in custom-built solutions and through this process has perfected its processes which continue to be the key success drivers for these engagements. KGISL provides both end-to-end solutions (analysis to maintenance) and specific design/development services.


2. Industry profile3

PROFILE OF KGiSL KGISL is a division of $500 million KG Group conglomerate that has diverse interests in various fields like Textiles, Engineering, Finance, Healthcare, Education, Travel, and Entertainment. KGISL is an EN ISO 9001:2000 company certified for its compliance to international quality standards and procedures, in Software Engineering and Engineering Design Services. KGISL is also an SEI CMM Level 4 company. KGISL was incepted in the year 1994, under the astute leadership of Ashok Bakthavathsalam, with the dream of becoming "The Most Admired Global IT Company known for its quality, timely delivery, and cost effectiveness of services." KGISL commenced commercial operations in 1996-97 and initially focused on meeting the Y2K remediation needs of Fortune 500 companies. Since then, it has successfully delivered cost-effective solutions in the area of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Engineering Design Services and Web Solutions to clients worldwide. KGISL, an acclaimed Information Technology (IT) consulting company is also a provider of specialty Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. In December 2000, KGISL ventured into the US market with its wholly-owned subsidiary KG Information Systems Incorporated (KGISI) based at Detroit, Michigan. KGISI today also has a branch office at San Jose, California. KGISL also has a strategic interest of 33% in Swift Alliance Inc., US which provides ERP solutions to small and medium size enterprises in the US.


3. Company Profile5

3.1 INDUSTRY PROFILE The KG Group of Companies is one of the premier industrial groups in India. The KG Group is a conglomerate of complementary multiple business units with a rich and distinguished heritage based upon interests in healthcare, textiles, finance, information technology, engineering education, travel and entertainment. 3.1.1 MISSION

Will to win in the competitive world by exceeding expectations. Achieving the hallmark of success, a platform to attract customers. Treating every goal/target as a challenge. Creating value at every angle/turn in each of the business units. Motivation through team work.

3.1.2 VISION

Innovation: Striving to be the best through being the first in all services and solutions.

Quality Service: Always setting a target to exceed expectations. Diversity: Stamping the quality mark on a diversified community. Global View: Focus on the world market for constant improvement. Customer Satisfaction: Setting a chain reaction of satisfaction in each customer and creating reliability.


We make IT happen



Serving the community for an improved and better life through its multi commitments in healthcare and other services.

Providing means to the society for quality-oriented services. Opening new opportunities in the diversified business units. Keeping ahead with competitors in the market with services exceeding expectations.

Conscientious contribution to the society through free healthcare services. KGISL operates in the following domains

Manufacturing Health Care Finance & Banking E-Commerce Entertainment Logistics Communication Utility Retail Service Technology


3.4 Beyond Business At KGISL, success is measured not just in terms of financial or business profits, but more importantly in terms of the difference KGISL as an entity makes to the very society that has been the cornerstone of its existence. With its firm belief in its social obligations and responsibilities as a leading employer and corporation in the region, KGISL is a leader in the Society-Industry collaboration for betterment of the people of the country. KGISL along with the KG Group of Companies strives to contribute to the very society that nurtured its growth through its efforts in the Healthcare, Educational and Social Welfare sectors. It is this consciousness that makes KGISL a company with a difference!!

KG IIM KG NIVH KG Hospital KG Eye Hospital KGISL Effort in Gujarat ThenThirumalai - Venkateshwara Temple

3.5 Quality Initiatives Quality is the cornerstone of cutting edge IT solutions and as an SEI CMM Level 4 company, KGISL fully appreciates the importance of the quality paradigm. KGISL constantly benchmarks itself against international quality standards and is also today a certified ISO 9001 service provider. Its Quality Initiatives mean its development processes are sharply focused on enhancing the quality standards by aligning the people, the business objectives with the processes and technology. Constantly following up on this firm belief, KGISL has stringent quality assurance and control measures to ensure its clients have nothing but the best of services.8

Establishing a mature process and improving it continuously to make it effective and contemporary requires specialized process knowledge, quality management skills, and exposure to the latest trends in industry, technology and best practices. At KGISL it is equally important to innovate on project management and engagement processes that enable it to deliver robust solutions for its clients within time and budget.

At KGISL, dedicated groups responsible for thought leadership drive the organizational impetus to innovate. Process frameworks, methodologies, and reusable knowledge objects combine with topical thought leadership to demonstrate innovation in solution definition and engagement delivery for the client. KGISL's varied experience with multiple vertical domains has enabled the company to evolve a robust development process/methodology which ensures that client projects measure up to expectations. Extensive usage of process measurements helps KGISL constantly improve its quality, productivity and on-time delivery capabilities, thus enabling it to provide innovative software services.



Dr. G. Bakthavathsalam Chairman, KG Information Systems Private Limited

Alan H. Bushell Vice Chairman, KG Information Systems Private Limited

Ashok Bakthavathsalam Managing Director, KG Information Systems Private Limited

Sridharan Srinivasalu Executive Director, KG Information Systems Private Limited

IT Services KGISL provides consulting and IT services to clients globally and has always focused on leveraging new technologies in a proven, cost-effective fashion. Our approach focuses on new ways of business combining IT innovation and adoption while also leveraging an organization's current IT assets. KGISL offers solutions that are robust, scalable and easily integrated with a diverse range of products and technologies. At KGISL, the focus is on continually defining, optimizing and aligning client's business strategy with IT initiatives. We provide solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge.10

We offer the following Services

Software Solutions ECM Services Maintenance Services

Software Solutions

ECM Services

IT Service s

Maintenance Services


3.7 INFRASTRUCTURE @ KGiSL The Software Technology Campus of KGISL is spread over a 25-acre plot in Saravanampatti, a serene locality about 12 kms from the hustling city life of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. The Software and Business Process Outsourcing services division of the company is anchored on the campus in a four level, 100,000 sq. ft state-of-the-art building which provides a work environment comparable to any sophisticated facility in the West. The hi-tech facility houses over 400+ computers all linked to higher-end IBM Servers connected through Layer 3 manageable switches. The state-of-the-art hardware resources available at the facility are numerous like

IBM Netfinity Servers - Windows 2000/WINNT IBM RS6000 Servers - AIX IBM AS/400 Servers - OS/400 Linux Servers - Red Hat Linux Unix Servers - SCO, HP Sun Servers - Solaris IBM 300GL Workstations.

Fully realizing the overwhelming importance of secure and reliable communication network, the provision for a direct satellite communication earth