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KIDS' WORLD SUMMER FUN CAMP. This summer KWNS TEAM prepared for your children an unforgettable holiday. KIDS WORLD SUMMER FUN CAMP will have 8 weeks: from 1st of July until the 23rd of August. Summary. NEWS Indoor activities different activities structured for specific age-groups - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>This summer KWNS TEAM prepared for your children an unforgettable holiday.</p><p>KIDS WORLD SUMMER FUN CAMP will have 8 weeks: from 1st of July until the 23rd of August.</p></li><li><p>SummaryNEWSIndoor activities different activities structured for specific age-groupsOutdoor activities, not only in our playground but also during educational trips, swimming lessons, and more..Packages &amp; FeesDiscounts</p></li><li><p>NewsWe accept kids from other schools or kindergartens, or friends/ siblings of children already enrolled in our nursery aged 2 to 10, for all these children all packages below will apply!Clubs, included in the weekly fee!</p></li><li><p>Activities included in the feeCurricular activities structured for all age-groups</p><p>Weekly clubs some in the morning, some in the afternoon, such as:- Cooking for Fun- Pottery Club- French Club- English for Holiday- Personal Development - Art Club- Handmade jewellery</p></li><li><p>We offer the following packages:</p><p>INDUCTION PACKAGE (for toddlers or children who have never been in school before) 4 weeks package, any 4 weeks from the summer programme)</p><p>8-12 = 900 RON + meals (all curricular activities included + clubs)8-14 = 1025 RON + meals (all curricular activities included + clubs)8-16 = 1150 RON + meals (all curricular activities included + clubs)8-18 = 1250 RON + meals (all curricular activities included + clubs)</p></li><li><p>2. FIDELITY PACKAGE (All clubs are included, each club will be once a week): POTTERY CLUB COOKING FOR FUN CLUB PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT</p><p> 8 weeks package: 8-12 = 1700 RON + meals 8-14 = 1900 RON + meals 8-16 = 2150 RON + meals 8-18 = 2370 RON + meals 4 weeks package: 8-12 = 900 RON + meals 8-14 = 1025 RON + meals 8-16 = 1150 RON + meals 8-18 = 1250 RON + meals</p><p> FRENCH CLUB ENGLISH FOR HOLIDAY ART &amp; CRAFT</p></li><li><p> 1 week package: </p><p> 1 day package: </p><p>8-12 = 250 RON + meals8-14 = 275 RON + meals8-16 = 300 RON + meals8-18 = 325 RON + meals</p><p>8-12 = 55 RON + meals8-14 = 65 RON + meals8-16 = 80 RON + meals8-18 = 95 RON + meals</p></li><li><p>Every week well have :</p><p> 2 SWIMMING SESSIONS 45 RON/ session at ALEXANDREEA CLUB. 1 TRIP (to the ZOO, to the toy factory, etc), between 40-60 RON each. THEATRE SHOW, 15 RON/ show</p><p>Note: They ARE NOT INCLUDED in the package. Only children attending the whole week, or paying for that day package will be able to attend swimming classes or the trip or the theatre show!</p></li><li><p>Please tick which weeks your child will attend!The invoices for the whole Summer Club will be done in the last week of June!</p><p>1st 5th of July8th 12th of July15th-19th of July22rd 26th of July29th 2nd of August5th 9th of August12th 16th of August19th 23th of August</p></li><li><p>Day Theme/Activities01.07.2013COOKING DAY02.07.2013SCIENCE DAY03.07.2013TRIP DAY04.07.2013FRIENDSHIP DAY05.07.2013EARTH DAYCLUBS- COOKING FOR FUN (in the morning)-HANDMADE JEWELLERY (in the afternoon)- SWIMMING SESSION (in the morning)- FRENCH CLUB (in the afternoon)- TRIP TO THE ZOO (in the morning)- POTTERY CLUB (in the afternoon)- SWIMMING SESSION (in the morning)- PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT CLUB (in the afternoon)- THEATRE SHOW ( in the morning)- DANCE CLUB (in the afternoon)Art &amp; Craft- Fruit printing- Food printing (potatoes)- Make funny bowls- Corn Pin Collage- Binoculars- Painting - mixing colours R+Y, B+Y- Painting a rainbow- Outdoor -brushes and buckets- Indoor cloth and spray bottles- Lion Mask Craft- Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos- paper bag puppets- Friendship chain with hand prints- Face painting- Friend bracelets pieces of cloth- Draw a picture of your best friend- Make afriendship poster- Recycling : junk modelling- Decorate a compost bin- Paper-Mache Globe- Painting stones, big &amp; smallMalleable- Boiled pasta, pudding- Prepare porridge- Dissolving sugar, salt- Play with flour and corn- My friends body shape out of playdough- Plastic Jug Watering CanMessy Area(sand &amp; water)-Wash vegetable, vegetable soup- Water-floating sinking- Water play wash dishes with sponges- Friedship castle out of sand- Markmaking- boot prints- Malleable -muddy soil and spades with seedsScience- Ice cream melting, make tea- Make a fruit salad- Flashlight, dry hair, magnets- Painting with water on pavement (evaporation)- Experimenting with water and colours (mixing)- Water play wash clothes- A day in the park- Friendship Wreath- Digging, planting seeds, watering the garden- Soil/ dry and wet/ make dens for foxes, rabbitsSTORIES /NURSERY RHYMES/Table Top- Goldilocks and the Three Bears- Fossil Cast Project- find an object and set in stone;- Digging up a dinosaur graveyard- Make your own fossil- using playdough- Coffee ground fossils- Guess my name by touching me!(blindfolded)- Where is the hungry Hippo?- game- Who is missing?-game- Going on a lion hunt- song- Song- with you Id like to share it- Make new friend - Song- Competition - what team digs faster?- A day at the park- story</p></li><li><p>DiscountsEarly Booking: 5% for registration till 20th of June and payment till end of June</p><p>Discounts for coming with your friends/siblings:5% for each friend attending minimum the same package.</p><p>Fidelity bonus! For children already registered in our school 5% discount for the whole summer activities, no matter which package they choose.</p><p>NOTE 1: ALL BONUSES CAN BE CUMMULATED! UP TO 15% DISCOUNT(Ex: 5% fidelity + 5% Early Booking + 5% for bringing 1 friend ( = 8 WEEKS OF SUMMER FUN ALL ACTIVITIES &amp; CLUBS INCLUDED, LONG PROGRAMME 8-18 FOR ONLY 2013 RON).</p></li><li><p>In order to communicate your options as soon as possible, the best way is to tick your options in the attached chart, then save it in your computer, then attach the saved one and send it back to the office!!!!</p><p>THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSTANT SUPPORT AND APPRECIATION!</p><p> KWNS TEAM</p></li></ul>