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KIP 3100 MULTIFUNCTION PRODUCTIVITY - RMS · PDF fileKIP 3100 MULTIFUNCTION PRODUCTIVITY Productivity: 6 ‘D’ size prints/ copies per minute 1 or 2 media rolls – fully field upgradeable

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    Productivity: 6 D size prints/

    copies per minute 1 or 2 media rolls fully field

    upgradeable Single footprint system with an

    expanded range of stacking options

    Quality: True 600 x 600 dpi copy, print and scan

    resolution Monochrome images are realistically

    rendered with accurate grayscales Color documents

    are easily scanned into digital files or high fidelity

    copies when the system is connected to any wide

    format inkjet printer

    Versatility: Available as a digital copier, network

    printer and monochrome / color scanning system

    Expand capabilities instantly with software key code

    Single, space saving footprint conserves valuable

    floor space

    KIP presents the next generation in low volume decentralized

    multifunction systems. The KIP 3100 is a powerful new

    digital copy, print & scan system designed to provide a

    combination of high productivity and superior image quality

    at significantly reduced operational expense.

    Start with a digital copier. Add printing and

    scanning features to grow with business demands.

    KIP 3100 systems are easily field upgradeable via

    software key codes. Simplicity is key, so the KIP 3100

    touch screen operator panel has been designed for access

    to commonly used functions. In addition to a full range of

    monochrome imaging features, the KIP 3100 may be used

    to scan full color documents to file or create high resolution

    color copies when configured with an inkjet printer.

    KIP 3100 Systems Feature These Earth Conscientious Aspects:

    Energy Star Qualified ROHS Compliancy ISO

    14001 Standards Ozone Emissions Filters UL/UL-C

    Approved 100% Toner Efficiency No Waste Toner

    Organic, Recyclable Photoreceptors Recyclable Toner

    Containers Prints on Recycled Paper Automatic Image

    Rotation and Media Selection Ensure Minimal Paper Waste


  • KIP 3100 Monochrome Copy & Scan

    The KIP 3100 monochrome copy system accurately reproduces technical

    documents at true 600 x 600 dpi resolution. Copies may be delivered to the

    integrated front stacker or directed to a range of rear KIP stacking systems.

    Media capacity consists of one or two roll drawers, plus a manual bypass

    for copies onto single sheets of media.

    The integrated KIP 3100 copy/scan unit delivers maximum digital

    imaging quality and performance while reducing the total system

    footprint. Grayscale areas are accurately reproduced by processing

    all three channels of RGB image data to accentuate tonal differences

    and enhance fine details. The system automatically senses the

    original document width and dynamically adjusts exposure settings

    during the scanning process for maximum image accuracy.

    Documents containing lines, text, grayscales, renderings and

    aerial photographs are easily copied or scanned into a variety

    of formats including single or multi-page PDF and DWF files.

    KIP 3100 Color Copy & Scan

    The KIP 3100 may be used to create high resolution color

    scans and full color copies to a wide range of integrated inkjet

    printers. True 600 dpi, 24-Bit color imaging technology

    and a unique closed-loop calibration system combine to

    ensure maximum color accuracy for outstanding copy

    and scan quality.

    The KIP 3100 provides the capability to scan full color

    technical documents, maps, posters and photos into

    a variety of file formats for E-mail, archive and print

    purposes. Color copies are sent to integrated inkjet

    printers, ensuring speed, flexibility and accurate

    production of color matched documents.

    Monochrome Copy Features:

    Touch screen operator panel

    provides one-touch access to all

    copying features Produce collated

    sets of an unlimited number of

    monochrome originals Real time

    preview provides operators with instant

    copy quality assurance

    Monochrome Scan Features: KIP 3100

    delivers production scanning speeds up to

    7.7 per second Scanned images are saved

    to network location, FTP site or personal/

    project inbox Scan to a variety of file formats

    including single or multi-page PDF & DWF

    Color Copy Features: Full integration with a

    wide range of inkjet printers Automatic quality

    presets ensure top quality copies and scans with

    minimal operator effort Unique KIP closed loop

    color calibration system ensures maximum color copy


    Color Scan Features: Fully integrated system design

    eliminates the need for additional PCs Color scan speed

    up to 2.6 per second Scan to network location as TIF, PDF

    or Email-ready JPEG

  • KIP 3100 Copy/Scan Unit Specifications

    Imaging Technology CIS (Contact Image Sensor) Light Source LED (R/G/B), 24-Bit Color, 8-Bit Gray scale

    Optical Resolution 600 X 600 DPI

    Mono Copy/Scan Speed 7.7 Per Sec. @ 200 DPI

    5.1 Per Sec. @ 300 DPI3.8 Per Sec. @ 400 DPI2.6 Per Sec. @ 600 DPI

    Color Copy/Scan Speed 2.6 Per Sec. @ 200 DPI

    1.7 Per Sec. @ 300 DPI1.3 Per Sec. @ 400 DPI0.9 Per Sec. @ 600 DPI

    B&W Data Mode 1-Bit

    Grayscale Data Mode 4 Bit / 8 Bit

    Color Data Mode 24 Bit

    Original Feed Face-Up, Center Aligned, Automatic Feed

    Output Reception Integrated Document Return or Rear Original Stacking

    Scan / Copy Modes Line, Line/Photo, Photo, Grayscale (color optional)

    Dimensions 43 (W) X 16 (D) X 6.7 (H)

    Noise Level

  • KIP 3100 Print System

    The KIP 3100 printer is a 600 dpi one or two roll 36 wide format system

    with a cut-sheet bypass tray for single prints or copies on specialty media.

    The KIP 3100 network printer is designed to provide a combination of

    peak demand productivity and superior print quality. The system efficiently

    produces documents sent via application drivers, network PCs or over the

    internet. The KIP 3100 meets stringent decentralized printing demands

    with environmentally conscious design elements.

    The KIP 3100 media capacity is field configurable, allowing roll drawers

    (one roll per drawer) to be added or removed according to customer

    requirements. The KIP 3100 printer features KIP High Definition Print

    Technology (HDP) for the highest quality monochrome images. KIP

    HDP is an innovative approach to wide format printing that has

    quite literally redefined the standard for technical print quality;

    delivering exceptionally crisp fine line detail, solid blacks and

    distinctive, consistent gray scales.

    KIP HDP Technology allows the KIP 3100 to reproduce the

    full spectrum of technical, engineering and architectural

    documents with complete accuracy and confidence. The KIP

    3100 has been designed to deliver unrivaled quality and

    value to meet the ever increasing demand for accurate

    and cost effective wide format document reproduction.

    KIP 3100 Printer Features: Small

    dot size and high print resolution

    provides exceptional print quality,

    high definition lines, distinctive

    grayscales and consistent solid areas.

    100% Toner Efficient: No waste toner

    or conventional cleaning systems result

    in lower toner consumption. High

    Density Black Toner: Solid black images

    with low toner profile provide sharp print

    contrast. LED Print Head Calibration:

    Individual pixel calibration provides consistent

    levels of grayscale throughout the entire image.

    Contact Toner System: Unique toner application

    method using single component non-magnetic

    toner that contains no starter toners, carriers or

    developers to produce dependable image density.

    Image Smoothing Technology: Eliminates jagged

    edges on grayscale circles and diagonal lines.

  • KIP 3100 Printer Specifications

    Print Technology

    Technology LED printer with KIP HDP Plus Technology

    Resolution True 600 x 600 DPI

    Exposure Organic Photoconductor Aluminum Core

    Fusing Technology Oiless, Heat & Pressure Fusing Unit

    Fusing Temperature 165 Degrees Celsius

    Toner Efficiency 100%. No waste

    Charge Unit Self Maintaining Corona Unit

    Operator Feedback Illustrated operator guides displayed in full color on integrated touchscreen interface


    Print Speed 6 D-size prints/min.

    First Print Out Time 24 seconds

    Warm Up Time


    KIP IPS Features:

    Provides Operator Interface

    Monochrome Copying

    Color Copying

    Web Printing

    Network Printing

    Application Drivers

    Job Queue Management

    Integrated Accounting System

    High Ease of Use

    KIP Image Processing System

    The KIP Image Processing System is a combination of

    processing power and flexible software applications designed

    for maximum productivity and ease-of-use. Applications are

    available on PC workstations, over the internet and at the

    KIP 3100 touch screen operator panel, providing a uniform

    user interface across the entire KIP digital product range.

    All applications have been designed to provide exceptional

    versatility, fast file processing and efficient use of network

    resources to maintain high productivity.

    KIP Mailbox Command Quick Naming Interface

    Illustrated System