KMOJ returns to North Minneapolis

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An artists rendering of KMOJs future home at W. Broadway & Penn Avenue N.

By Alaina Lewis More Old Skool, more R&B, more Love for your community,Miss Georgia spits, as a rush of music rolls to a close and she prepares to claim the mic for a break between musical sets. After only one year of service as the host of KMOJs Middays the youngest personality to brave the DJ booth for the Twin Cities station knows all too well the importance of KMOJs mission as well as their purpose and necessity as our community leaders on the airwaves. I chose KMOJ as my home because the organizations mission to reinstate a positive image into the Black community is very much so my personal desire. I strive for social change especially in the areas of womens rights and the growing absence of family in the African American community. Working at KMOJ has cultivated my abilities to voice my opinions effectively as well as respectably and has provided me a platform where it is appropriate to touch on the issues I feel passionate about, said 22-year-old Georgia Miss Georgia McClellon, whose passion for the community loudly resonates while shes hosting her daily program. Some 30 years ago, the station that started out as WMOJ on the AM circuit had only enough wattage to reach a

KMOJ moves back to North Minneapolis

McFarlane Reader

March 22-28, 2010

couple of blocks from its transmitter, but their desire to service the surrounding area with positive radio in the Sumner-Olson and Glenwood-Lyndale Public Housing Developments became the catalyst for how the facility is still run today. Their ability to be a reaffirming voice of the positive values that the African American community at large was built on, quickly garnered them the moniker of The Peoples Station, and has made them a permanent fixture in our homes today. Although KMOJs popularity has never been defeated or victimized by the changing of seasons in todays music, the non-profit organization still sails with the tides of being a mostly community funded institution. Even as the recession peaks through the cracks of many of our wallets, the station, now in the middle of its 2010 Radiothon, is on a mission to garner donations from the public and those continued listeners who are dedicated to their diverse programing and who also share the desire to bring the stations mission to a wider audience from their future home on the renovated block of Broadway and Penn in North Minneapolis. KMOJ is ready to move back to North Minneapolis. Thats where it all began for our diverse and hardworking family of DJs and thats where our heart is. In addition to the move, our station has unfortunately faced tremendous expenses as theyve been trying to work towards its broadcasting expansion through the entire Metro Area, McClellon said. Because we represent the people, it has been a long desire for us to be able to reach all of the people city wide. Right now our signal comes into the homes of Minneapolis and its surrounding suburbs, but St. Paul is part of our desired network too, and were hoping that this radiothon will give us the boost we need to reach the masses. McClellon, who was working as a Radio DJ for her college radio station at St. Thomas University, sought an opportunity to intern with KMOJ because of its reputation for being a credible broadcast training facility that places emphasis on educating its personalities to deliver positive and unique public affairs programming. In addition, McClellon was impressed with the successful careers of former DJs and personalities who got their start at KMOJ. To me the station is an opportunity for me to build a respectable career in entertainment and most importantly, KMOJ has been a family that has helped me grow, emotionally, mentally, and professionally, McClellon said. From Conversations with Al McFarlane, which once aired on KMOJ, to Mahmoud El-Kati, Michael Mike Mike Lindsey, Larry Fitzgerald, Sr., Spike Moss, Walter Q-Bear Banks Jr.,

Kelvin Quarles, General Manager

Georgia McClellon, Radio Host

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Crstyle, Big Si, Lisa Moy, Big Sam, Candice Breedlove, Caddy, Ray Richardson, Dan Speak and Disco T, Leah B. Olson, Ray Seville, and many others including U.S Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), KMOJ has consistently provided a space for thoughtful, progressive programming. Through each of their accomplishments, the listening audience has been exposed to no only well-presented radio personalities, but also community leaders. Timeless shows like, The Morning Show with Big Si and Lisa Moy, Back In The Day Buffet, Urban Griots, The Original Quiet Storm, African Roots Connection, Seniors Perspective, Middays, Tropical Vibes, Urban Agenda, Youth Summit, Rush It or Flush It, The Tight at Night Show and many other shows are the reason we stay connected to 89.9FM and continue to celebrate their stance on maintaining the same format and audience desired programming unlike several other stations who continue to reinvent themselves in order to maintain listenership amongst the Twin Cities. KMOJs celebrated excellence comes from the fact that their station offers no surprises in format only continued reasons to listen. Beyond the airwaves, KMOJs outreach has found them tied to a plethora of positive events such as Juneteenth, Playdate at the Downtown Hyatt-Regency, Family Reunion Saturday, The International Fashion Show, The Twin Cities Hip Hop Awards and several other functions that directly effect the African American community and promote positive entertainment. Although the public promotion of their 2010 Radiothon is rolled to a close Sunday, March 21, KMOJ will continue to accept donations throughout the year, as well as continuing to spread their mission of community via music and urban programming. To say the least, it is a wonderful thing for the African American community in the Twin Cities to have media outlets in circulation that they can call their own. From the pages of this publication to the airwaves of KMOJ, we have our eyes and ears occupied with the exchange of positive programming and publications. Now it is up to us to support the continuation of having our voice heard through these institutions. A monetary donation to KMOJs Radiothon, is a donation to your future in urban programming and a continued focus on positive media for and by our community. To donate to the KMOJ call (612) 824-1929 or visit www. and click DONATE. Tune in to 89.9 KMOJ FM the Peoples Station.

Lisa Moy, Radio Host

Walter Q Bear Banks, Operations Coordinator

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