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  • 8/10/2019 Know Your Digital Camera




    Knowing Your Camera

    Digital Cameras can be seem like acomplex piece of equipment. Knowingsome of the basics of your camera will helpyou choose the right camera and producequality photos.

    What is a DC

    A camera that takes video or stillphotographs (or both) digitally by recordingimages on a light-sensitive sensor.

  • 8/10/2019 Know Your Digital Camera



    Digital Photos Overview Digital Photos are made up of pixels(picture

    elements). DPI vs PPI DPI - Dots Per Inch (How a printer prints the


    PPIPixels Per Inch (How a monitor displaysan image)

    The resolution of a digital photo is its pixeldimensions.

    Digital Cameras use megapixels to specify thepixel dimensions of its photos.


    A higher megapixel rating does notalways mean higher quality photos.

    A cameras megapixel rating will help youdetermine the largest size of prints youcan expect to make without sacrificingthe quality of the image.


    The following guide will help you knowwhat size of high-quality print you canexpect from each megapixel rating.

    Multiplying the pixel dimension will giveyou the exact megapixel rating. Therating stated by the manufacturer isusually rounded.

  • 8/10/2019 Know Your Digital Camera


  • 8/10/2019 Know Your Digital Camera



    Optical Viewfinder

    Electronic Viewfinder

    An electronic viewfinder,or EVF, is aviewfinder in which the image capturedby the lens is projected electronically ontoa miniature display. The viewfinder showsexactly what the lens sees.


    An on-screen display(OSD) is informationabout the cameras settings displayed onthe LCD screen.

  • 8/10/2019 Know Your Digital Camera



    Types of Digital Cameras

    Ultra Compact Digital CamerasCompact Digital Cameras

    Advanced Digital Cameras

    Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Cameras


    Ultra Compact Digital Camera

    Typically a small and inexpensive camera.

    Can easily be carried in a pocket orpurse.

    Usually have fewer features than thehigher end cameras.

    Compact Digital Cameras

    The typical digital camera used for takingmost pictures by consumers.

    Includes most of the features the average

    person would need.

  • 8/10/2019 Know Your Digital Camera



    Advanced Digital Camera

    Designed for the more skilled or hobbyistphotographer.

    Usually has higher quality lens and zoom.

    DSLR Camera

    Top of the line camera; primarily used byprofessionals.

    Include high quality lenses, and ofteninterchangeable.

    Often accepts other accessories such asfilters.

    Produce very high resolution photos.

    Taking Digital Photos

    There are 4 primary points to consider thatimpact the quality of a digital photo:

    1. The quality of the recording device

    (camera's optics & sensor).

    2. The size (in pixels) of the digital image.

    3. The digital format it is stored.

    4. The technical proficiency and the "eye"of the photographer.

  • 8/10/2019 Know Your Digital Camera


  • 8/10/2019 Know Your Digital Camera


  • 8/10/2019 Know Your Digital Camera



    Transferring Pictures with USB

    Select the digitalphotos you want totransfer.

    You will then beasked for a foldername to save thepictures in.

    The wizard will thensave the photos toyour computer.

    Transferring Pictures with MC Some cameras store

    photos on a memorycards.

    Simply remove thememory card from yourcamera and insert it toyour computer.

    The memory card willappear as another driveon your computer.

    You can manually copythe pictures from thecard to your computer.


  • 8/10/2019 Know Your Digital Camera



    Editing Your Pictures

    Once you get your pictures from yourcamera to your computer you can editthem for their intended purpose.

    You may also need to adjust the colorsettings of digital photos.

    When emailing digital photos, you shouldresize them so they can easily be sent,and opened by your receiver.

    Editing Your Pictures

    Adjusting color

    Depending on your camera and thelighting situation at the time you take yourdigital photo, sometimes you may be ableto improve the quality of your photo byadjusting its color, brightness, and contrastlevels.

    Editing Your Pictures

    Original Image from Camera Image After Adjusting

  • 8/10/2019 Know Your Digital Camera



    Editing Your Pictures

    Using Adobe Fireworks Adobe Fireworks includes an adjusting


    If you are not sure what adjustments tomake, the Auto Levels feature is a great

    alternative to manually adjusting.

    Editing Your Pictures

    Using Picasa

    Free Download!

    Photo management softwarehelps you find, edit and shareyou pictures

    Create slide shows

    Create collages

    Edit your pictures And more

    Editing Your Pictures

    Using Picasa

    PicasaGoogles Free PhotoManager Software

    Includes features toautomatically correct photocolors. Im Feeling Lucky Does


    Auto Contrast

    Auto Color

  • 8/10/2019 Know Your Digital Camera



    Editing Your PicturesResizing with GIMP

    Most digital photos are very large and somepeople may have problems downloading largeimages.

    Many email services may limit the size ofattachments.

    Any graphic editor can be used to resize photos.

    GIMPis another free image editor which can beused edit photos.

    Gimp can be downloaded for free

    Editing Your Pictures

    Open your image in GIMP.

    From the Image menu, select ScaleImage.

    Editing Your Pictures From the Scale Image

    window, enter a new widthor height.

    Keep the chain linkbetween the twoconnected to keep theimage in proportion.

    An appropriate size foremail would be around500px.

    Click Scaleto apply thesetting.
  • 8/10/2019 Know Your Digital Camera



    Editing Your Pictures

    Cropping with GIMP You may also want to only use part of your


    Cropping will allow you to trim awayunwanted parts of your picture.

    GIMP will also allow you to easily crop yourphotos.

    Editing Your Pictures

    Cropping with GIMP

    Open the picture you wantto crop in GIMP.

    From the toolbar, click onthe croptool, it looks like asmall knife.

    Editing Your PicturesCropping with GIMP Using the crop tool,

    select the portion of theimage you want to KEEP.

    The portion to be cutaway will be darker.

    You can drag the edgesto adjust the crop area.

    When satisfied, doubleclick in the center toapply the crop.

  • 8/10/2019 Know Your Digital Camera



    Editing Your PicturesPhotoshop Elements

    Perform advanced editing Fine-tune exposure Quickly retouch specific areas Control color temperature and tint Easily adjust shadows and highlights Enjoy enhanced support for working with raw files And more

    What to do with your editedimages

    Print output

    Copy images at full resolution.

    Make all your changes in one or two sittings

    and save the corrected image under a new

    name to retain the original.

    For longer-lasting prints, use archival paper.

    Consider using an online photo-printing

    service or taking it to a photo-lab for largerhigh-quality prints.

    What to do with your edited

    imagesSnapfish Inexpensive Professionally devel oped high-quality prints and film


    Free online photo sharing

    Unlimited online photo storage

    Free online photo editing tools and software Unique, customizable photo products Mail order, print@home or one-hour retail pick-up at

    over 5000 locations.
  • 8/10/2019 Know Your Digital Camera



    What to do with your editedimages

    Use in presentations - PowerPoint Accepts images in various formats

    Adds to the visual content of thepresentation

    Thank You


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