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Knowledgebase Effectiveness. Luis Calahorrano EDU671: Fundamentals of Educational Research Instructor Frederick Ansoff August 25 , 2014. Area of Focus. Measure effectiveness of online knowledgebase to teach/learn . Improve the quality and amount of information - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Knowledgebase EffectivenessLuis Calahorrano

EDU671: Fundamentals of Educational Research

Instructor Frederick Ansoff

August 25, 2014

1Area of Focus Measure effectiveness of online knowledgebase to teach/learn. Improve the quality and amount of information To teach new routines for employees (Professional Development) Centralize information, making it more accessible

The purpose of my action research study is to measure the effectiveness in using my company's online knowledgebase to teach and learn with employees and end users. Based on these results, I will then develop an action to improve the effectiveness of the knowledgebase for both teacher and learner. Through this study I also hope to improve the quality and amount of information within the company's internal knowledgebase for teaching and learning online. As the product continues to grow, knowledge articles need to be updated or created as well. Therefore, understanding the key elements that make a knowledgebase effective for teaching and learning will help determine how the existing knowledgebase can be improved.

A benefit to improving the quality of the knowledgebase articles is that "firms with diverse knowledge and broad knowledge networks are more likely to experiment, and resultantly engage in higher levels of base innovation" (Carlo, Lyytinen, & Rose, 2012, p.887).

2Explanation of ProblemDifficult to locate documentation to answer questionsExisting documentation is not updated or clearly understood.Information is there but is not complete. Continuous article creation needed Lack of resource or timeInformation is not centralized

This area of concern involves teaching and learning because action research is empowering and professional research done by teachers to inform and improve their own practices (Milton-Brkich et. al., 2010, p. 47). Also this action research plan is a vehicle for teachers to establish more personal relationships with students, develop a better understanding of students as learners, and give students a voice in the classroom (Rogers et. al., 2007, p. 217) in order to improve the quality of their experiences in learning a new system.

3Variables Undergraduate and graduate admissions officers. The support department is composed of 6 participants. The manager of support

The reason why this population was chosen is because these users are the ones who will be affecting the lives of students. These users have the ability to facilitate change within their organizations. As a product employee, we can facilitate change within the company to meet the needs of customers. Administrative users at the educational institution have the ability to voice concerns and desired product functionalities that support their own business processes.

The population that would be directly impacted is our company support department and the end users, which are the Administrative users at the University. These users are mainly people who are interacting with the company product on a daily basis.

4Research QuestionsWhat is the customer support perspective in the current quality of the company online knowledgebase?Does improved models of knowledgebase articles increase the quality of teaching and learning?What makes a good knowledgebase article? What should a knowledgebase article do?

These research questions are designed to change the behaviors and beliefs of educational learning. The action research plan that delivers results in regards to how resources and learning materials are evaluated, can provide a better understanding of individual learning needs. Ultimately, the desire is to increase the learners confidence in working with complex systems, so that in the future they can also provide similar experiences to new users in various settings. It is not always easy to understand documentation which causes more questions to arise rather than answers.

5 Select which clients would be considered to be participants. Pick organizations that have been with the company for many years. Filter newer clients who are currently in implementation phases. Control which articles are reviewed in study.Locus of Control

The action research plan idea developed in this presentation should be under my locus control because the researcher can select and choose which clients would be considered to be participants. If we were to pick organizations that have been with the company for years may have a slightly different view compared to newer clients who are currently in implementation phases.

6Intervention/InnovationOnline knowledgebase to meet the needs of its learners.

Instill new routines to develop high quality documentation

Increase awareness in importance of documentation

Measurable actions to continually measure effectiveness

The online survey will then allow me to choose the articles that have received the lowest scores. Then I will work to revise these articles to meet the needs of its learners based on data collection and measured results. These adjustments would be made based on creating clarity in the language as well as in visualization in key information related to the topic. I would also attempt to consult with specialists regarding the topic to ensure its applicability and accuracy in providing instruction. I would attempt to include screenshots and video demonstrations to perform the procedure. Since the article is an online based document, the knowledgebase article will include images and short video clips. Once the articles are revised, I would perform a post test that allows participants to review the revised articles and provide survey responses.

The survey responses will help determine if the experimental changes have an increased value in how effective the articles are perceived by the participants. An interview session will allow the participants to provide more qualitative data by providing open ended responses as to what makes the article better or worse. When the articles come to a final version that is acceptable by participants, a series of communication will occur within the support team to understand the benefits of using a new process in which articles are created. 7Steps of InterventionDetermine weak articles in knowledgebase.Determine participants suggestions for improvement.Create improved model of knowledgebase article.Re-assess the effectiveness by performing a post survey.Compare survey data to analyze effectiveness of article improvement.Introduce improved model and continual testingInstill information across company

The researcher is to choose articles in which are to be ranked by the participants. This allows researcher control to gain feedback where it is needed most to achieve the goal of the research study. From those articles, participants will rate which articles are least effective. Through these ratings they can consider the type of media to suggest in order to improve the knowledge base articles. Once improved models have been developed, continual evaluations may occur to better meet the needs of its learners. During this process, employees are also learning of the new techniques and habits are being formed.8Group MembershipProvide feedback based on admissions user needs.Support members help identify ideal client participants.Admissions participants provide feedback on company knowledgebase.Rate knowledgebase articles in our company.

Each member that is a participant is accountable because they understand that the results of this study is to improve the lives of students and increase learning in the professional environment. These members are directly effecting their own environment, while indirectly effecting the lives of the students they work with. With a greater understanding of how to use the tools we provide to our clients, they have more opportunities to create innovative solutions. 9NegotiationsObstacles may include limited amount of knowledge.Limited experience in utilizing knowledgebase's. Time schedules may be another hindering factor.

The researcher will need to determine the criteria in what makes a good fit participants. By narrowing this focus group down, the research will more likely be able to obtain measurable results. In part of this is evaluating whether the participants have existing experience in using knowledgebase articles. Participants with a limited experience in using knowledgebases, may not know how to evaluate effectively the articles design and composition. Time factors are also considered when choosing participants. Participants should have a fair amount of time availability to actively evaluate the knowledgebase articles. Otherwise the study may take longer than necessary.10Ethical ConcernsEthical concerns include confidentiality.Sharing results to compromise job security.Revealing internal processes.Sharing student data.Consent forms

It is important to obtain ethical awareness when dealing with participants in a research study. Their experience within the study is crucial in the fact that their participation is benefiting themselves in the long run as well. During this process it is important to acknowledge the participants rights as well as the purpose of their involvement in the study. Consent forms are necessary to agree to confidentiality. Although no personal information is going to be recorded through the research process, the consent form provides peace at mind that their identities will remain confidential regardless. Participants are not asked to reveal internal processes but mention general experiences that help the researcher understand how to meet their needs. Since these participants are working with students, the researcher is asked not to identify the names of any referenced student expe