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  • - Copyright 2011 1

    MikroTik MTCNA Training

    MikroTik Certified Network Associate

    MikroTik MTCNA Training

    September/October 2011


    Samir Zildi

    Wirac.Net d.o.o.

  • - Copyright 2011 2


    -Training day: 9AM 5PM

    - 30 minute Breaks: 10:30AM and 3PM

    - 1 hour Lunch: 12:30PM

  • - Copyright 2011 3

    Teachers Profile: Studied Telecommunication & Electronic Engineering,

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Mr.sci. Telecommunication Sarajevo; BiH

    Have been working in Industry since 1996

    Telecommunication Infrastructure Engineer

    Telecommunication Network Specialist

    IS Architect

    Internet Security Consultant

    1st MikroTik Certified Advanced Consultant in ex-Yu

    1st MikroTik Certified Trainer in June 2007 in ex-Yu

  • - Copyright 2011 4

    WiracNet d.o.o.

    Bosnian Company founded 2006

    Operate an ISP in the northern part of Bosnia.

    Certified MikroTik Partners


    Certified OEM Integrators


    Distributor & Value Added Reseller

  • - Copyright 2011 5

    MikroTik Certification Process

  • - Copyright 2011 6

    Who are and What is MikroTik ? Mission Statement

    MikroTik is router software and hardware manufacturer, that

    offers most user friendly up to carrier-class routing and

    network management solutions. Our products are used by

    ISPs, individual users and companies for building data

    network infrastructure

    Their goal is to make existing Internet technologies

    faster, more powerful and affordable to wider range of


    Router OS is the Best inter-networking OS on the Planet

    Features + Stability Vs Price

  • - Copyright 2011 7

    MikroTik's History Active in WISP solutions since 1995

    Incorporated in 1996

    Since 1997 Development of own Software for Intel (PC)

    based routing solutions

    Since 2002 Developing their own Hardware

    2006: First MUM

    2007 Teamed Up with Wirac.Net, Hurray !! :)

    2008 RB1000 Released

    2009: 60 employees

  • - Copyright 2011 8

    Where is MikroTik? Are on the World Wide Web at

    Located in Riga, Latvia, Eastern Europe, EU &

    Home of the Worlds Most beautiful Ladies :)

  • - Copyright 2011 9

    Overview of RouterOS software and

    RouterBoard capabilities

    Router OS

    Hands-on training for MikroTik router




    Course Objective

  • - Copyright 2011 10

    WiracNet & MikroTIk

    Partners since 2007

    Certified distributor

    Certified consultand

    Certified training partner

  • - Copyright 2011 11

    Introduce Yourself

    - Please, introduce yourself to the class

    - Your name

    - Your Company

    - Your previous knowledge about RouterOS (?)

    - Your previous knowledge about networking (?)

    - What do you expect from this course? (?)

    - Please, remember your class XY number. _____

  • - Copyright 2011 12

    What performance is required ?

    How much throughput is required through the box?

    How many concurrent connections are to be supported?

    What is the Encryption Throughput requirements?

    What is the Firewall Requirements?

    Connection Tracking on = Halve the Advertised Throughput

    What is the latency tolerance of your network applications?

    Is the Hardware going to fulfil multiple roles ?

    Hardware Selection Criteria

  • - Copyright 2011 13

    What products can offer redundancy

    Power /Device / Interface

    What integration strategies can offer

    Site / Power / Device Redundancy

    What is Business Uptime / SLA Requirement in terms of

    How many users are likely to be affected by outages / failures (taking

    future expansion into account)?

    How much revenue can be generated by offering higher uptime


    How much financial penalties would be incurred in system failure?

    Hardware Selection Criteria

  • - Copyright 2011 14

    Installation Guide lines It is the little things that count like Power

    Where feasible / important use Line conditioning UPS + Surge

    protection eg ( APC Smart UPS) every base station should

    have one

    Use DC Power Backup supplies for better value extra runtime

    in areas of unreliable power, eg Alarm backup supplies and


    Use a separate dedicated RCD /RCBO protected Circuit for

    supplying power to critical equipment, (a faulty kettle or heater

    should not bring your network down

    For solar / wind power use a separate dedicated voltage

    regulator between the charge regulator and the electronics


  • - Copyright 2011 15

    Installation Guide lines It is the little things that count like Grounding

    Grounding Lugs on Racks, cases and antennas are not for


    Ground all equipment with a separate clean Earth Spike (

    where possible) absolutely necessary on high sites.

    Ground all connected equipment to a common ground

    Equipotential Bonding difference between 1 or 0 = 1.3v

    Helps Prevent intermittent system Lockups / crashes

    Antennas and poles should be Grounded directly via heavy

    >= 16mm2 cable to Earth Spike / rod.

  • - Copyright 2011 16

    Installation Guide lines It is the little things that count like cabling

    Keep Network cables away from heavy power cables

    Use only reputable brands of cable

    If you make your own cables up use a decent cable tester

    Keep twisted pair cable runs below 100M

    Use Patch Cords for loose cable runs, use infrastructure

    cable for permanent cable runs

    for longer cable runs

    use higher voltage & higher power PSUs

    Use as heavy a cable as possible (22 Awg cat 5 e)

    For outdoor installations use external Cable (Teflon)

    On a MAST / Base station use foil Shielded external Cable

    (absolutely essential on FM Transmission Masts)

  • - Copyright 2011 17

    Installation Guide lines It is the little things that count like physical enviornment

    Protect your equipment from unauthorised access

    Protect your equipment from moisture & other contaminants

    Keep your equipment in purpose Correct IP (ingress Protection)

    rated enclosures

    IP 67 Recommended for extremely weathered sites

  • - Copyright 2011 18

    What is RouterBOARD ? Hardware created by MikroTik

    Range from small home routers

    Through to enterprise routers

    To carrier-class access concentrators

  • - Copyright 2011 19

    MikroTik Hardware Range Wide range of hardware available for your wide range of


  • - Copyright 2011 20


    TCP Routed Throughput

    1.87Gb/s 166,000* PPS (approx)

    ROS Level 6 License

    1066MHz PPC E CPU

    1.5 GB Ram

    5 PCI-E Lanes,

    2x 5 Port Switch

    13 Ports Total

    LAN Bypass Feature

    Ideal Usage

    Switch/Router Combination

    Distribution Router

    VPN Concentrator


  • - Copyright 2011 21


    TCP Routed Throughput

    1.41Gb/s 125,000 PPS

    ROS Level 6 License

    800MHz PPC CPU

    512 1.5 GB Ram

    5 PCI-E Lanes,

    2x 5 Port Switch

    13 Ports Total

    LAN Bypass Feature

    Ideal Usage

    Switch/Router Combination

    Distribution Router


  • - Copyright 2011 22


    TCP Routed Throughput

    1.41Gb/s 125,000 PPS

    ROS Level 5 License

    800MHz PPC CPU

    256 MB DDR2 RAM

    CF Flash

    Ideal Usage

    802.11 Base Station AP

    Distribution Router

    Wireless Point to Point

    Nstreme Dual Links

    Dude Server Agent

  • - Copyright 2011 23


    TCP Routed Throughput

    771Mb/s / 74,000 P/s

    ROS Level 5License

    Atheros AR7130 300MHz network


    256 MB DDR RAM

    GbE Hardware Switch :)

    9x Gigabit Ethernet ports

    Ideal Usage

    Managed Switch with Firewall uplink

  • - Copyright 2011 24


    16 Port Ethernet Switch

    Daughter Board

    Compatible with

    RB800 & RB600

    2x8 port Switches

    10/100 Mb/s Ports

    Wire-speed Throughput

    Can be operated as 16 independent


    Ideal for base stations

    And offices.

  • - Copyright 2011 25


    256MB DDR2 SDRAM

    Routed TCP Throughput

    771Mb/s / 74,000 P/s

    680MHz Atheros MIPS CPU

    1Gb/s Ethernet Switch/Router

    Voltage Monitoring DC Power

    1Micro SD Slot Storage of:


    User manager DB

    DUDE Agents

    Meta Routers

  • - Copyright 2011 26


    TCP Routed Throughput

    197.34 Mb/s 74,000 PPS

    ROS Level 5