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<ul><li><p> Kota Kinabalu Sabah Cuti-cuti MalaysiaVisit Kuala Lumpur http://klsentral.org </p><p>Betty asks</p><p>Can you get the contraceptive pill in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia?</p><p>Hi,I will be moving to Malaysia for two years soon, and I have been on the MicrogynonContraceptive pill for 8 years. I want to continue using it whilst I am over there, does anyoneknow if its available in Malysia and how I go about getting it?Thanks!</p><p>Kaki Cuti Cuti Malaysia answers:</p><p>I used to live in South Asia. I dont know specifically how the medical sector is regulated inMalaysia. But I think you can get them in Singapore, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand. Is thereanyway you can check this with a local or a local doctor? I am 100% sure that this is available inIndia and Sri Lanka.</p><p>Happy travelling!</p><p> 1 / 5</p></li><li><p> Mandy asks</p><p>Can somebody tell me, where in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia is BancoDe Oro located?</p><p>I work here. But I find it hard to locate Banco De Oro, so I sought this site for help. Anyone?Thank you very much.</p><p>Kaki Cuti Cuti Malaysia answers:</p><p>Theres no such place in KK..I live here</p><p>Michael asks</p><p> 2 / 5</p></li><li><p> What is the best hostel (budget hotel) to stay in when in KotaKinabalu, Malaysia?</p><p>Kaki Cuti Cuti Malaysia answers:</p><p>Heres some..</p><p>Planet Kinabalu RM18 per night.Summer Lodge also Rm18 per night.Akinabalu Hostel</p><p>Id like to write more but better if i give you the website for it. I hope this is what you are lookingfor.</p><p>Http://www.hostels.com/en/my.kk.html</p><p>Welcome to Sabah in advance.</p><p>Susan asks</p><p>Where to buy supplies for a C&amp;C guinea pig cage in Kota Kinabalu,Malaysia?</p><p> 3 / 5</p></li><li><p> I want to build a C&amp;C cage but its hard to find the materials for it. Ive tried websites but couldntfind any that supplied for my country and i have no idea where to start. Please help me!</p><p>Kaki Cuti Cuti Malaysia answers:</p><p>Go to www.guineapigcages.com they have c&amp;c kits that u can buy that is where i got mine from</p><p>David asks</p><p>How Far is Pearl Harbor from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia?</p><p>Kaki Cuti Cuti Malaysia answers:</p><p>Flight 4.5hours.Cruise-4 days.Drive. Never.TrainNever.</p><p> 4 / 5</p></li><li><p> Swim..2.4months.</p><p>Powered by Yahoo! AnswersCuti-cuti Malaysia Hotels </p><p>http://cuti-cutimalaysia.org</p><p>Cuti-cuti Malaysia Vacation </p><p>Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)</p><p> 5 / 5</p></li></ul>