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Endangered Animals

Endangered AnimalsBy: Joey Kozlina

Interesting FactsAn endangered animal is an animal under the threat of extinctionCoral reefs are home to one quarter of marine life. They are killed by pollution and fertilizerThere are only about 300 Siberian tigers left in the wildPolar bears are getting sick and dying because of warm weatherMore than half the rain forests have been cleared for timber, farmland, and also homes

Lesson LearnedI learned that there are more than 1,000 endangered animals on earth. I also learned humans caused the extinction of some animals like the giant lemur. The next thing I learned is Hawaii is the state with the most endangered plants and animals. Something else I learned is that its illegal to kill, harm, or take an endangered animal out of its habitat. Lastly I learned in 1973 they passed the endangered species act.

Spreading The WordI can spread the word by putting ads in newspapers. I also can spread the word by putting signs in my neighborhood. Lastly I can spread the word by making a video on YouTube.

My PledgeI pledge to only look not touch an animal. I also pledge to help an animal if its hurt or out of its habitat. The last thing I pledge to do is try my best to help all animals feel safe and secure.