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    Nizar M. Al-Adsani Chief Executive Ofcer

    Dialoguewith CEO




    I would like to congratulate you on what have been accomplished in the past

    days including the step of placing the cornerstone the Nghi Son Refining

    and Petrochemical Complex which is built in Vietnam. This project is of

    great importance for KPC as it represents a new beginning for prosperity

    in the Kuwaiti oil industry. Moreover, it will help achieve several strategic

    goals among which penetrating the markets of east Asia which is witnessing

    an ostensible growth economically; in addition, the demand on oil and

    petroleum products is high in these markets. This will also provide a safe

    outlet for nearly 200,000 bpd of Kuwaiti crude oil. It will further reinforce

    the international status of KPC as this complex will lead to integration in

    the oil industry through combining between the industry of refining and the

    industry of petrochemicals.

    I would like also to extend appreciation to everyone sought to achieve such

    huge project including former ministers, chairpersons and CEOs, as their

    devoted efforts led to placing the cornerstone of the project and starting

    the actual implementation. These sincere efforts which the officials of the

    Kuwaiti oil sector put forth have enabled us to celebrate such gigantic

    project which is additional mark in KPCs history.

    I would like further to extend my appreciation to Kuwaits sincere sons

    who work seriously to preserve the countrys resources and develop them to

    fulfill the goals of sustainable development which all of us look forward to.

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    ContentsContentsNovember 2013November 2013

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    IssueIssue 142142

    1414Al-Shamali receives well-wishers of Eid Al-Adha

    HSE holds seminar dubbed The link between nutrition to cancer

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    HH Prime Minister sponsors KOGS

  • 2 KPC NEWS

    HH Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, Prime

    Minister, inaugurated Kuwaits 1st Oil and Gas Show and

    Conference which was held from 7-10 October, 2013 in

    the Regency Hotel and it was organized by Society of Pe-

    troleum Engineers in collaboration with a number of Ku-

    waiti oil companies.

    The inauguration celebration was attended by Deputy Pre-

    mier, Minister of Foreign Affairs HE Sheikh Sabah Khalid

    Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, HE Deputy Premier, Minister of Oil

    Mustapha Al-Shamali, a number of Sheikhs, ministers,

    governors and advisors of the Diwan of HH Prime Min-

    isters along with OPECs Secretary-General Mr. Abdulla

    Al-Badri, dignitaries and top officials and experts in oil

    and gas industry.

    On such occasion, Deputy Premier, Minister of Oil Mus-

    tapha Al-Shamali extended his appreciation and gratitude

    to HH Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak for sponsoring the con-

    HH Prime Minister sponsors KOGSference, indicating such patronage stresses the fact that

    the Kuwaiti oil sector represents pride for HH the pre-


    The celebration commenced with reciting some

    verses from the holy Quran. After that, Minister

    of Oil gave a speech in which he emphasized

    that the State of Kuwait is keen on securing its

    oil supplies to the international market as it is

    one of the key producers internationally, in-

    dicating Kuwait adopts a clear vision aimed

    to optimize oil and improve the scientific and

    career skills and abilities of personnel besides

    providing more job vacancies for youth as well

    as fulfilling the concepts of sustainable devel-


    He went on to say that such conference is priceless op-

    portunity to bolster collaboration and create an appropriate

    investment atmosphere to develop technology and meet

    the challenges of oil industry under a reality necessitates

    boosting cooperation to guarantee a better future for the

    coming generations based on strong economic bases.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Nizar Al-Adsani, CEO of Kuwait Petro-

    leum Corporation, said the time of convening the confer-

    ence is appropriate, as it coincides with the tremendous ef-

    forts which the Kuwaiti oil sector puts forth to accomplish

    its 2030 strategy which helps Kuwaits oil industry to oc-

    cupy high status internationally and increase the capability

    of refineries besides achieving integration between petro-

    chemical industry and refining.

    Mr. Hashim Hashim, CEO of Kuwait Oil Company, said,

    Our 2030 strategy is aimed at reaching the targeted goals

    of productivity and searching for alternative resources of

    energy and improving the skills of our personnel; in ad-

    I n T h i s I s s u e

  • KPC NEWS 3

    dition to meeting our obligations to-

    wards our partners through adopting

    balanced and responsible ideologies

    and behaviors to fulfill profitability

    in liaison with the criteria of health,

    safety and environment.

    He also indicated that KOC and Ku-

    wait Gulf Oil Company are commit-

    ted to the obligation of increasing

    productivity to 4 million bpd by 2020

    and keep the same level until 2030,

    adding KOC managed to increase pro-

    duction by 300,000 bpd compared to

    the goals allotted in 2010. This level

    has provided the company with trust

    to be able to produce 4 million bpd by

    2020 in cooperation with KGOC.

    Furthermore, Mrs. Hosnia Hashim,

    Chairperson of Operations at Kuwait

    Foreign Petroleum Exploration Com-

    pany (KUFPEC), said KOGS high-

    lights oil industry whose lifespan in

    Kuwait extends to nearly 8 decades;

    in addition, it brings 93% of the pub-

    lic treasurys revenues. It is also the

    key resource of the Kuwaiti econo-


    She emphasized that KOGS has

    placed Kuwait among the race of

    scientific research and development;

    the matter is included among the ini-

    tiatives of KPC and its subsidiaries.

    Consequently, it has been decided

    to hold KOGS in Kuwait every two

    years pursuant to KPCs commit-

    ment to provide an appropriate en-

    vironment for scientific research and

    development in oil industry in the


  • 4 KPC NEWS

    E v e n t s

    Kuwait Petroleum Interna-

    tional (KPI), the exterior arm

    of Kuwait Petroleum Corpo-

    ration in refining and market-

    ing oil, has eventually placed

    the cornerstone of Nghni Son

    Refining and Petrochemical

    Complex in Vietnam during an

    official visit paid by His Excel-

    lency Deputy Premier, Minister

    of Oil, Chairman of KPC board

    Mustapha Al-Shamali and a high-

    level delegation from the Kuwaiti

    oil sector from 21-24 October,


    On such occasion, a big celebra-

    tion was organized in the site of

    the project in Hoa Province in

    Vietnam in the presence of Oil

    Minister Al-Shamali, the accom-

    panying delegation, Kuwaits am-

    bassador to Vietnam HE Hamad

    Al-Jetaili, the Vietnams Deputy

    Premier, members from the Viet-

    namese government, representa-

    tives from Japans Idemitsu Ko-

    Al-Shamali and accompanying delegation celebrate new phase of achievements

    After taking part in placing the cornerstone of Nghi Son Refining and Petrochemical Complex

    san and Mitsui Chemicals Inc.

    companies and international oil

    experts along with local and inter-

    national media.

    In his keynote speech in such oc-

    casion, which chronicles a new

    phase of KPCs overseas achieve-

    ments, Al-Shamali extended his

    pleasure over placing the corner-

    stone of the project extending at

    the same time his appreciation

    to HE Vietnamese Prime Minis-

    ter and the concerned ministries

    along with officials of Hoa Prov-

    ince as well as everyone

    took part in such essen-

    tial project.

    Al-Shamali said, Initiating

    the implementation of the project

    is a start for a long journey full of

    challenges including the phase of

    building and constructions as well

    as the phase of operating the proj-

    ect which is of great importance

    for the Kuwaiti government which

    considers this project as one of the

    important strategic projects that

    epitomize the sturdy friendship

    and a deep rooted ties between the

    Kuwaiti nation and government

    with Vietnam and Japan.

    He further indicated that the proj-

    ect combines the Kuwaiti and Jap-

    anese experiences and efficiencies

    in refining and petrochemical in-

    dustry with the Vietnamese expe-

    riences in the oil market.

    For his part, Mr. Bakhit Al-Rashi-

    di, Chief Executive Officer of

    KPI, extend

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