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  • 1. Summer FunWord Search!

2. Keystone Student AssociationMay 2010 3. Agenda

  • Community Service Abroad
  • March Discussion Board Highlights!
  • Tias presentation!
  • Group Project
  • World Issues Hangman
  • Summer Months

4. Taking Community Service Abroad

  • What are some ways that students can take Community Service Abroad?
  • Have you had any opportunities to volunteer outside of the United States?

5. Opportunities Abroad

  • Church Groups
  • Combine family vacations with volunteering
  • www.projectsabroad.com
  • Habitat for Humanity
    • http://www.habitat.org/youthprograms/ages_14_25/ages_14_25_default.aspx

6. March DB Topic: Haiti

  • Thanks to everyone who posted!
  • Lets check out some of the standout posts!
  • The topic for this month is community service mad libs!
    • Head to the wiki to check it out.

7. March DB Topic: Haiti

  • My family and I live in a small town out in the country, but even out here in the "Back-woods" we have still found a way to help Haiti. The 4-H club my brothers are in, for example, set up donation boxes around town, in which people could donate things that would then be shipped to Haiti.~Curtis
  • My favorite way to donate to Haiti is by buying the songs off of itunes that are donated to Haiti victims.
  • To benefit Haiti, the public high school here held a concert called 'Harmony for Haiti' in which students performed various acts and all proceeds were donated to help Haiti. There was also a benefit bake sale during the intermission!~ Sara
  • Every little bit counts, and there's always time to do a little more. Even just giving others ideas on what to do is something big because, hey, they might not have thought of it if you hadn't told them.~ Sara

8. 9. Cleveland Clinic Florida was named one of the nation's 100 Top Hospitals by Thomson Reuters, a leading provider of information and solutions to improve the cost and quality of healthcare.It is home to more than 100 physicians practicing more than 40 different medical specialties, as well as a full-service hospital with 150 beds and 24-hour emergency department. While it is called a clinic the Cleveland Clinic is half hospital half clinic. On one half of the building is a hospital, the other half is a clinic. The Clinic side is actually bigger than the hospital.It is the sister hospital to the main Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. 10.

  • I have been working at the clinic since July 4 of last year and have completed over 275 hours. I hope to reach my goal of 300 by the end of May. But before entering their volunteer program, you must take a four hour long orientation course and then get tested at their clinic for TB. After that, you get your id and uniform and begin your hours!
  • I work twice a week and a total of 8 hours. I work Saturdays at the front desk to check in visitors and deliver flowers; however, Tuesdays I work in the Pharmacy. But, this is not the typical out patient pharmacy you might be familiar with at your local Walgreens or CVS. This is quite different! I work upstairs on the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) floor in the pharmacy department where the lab and tech assistants work to create, order, and distribute different medicines or drugs to the sick people in the hospital. Their they store, produce, and compound various drugs from flu shots, to anesthesia drugs, and IVs. My main job is to help assist them when they put together orders of IVs. They go through thousands weekly!

11. Powdered Drug Vial Vial Adapter or connectorMINI-BAG plus container or diluent container What is an IV? 12.

  • Vancomycin is an antibiotic used to treat serious bacterial infections. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria.

Zosyn a combination of Piperacillin and Tazobactam is also an antibiotic. It is actually derived from Penicillin.Each Powdered Drug Vial contains a single dose of a powdered drug (antibiotic). These are the common two vials I prepare weekly. 13. Mini-Bag Plus

  • A Mini-Bag Plus (yes, that really is its name) contains either a Dextrose or Sodium Chloride Injection, that is as a source of water, electrolytes, and calories. Basically, the mini bag is mixed with the prepared powdered drug vial and then connected to a patients wrist to administer not only fluids but antibiotics. The antibiotics are especially needed after surgery because a patient is even more prone to bacteria and catching another disease.

14. 15.

  • But before I can put together the IVs, I have to put on my clean suit. In the pharmacy, we have a particle free room or clean room. Clean rooms have low levels of environmental pollutants where it is safe to compound drugs. The clean room is necessary to prevent the spread of bacteria that could put the patient in danger of infections or diseases, especially after surgery.
  • To enter the clean room, you must put on our clean suit. But before you put it on, there is a long procedure.


  • First, you must enter the gown room with a hair net on. The room is split in half with red tape. On the side of the tape you enter is the dirty side, the other the clean side. On entering the room you must first put on your mask. Then, you must slip on your booties over your sneakers on the red tape and then walk to the clean side of the room. From their you wash your hands, put on your suit or gown on, then wash your hands with antibacterial solution, and finally your gloves! You cannowenter the clean room. But, after you exit the clean room, you can keep your gown in the gown room for the next use, but everything else must be thrown away and you must start the process over again the next time you wish enter the clean room.


  • The final product!
  • Im on the left and the tech assistant is on the right!


  • Overall, going to the clinic can be pretty tiring sometimes. Every shift has to be four hours long and you are expected to attend your weekly shift with few absences. Working in the hospital is like having a job. But, Ive made some great friends and had so many interesting experiences and adventures. This summer, I hope to even join in on their internship program. At the end of the day I know I truly am helping people, but also helping to actually save lives. Thats is my favorite part of the job (although I do enjoy my free $7 meal/snack at their Starbucks every time go!)

19. Group Project

  • Not many suggestions have come in (thank you Sara!)
    • Bake Sale
    • Joining Haley with her card making
    • Keystone Awareness Channel
    • Email awareness chains (Thank you Curtis!)

20. Group Project

  • We will continue to accept ideas through the summer
  • Voting and the actual project will start in September!

21. World Wide Issues Hangman

  • On the next several slides, well have several questions. The answers are hidden in a hangman game.
  • Well take turns guessing letters and the correct answers!

22. How many people across the world live on less than $2.50 a day?

  • _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ ( _ _ _ _ /3 /_ _ _ _ _ _ _/ _ _ _ _ _ _ !

23. About 1 billion people in 2000 were unable to _____ or _______

  • _ _ _ _ or _ _ _ _ _

24. About one in two _______ worldwide live in extreme _________.

  • _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _

25. Summer Vacation

  • Remember- KSA will not be meeting during the summer.
  • Our meetings will start back up again the first Wednesday in September!
  • Feel free to continue participating on the discussion boards, viewing the wiki, and working on your projects over the summer!

26. Any other questions?

  • Thanks for coming!