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    star warsstar warsstar warsstar warsKurlnova Sector Guideby Tim Nealos Salamemail ::: swsrc@starwars-rpg.netKurlnova Sector Website ::: http://starwars-rpg.net/kurlnova/Star Wars Supplement Resource Center ::: http://starwars-rpg.net/swsrc/

    Sector Map_________ 2

    Kurlnovan Systems_______________ 3

    Fynine________________________________ 3Kurlnova______________________________ 7Ghen_________________________________ 12Beuregard_____________________________ 20Keejer________________________________ 27DuWeine______________________________ 40Coideg________________________________ 45Nefedre_______________________________ 53Liff___________________________________ 56Houldut_______________________________ 58Parka_________________________________ 64

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    Type: Volcanic WastelandTemperature: SearingAtmosphere: Type IIIHydrosphere: AridGravity: LightTerrain: VolcanicLength of Day: 26 standard hoursLength of Year: 285 local daysSapient Species: Twilek, HumanStarport: Standard ClassPopulation: 1.3 millionPlanet Function: Primary Customs/Port of Entry to SectorGovernment: Sector-Wide DictatorshipTech Level: SpaceMajor Exports: NoneMajor Imports: Mid-Tech, Foodstuffs, Luxury GoodsSystem: FynineStar: Fynius (yellow-white)Name Planet Type MoonsFynine Volcanic Wasteland 0Chiffus Frozen Rock 0

    Port Summary

    System: FynineStarport Name: Port FynineStarport Type: Standard ClassTraffic: BusyControl: Droid/ControllerLanding: Directional BeaconDocking Areas: Docking BaysDocking Fee: 25-75 credits per local day; offloads are 15 credits (see note)Customs: Local; Patrols and/or Docking Bay CheckpointServices: Food, Lodging, Some Repair, Some StorageCapsule: Port Fynine will contact in-bound ships via mid-system beacon, directingthem into one of several layers of orbital traffic patterns. Next, either a roamingpatrol will board and check the ships manifest and crew papers or the same will bedone after the ship is directed to land at a specific docking bay; whichever occurs, afull bioscan of the ship and crew for the Shekker virus will occur. Standard foodservices are available, and lodging ranges from 7-20 credits/day should the crewprefer to stay off-ship. Offloads, where a ship stops just to drop cargo then turnaround, may take no more than 3 hours for 15 credits; offloading crews may nottake on or expell passengers unless for legal reasons or arrests, nor are they allowedto leave the docking bay. Small storage facilities are available for 40 credits perlocal week. Repairs are limited to very minor items and few emergencyreplacements; those in need of more are instructed to proceed to Kurlnova System,with their arrival expected.

    World Summary

    Fynine is the first stop in Kurlnova Sector, and the welcoming point for the Liff-Qoapum Trade Run coming into the sector. Most ships that arrive deal with customs

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    officials, either on patrol ships or very small orbiting platforms. Planetside, a modestpopulation ekes out an existence inside a collection of domed cities clusteredtogether near the northern pole of the planet; even there, Fynine is a terribly hotand dry planet, generally inhospitable to those who are not native to such anenvironment. Being the main point of entry to Kurlnova, many customs andbureaucratic offices take seat here. Those entering on the trade route must stophere for at least an hour or so to get cleared for entrance to the sector and have aship and background check. Once thats performed, travellers have three options (inaccordance with their clearance): make planetfall on Fynine, continue into the sector,or turn right around and leave.

    System Summary

    The Fynine System has been a point of contention for the rulers of Kurlnova sector(especially the Empire). The system lies on a natural line toward the end of the Liff-Qoapum Trade Run, which in turn made it a logical progression for the route.Decades ago, when scouts discovered that Fynine was basically a useless system,attempts to find a more suitable location were made. Unfortunately, they were to noavail, and Kurlnova was stuck with Fynine as their first point on the route. Thisdispleased the ruling families because the system didnt contain any feasible planetson which to construct facilities which could take full advantage of the trade. Also, abuffer was wanted between Kurlnova, the capitol of the sector, and the routes entryinto the sector. Due to Fynine being nestled among several massive and unavigablenebula clouds (as are most of the systems in the sector), Kurlnova was stuck withFynine. As it turns out, the sheer unwelcomness of Fynine serves as a buffer itself.

    Despite being on a the very tail of a major trade route, Fynine sees a great deal oftraffic, mostly due to two reasons: the difficulty of navigating Kurlnovas sea ofnebula clouds and the lack of population there to support trade. Quite simply,Fynine is a bottleneck for Kurlnovas heavy natural goods shipments to the rest ofthe galaxy.

    The only other body found in the Fynine system is Chiffus, a frozen conglomerate ofhard water, stratified ash, and a vast assortment of useless rocks. Chiffus could beconsidered a planetoid, due to its size of 120 kilometers (in diameter). Severalpirates and other other outlaw groups have attempted to fix a base on the precariousgrounds of Chiffus, but to no avail. Any foothold attempted on the listless ball of iceand minerals only shatters the surface, sending those foolish enough to try intooblivion. Recent unsubstantiated reports suggest a possible Imperial listening post isnow located there, but due to the nature of Chiffus, this is doubtful. At times,mynocks gather at Chiffus in what is believed to be part of a mating cycle.

    Hot and Bothered: Port Fynine

    Physically, Fynine is far too hot and far too dry to be a reasonable location foranything, let alone any cities. The relentless terrain, in combination with intensedust storms, offer little purchase for the struggling visitor. Of course, due to thesectors membership with the Liff-Qoapum Trade Run, necessity once again becamethe mother of invention.

    Five seven-kilometer wide domes were built, situated in a ring and connected by thefirst underground hotrail (see below) and small, above-ground roads contained in

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    small dome-tunnels. Inside the cities, the ground was reworked and made to acceptheavy construction and provide for plantlife. Large, lush forests were planted tosupplement the domes oxygen supply. Housing and support structures were builthastily and never really returned to. After being staffed by Kurlnovan locals (at apremium cost to get anyone to live there in the first place), the population began torise due to an ever-increasing number of starship malcontents and stowaways.

    Generally, the city of Port Fynine is dirty and in disrepair a reason Kurlnovanofficials have grown to like it, as it discourages most from staying. Of course, on anygiven day, it beats the exposed environment of Fynine. The only thing to note pastits dry and dangerous disparity would be the spectacular sunsets and sunrises thatthe 100-kilometer wide dust storms yield. Past that, most who venture past thesecurity of the domes are picked up and whisked away by the wind-driven storms,never to be seen again.

    Due to the living conditions (and the mostly bureaucratic population), Port Fyninelocals are belligerent and terribly difficult to deal with. Merchants who have had thepleasure to visit will say that if it werent for being on the Liff-Qoapum Trade Run,nobody would go to Fynine, nor would anyone be there. After landing, debarkingand being checked by customs, finding a place to stay and getting a meal, mostvisitors are ready to leave immeadiately. There are a few gathering areas that havebeen somewhat taken over by visitors, purchased by rich captains to provide aplace for the offworlders, hosted by offworlders. The locals dont appreciate this verymuch, which doesnt help their already complaining, sour attitude. Its doubtful thatanything would help that anyhow.

    The local Kurlnovan customs officers have a severely hard time representing thesector in a good light. New officers are beacons of reason and all smiles despite thehardships around them, but an officer seasoned by Fynine considers jetting out oftheir airlock on a daily basis. Most have learned to keep their mouth shut aroundFynine officers, lest they be arrested for merely being irritating.

    The Hotrail

    The architects tapped into the raw, natural power of the planets heat and created asystem they called the hotrail. The hotrail is an underground tunnel system oflarge, hollow rails perforated with small holes. The cars are attached by thickfootings that wrap around the rails, which have steam forced through them to propelthe footings, and thus the entire car. Here and there, cars will pass the giant steamgenerators that gather condensation from the air in the tunnels, transfer it into vatsthat feed heat from the planets mantle, and then funnel the steam into the rails.The design distinguished the architects of the rail system, and has b