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  • 1. Kwanzaa is based onideas borrowed fromAfrica. This was anancient Swahili seven-day-long festival.
  • 2. Kwanzaa begins each year on December 26 andlasts through the first day in January.
  • 3. It is celebrated in America.
  • 4. African American people celebrate their culture and history.
  • 5. The symbols of Kwanzaa areAfrican harvest symbols, likeears of dried corn and colorfullywoven tablecloths. Peopledecorate their homes forKwanzaa.
  • 6. Day One: The black candle is lit.This is a day of togetherness,sharing feelings.The family gathers and shares how they feel about eachother. Many problems are cleared up during this day,simply by talking about them.The black candle signifies unity, which is the centraltheme of Kwanzaa.
  • 7. Day Two: A red candle is lit.This is a day of togetherness,sharing traditions.Some people might teach others how to braid hair orhow to play an African drum.Others might share a family recipe.
  • 8. Day Three: A green candle is lit.This is day of togetherness, sharinga common goal.Everyone in the family works together to get a choredone - perhaps paint a fence or clean out the garage.What is important is that everyone works together toget the job done.
  • 9. Day Four: A red candle is lit.This is a day of togetherness,sharing a family gift.A gift is either made or purchased, something the wholefamily can enjoy. In years to come, when people seethis item, they will remember this Kwanzaa.It can be anything from a house to a cookie cutter.
  • 10. Day Five: A green candle is lit.This is a day of togetherness,sharing dreams and hopes.This is an especially good day to ask yourself and eachother, "What do you wish to accomplish in the comingnew year?"
  • 11. Day Six: A red candle is lit. Thisis a day of togetherness, sharingcreativity.First, everyone in the family creates something - apoem, a story, a dance, a painting.In the early evening, the family gathers. Each familymember shares what they have created.
  • 12. Day Seven: A green candle is lit.This is a day of togetherness,sharing a feast.The family gathers and enjoys baked ham, roastedyams, collard greens, thick bread, pies and desserts!It is a wonderful feast!
  • 13. What do you know about Kwanzaa? What are the symbols of Kwanzaa? corn Unity cup woven tablecloth Where did Kwanzaa begin? Africa How many days are in Kwanzaa? 7 days What are the colors of the candles? red green black