LA 3 Finding Your Way

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  • 8/9/2019 LA 3 Finding Your Way


    Name: ________________________

    Klasse 10 Learning Assessment task 3 Eine Reise um Deutschland.

    This assignment has two sections: A) is a description of a German city and B) is a roleplay scenario of you giving someone directions through your city.

    A) Meine berhmte deutsche Stadt heit...For this task you will need to:

    Look at the example on page 110 of your textbook (2. Reise-Expo)

    Choose a famous German city you are interested in

    Find a map of this city to include in your presentation

    Research some famous landmarks of the city

    Write a 100 200 word paragraph about your city for tourists whichoutlines what you can see and where these sights are

    Write in the present tense

    Include pictures of your described landmarks in your presentation

    A PowerPoint presentation would suit this task best but its up to you how you wish to present it

    You will need to upload this to your page on our new wiki:

    B) Eine Reise durch...For this task you will need to:

    Look at pages 106 107 of your textbook for an idea ofhow to give directions

    Write a 100 200 word script between 2 people thatdescribes a set of directions around your chosen city,explaining how you get from point A to point B

    Use the polite form of you (Sie gehen, Nehmen Sie etc)

    Include at least 5 streets you need to travel along

    Include at least 5 landmarks/buildings which will help to

    describe your directionsInclude a map of the area which highlights your journeyfrom beginning to end

    When you finish your script, you will need to work with a partner to record this conversation anupload it onto your page of our new wiki page:

    Ntzliche Wrter...

    Need more vocabulary help? Go online to view the Vocab Help document that I have prepared:



    der Supermarkt supermarket links left der Norden North die Metzgerei butcher

    das Sportgeschft sports shop nach Osten to the East der Sden South die Apotheke chemist

    das Kaufhaus department store aus Westen from the West der Osten East das Schuhgeschft shoe shdie Bckerei bakery im Norden in the North der Westen West das Rathaus town ha

    die Konditorei cake shop geradeaus straight fahren to drive rechts right
  • 8/9/2019 LA 3 Finding Your Way


    Reflection for Eine Reise um Deutschland Learning Assessment task

    List, in order of the chant we learnt, the 9 two-way prepositions in German & English (they are on the handout I

    gave you):

    1. ________ = __________________________________________________2. ________ = __________________________________________________3. ________ = __________________________________________________4. ________ = __________________________________________________5. ________ = __________________________________________________6. ________ = __________________________________________________7. ________ = __________________________________________________8. ________ = __________________________________________________9.

    ________ = __________________________________________________

    How can you remember which case to use with the two-way prepositions?




    Write two sentences using the same preposition with the accusative and the dative case (i.e. use ber in both

    sentences):1. ________________________________________________________________________________________2. ________________________________________________________________________________________How well did you work on this assignment during class time (with 10 = on task all of the time):

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    What was challenging about this assignment? ______________________________________________________



    What would you do next time to improve your work? ________________________________________________