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LAFAYETTE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Lafayette Dolph · PDF fileLAFAYETTE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL November 2011 November is Native American Month and Tobacco Free Awareness Month . November Events

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November is Native American Month and Tobacco Free Awareness Month

November Events and Holidays School will be closed on Friday, November 11, 2011 in observance of Veteran's Day and on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, November 23,24 & 25, 2011 in observance of Thanksgiving.

Oct. 11 th - Dec. 15th San Francisco Food Bank Donation Drive - Goal: 5,000 pounds of canned food 2nd PTA Meeting 6:30 pm @ cafeteria 5th Saturday Election Day in the Auditorium 5th Emollment Fair - Concourse Exhibition Center East Hall 620 - ih Street 10-3 pm 6th Daylight Savings Time Ends - Turn clocks back one hour i h Eid 8th Election Day 8th Board of Education Meeting 6 p.m. 9th Student Election Day 11 th Veteran's Day - No School 15th Oath of Office Ceremony for Officers and Conflict Managers Auditorium 9:00 am 15th ELAC Meeting - 1 :00-1 :45 pm 16th Family Math Night - 6:30-8:00 p.m. 1i h Wildlife Assemblies: K, 3-5 @ 8:45 am; 1-2 @ 10:00 am 18th Junior Achievement 21 st Dos Rappers Assemblies: K-2 @ 8:30 am; 3 @ 9:15 am 22nd Board of Education Meeting 6 p.m. 23rd, 24th & 25th Thanksgiving Holiday 26th Muharram 30th SSC Meeting 6:00-7:30 pm

Ruby G. Brown, Principal

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~ S A'.ft A *,fl~-Yf J:. + '* ~ T 4=-~ 620-7th St.

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~a ~*1:..~.~*~~.~4-~at~.:t +A a ELAC-t-tl- T+- at .i--ate!il+~ ~ +~a ~~.*~~-BtJ:.~at~~~Aat + -c a If 1:. In ~ 1:. it *J ~ ...... : K, 3-5 @ 8:45 am; 1-2 @ 10:00 am +/....... a Junior Achievement :j!. ......Ai!: .i! A ~ 4t

=- +- a Dos Rappers .... : K-2 @ 8:30 am; 3 @ 9: IS am

=-=-a .1fA1.~-BtL~at

~E..~~~a 6.&~.*

Muharran BtJ:./\ at ~-c '* ~ + ~

HOROPb2011 HOROPb - MeCRq HaCJIe,!!HH lIu,!!eiigeB H CBo60./lRblii OT TaoaKO KypeuHH COOblTHR ROROPH B BbIXO,!!Hble ffiKOJIa oy)J;eT 3aKpbITa B DRTUH~ 11 UOHOPH 2011 B COOJlIO)J;euHH ,LJ;UR BeTepaUOB H B cpe)J;y, B qeTBepr H DRTUH"y, 23,24, H 2S 2011 B COOJlIO)J;euHB ./lUR 6,rrarO./lapeuBR.

11 OKT. -15 ,D;eK. C60p IIO:>KeprBoBaHHH AfUI oaHKa IIHI..U:H Cau->paHQHCKO Ha'lHHaeTCH - ~eJIh: 5 000

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Help the Pilgrim find the Turkey!

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November 6th - Day Light Savings Time Ends

November 11 th -Veterans Day

November 20th - Universal Children's Day

:~! November 24th -Thanksgiving Day

~ri~ :~ Veterans Day

:II[~ :;1-"'::'=

Rock ~tar ~etus


What is Veterans Day &Why Do We Celebrate It?

Veterans Day is a federal holiday that honors veterans who have served in our armed forces. Veterans Day is also the

anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I. This holiday is sometimes called Remembrance Day or

Armistice Day and is celebrated on November 11 th every year.

Some other facts about Veterans Day include:

The Armistice was signed during the 11 th hour of the 11 th

day of the 11 th Month which was November 11, 1918.

The original idea for the holiday was for a day to be observed with

parades, public meetings and a brief suspension of business beginning at 11 :00 a.m.

On June 4th, 1926, Congress

passed a resolution for an annual national observance.

On May 13th, 1938, Veterans Day became a national holiday.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed legislation on November 8th, 1954 to change the name from Armistice Day to Veterans Day in order to honor the veterans of all

'can wars.

- Prepay for meals online! Monitor what your cliild is eating at

Complete the Application for Free & Reduced Meals Online at: http-s:/lschoolmealap-p-.sfusd.edJJ.I.. If completed online, you do not need to submit a

paper application!



Justin Timberlake has been active in many charitable organizations since the beginning of his career. Over the years, Justin has earned millions of dol- ~ lars for various organizations around the ~~""* world. Some of his charitable contributions ~ have included: ~

- Challenge for the Children which is aimed at funding money for a range of charities

- The creation of the Justin Timberlake Foundation which raises money for music education in schools.

- A donation of $100,000 to Wildlife Warriors Organization.

- A donation of $100,000 to the Memphis Rock "n' Soul Museum in Memphis.

- A donation of $100,000 to the Memphis Music Foundation.

- In 2009, Justin raised an amazing 9 million dollars for the Shriners' Hospital through the golf tournament he hosts every year.

In a statement issued to, Justin says, "I was inspired at a young age by my parents and family to do everything possible to give back to the world around us and it has become a mission of mine to help kids of all ages understand the importance of getting involved in their communities and local charities and doing their part to preserve the planet." Like Justin, you should find local charities who are doing amazing things in your area and try to get involved! Every little bit helps!

Thin:tritiont-(.4 DIETARY FATS:

KNow WHICH ONES To Cl--Kx>sEI Most foods contain several different kinds of fat, and some are better for your health than others. You don't need to completely eliminate all fat from your diet. In fact, some fats actually p.~~~ help promote good health. But it's wise to choose the healthier types of dietary fat, and then enjoy them in moderation. Some types of fats you may be familiar with include:

Bad Types of Fat: - Saturated Fat - This is a type of fat that comes

mainly from animal sources of food. - Trans Fat - This type of fat occurs naturally in some foods, especially foods from animals.

Healthier Types of Fat: - Monounsaturated Fat - This is a type of fat found

in a variety of foods and oils. - Polyunsaturated Fat - This is a type of fat found

mostly in plant-based foods and oils.

Be sure to get your parents involved if you believe you are consuming too much fat. Have them check food labels with you to ensure you are eating a

balanced diet!

HARVEST OF THE MONTH! ~ Green Beans! ~

- Ahalf cup of cooked green beans provides agood source of vitamin Cand vitamin K.

- Green beans are nitrogen fixer, which means they have the ability to draw nitrogen from the air and return it to the soil. Nitrogen is essential for healthy soil and plants.

- The common bean was cultivated in ancient Mesoamerica as early as 8,000 years ago. Beans were even found in the mummy covering of a woman in a Peruvian cemetery dating back to pre-Inca civilization.

For more information about Green beans and/or the

Nutrition Education Project, visit and

CLICK on the icon:



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8amtolpm popeorn.treats...

Interesfeb in aspoolUbJ fan time wit~ t~e libs?

IIolanteer wit~ as at t~e liaUoween


Qontaet l\ad;eI6eaman

l\[email protected]~oo.tom

or LibJ FUJfJera [email protected]~ab.tom

mailto:[email protected]~ab.tommailto:l\[email protected]~oo.tom

Book Fair and Beyond - ONLINE!

"d you miss the Book F air? Did you have trouble .L.LI.J."' .LI." ,LF, the book you wanted? Do you need just one


~J.J..... VL"" out the ONLINE Book Fair now through ~V'."V''''J. 31! Orders placed through the ONLINE Fair

t toward our Book Fair totals, and all orders OJ ........."' .... online will ship to the school for FREE!

Online orders will be delivered in November, and we'll bring orders directly to your child's classroom!

Go Beyond the Book Fair -- go O]\,TLINE!




10:00A - 10:30A - STORY TELLING AND MOVEMENT10:45A - 11:15A - ALL AGE ZUMBA11:30A - 12:00P - ARTS AND CRAFTS12:15P - 1:00P - COOKING WORKSHOP

For more info visit

or stop by the Richmond District YMCA

RICHMOND DISTRICT YMCA360 18th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94121P: 415 666 9622 F: 415 668

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