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Firm profile and selected works of Lair Design.

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    colman triplex


    Thank you for including us in your search for an interior design firm. Were excited to be part of a collaboration that turns aspirations into places of beauty and life.

    The creative energy of the studio is dedicated to the transformation of ordinary spaces into spaces rich in the phenomenon of materials and the vigor of daily life. At Lair Design youll find a passion for design solutions that are responsive to social, cultural, economic, and physical contexts.

    As a small firm founded in 2009, we are nimble and adept at managing projects as diverse in scale as a 350 unit mixed use apartment complex to custom high end residences. We take lessons from operating at such diverse scales of work to create truly inspiring interiors.

    The firms founder, Christiane Pein, having been trained as an architect, is an effective collaborator and able to proactively address design decisions that have architectural impacts. She brings a combined background in architecture, art, and interior design across a breadth of project types and scales including:

    Urban DwellingsMixed UseOffice and WorkplaceRetailCustom Residential Civic and Public ArchitectureSchoolsFurnitureFine Art

    We look forward to having the opportunity to introduce ourselves and to discuss how our design approach can support your project.

    Best regards,

    Christiane PeinPrincipal




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    oasis sanctuary noise movement



    We believe that primal characteristics inspire deeper concepts for a space, the qualities of its furnishings, and its daily rituals. Because of this, we use words like hearth, retreat, community, and lair, to ascribe greater meaning to our work. Our aim is to design projects that embody the richness and beauty found in these words. It is through material, craft, furnishings, and art that we endeavor to create this beauty and, ultimately, a meaningful experience for the inhabitant.

    With a strong background and education in both art and architecture, we offer a unique breadth of project understanding which becomes a guiding force on projects of all scales. We excel at providing a clear, rational understanding of architecture while simultaneously integrating material qualities, art, and furnishings within the overall design dialog so that each exist in harmony with the others.

    We custom tailor our design approach for every client. With a small, dedicated staff, we are able to approach each new assignment with fresh eyes and an open and responsive attitude to the particular needs of the project. We identify the core issues and questions and establish a shared position from which we evaluate the design proposals. In a search for an overall integrity of every space we are drawn to elegant lines and the harmonious integration of space, materials, color, light, furnishings, and art. We recognize that the qualities of each space have the power to greatly impact the lives of its occupants. Even as we strive to balance budget, function, and aesthetics considerations, we endeavor to create beauty and, ultimately, a meaningful experience for the inhabitant.

    oasis sanctuary noise movement


    As full-service interior design practice, Lair Design strongly believes that the most successful projects have a complete integration of a buildings architecture, finishes, lighting, furnishings, and art. With a fully developed practice in each of these areas, we deliver exceptional service to developers, architects, and private residential clients.

    Project PlanningPrior to design, Lair Design provides a comprehensive assessment of a projects functional, budget, and key design criteria. Through this planning process we establish project parameters, goals, and schedules. We take meeting these project commitments very seriously and our experience allows us to provide clear recommendations very early on in the process.

    Design ConceptFor complex mixed use or commercial projects, Lair Design works in collaboration with the developers, architects, marketing consultants to create a clear and strategic concept that leads the entire team throughout the design process. Through client interviews we develop a lifestyle concept that guides the design team through out the design process.

    Design Development With the firms strong architectural background Lair Design is able to provide exceptional collaboration throughout the development of the design. Using sketches and cadd drawings, we are able to clearly articulate critical information to the rest of the design team and work hand in hand with architects to resolve issues and define the architectural requirements for spaces that comfortably integrate furnishings, lighting, and artwork.

    DocumentsLair Design has extensive experience producing complete interior documentation for large scale projects requiring developer, financial institutions, marketing consultants, and city review. We have developed the necessary discipline, techniques, and technology to clearly communicate design criteria and manage the tremendous amount of information associated with the finishes, furnishings, and artwork for projects of all sizes.


    ConstructionWe take a proactive approach to construction; carefully reviewing and providing timely responses to submittals, shop drawings, and requests for information. We understand how important it is on large commercial and residential projects to get it right the first time. We engage the architect and contractor to ensure adequate material lead times are followed and encourage preconstruction meetings with trades to promote the clean execution of the design intent.

    Furniture PurchasingNo project is complete without well designed or well selected furniture. With our background in architecture we approach furniture as an integral element to its surroundings, complimenting the inherent qualities of each space. Furniture pieces we design and select enhance a projects sense of place and add to the personality of the spaces within which they live. Lair Design has extensive experience in managing multiple vendors, purchasing for residential and commercial clients, as well as delivering and installing on time and on budget.

    StagingThe final emotional and aesthetic connection to a place is achieved through the process of staging a private home or a model unit in larger multi-family developments. With a keen interest in providing a cohesive design, Lair Design selects and manipulates colors, furnishings and art. We believe that these final artistic touches are an inexpensive tool and enable the seller or developer to easily reach prospective clients through well developed lifestyle concepts.

    Art ConsultingArt, as the ultimate tour de force in any setting, allows us to personalize, humanize and dramatize a space. Lair Design has developed close relationships with an extensive list of artists and crafts people from which we purchase directly for our diverse clientele. We work closely with these artists when custom commissioning and we utilize delivery and installation services to complete the project.


    true family womens cancer center2012 | seattle wa

    The True Family Womens Cancer Care occupies two floors of the Arnold Pavilion at the Swedish Campus on First Hill. While the 25,000 sf project needed to accommodate the prescribed number of offices, exam rooms and supportive services, the lobby and reception areas provided a unique opportunity to craft a comforting patient experience akin to the healing qualities of a spa.

    Undulating curves overlap to create a welcoming gesture and to convey a nurturing serenity. Lair Design not only provided concept design leadership for these spaces but carefully detailed them for inclusion in the architects working drawings. The harmonious material selections feature limestone, onyx, wood paneling, steel work and venetian plaster. Soft drapery and integrated seating solutions complete the design.

    Within an extremely compressed timeframe Lair Design selected and created bid documents for the furniture package of this project, providing leadership well into the production of the individual pieces.



    the station at othello park

    2011 | seattle wa


    The Station at Othello Park is a 350 unit luxury apartment complex. Built as one of the first transit oriented developments the Station embodies contemporary living with timeless interiors. As a LEED silver project sustainable living is based within this truly authentic international neighborhood.

    The stylish, hotel-inspired interiors are inviting and comfortable. An abundance of natural light fills each residential apartment.

    Upholstered furniture and accessories were chosen to complement the timeless quality of the lobbies. While durability was essential for these high-traffic areas the materials of the furniture were selected to cohesively complement the interior architecture of the spaces.



    colman triplex2009 | seattle wa

    The Colman Triplex is 3,720 square foot owner-occupied three unit apartment building. It fronts a public park and has a view of the downtown skyline. This project tucks three tidy units, including one family-sized, within the skin of a