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    Diesel power, improved performance and economy with new all-day riding cab comfort. Everything you expect from Polaris, and more. A NEW Lock & Ride Pro-Fit cab system with multiple cab options.Premium upgrades available including electric windows and glass windscreens for comfort. NEW 3-cylinder 1028cc Tier 4 compliant diesel engine plus room for 3 adults with ideal seat height, easy entry and exit. Legendary Polaris ride and drive and it tows up to a tonne.


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    TRACTORS AND LOADERSWith more than 900 exhibitors displaying everything from log splitters to crawler tractors,there was something for everyone at Lamma 2015. James Rickard, Geoff Ashcroft and Jane Carley report. Pictures by Marcello Garbagnoli and John Eveson.

    SPECULATION of a trackedMagnum has been rife for a longtime, ever since Case IH showeda concept Magnum on WestTrack-made treads atAgritechnica 2007.Plans have now come to

    fruition as the firm showed whatthe finished article will look likeat the show.Of note is the half-track

    design. Many track configurationswere looked into, says themanufacturer, including twintrack designs, similar toChallenger and John Deere

    machines; four-track systemswhich are steered by the two atthe front; and also four-trackconcepts with a pivot point onthe tractor between the cab andthe engine.

    TractionIn the end, the firm settled on a half-track design with twotracks at the rear and twowheels at the front, giving theMagnum Rowtrac optimumtraction and soil protection,says Case IH.Other updates to the Magnum

    Case IH Magnum Rowtrac

    Wealth of new machinerylaunches at Lamma 2015

    JCB has extended its range oftelehandlers with the 560-80Agri Plus, aimed at therehandling market. Thecompany says customers whomay previously have used aloading shovel, such as AD siteoperators moving maize, cantake advantage of thetelehandlers eight-metrereach and six-tonne capacity.

    VariantA Z-bar linkage gives a highbreak-out force for fast bucketfilling and improved dumpangle, says JCB. Powered by a145hp JCB Ecomax engine, the560-80 Agri Plus can bespecified with a 5cu.m bucket.A low profile variant of the

    mid-range 536-70 has alsobeen introduced, joining an

    expanding choice of low roofmodels, but offering extracapacity, with 3.6 tonnes liftand a reach of seven metres.

    JCB 560-80 Agri Plus

    McCORMICK used Lamma toreveal its first continuouslyvariable transmission tractor.Called VT Drive, the

    transmission was shown fittedto an X7.460 tractor, but canbe specified on four- and six-cylinder X7 tractors with theexception of the X7.680 model.The Terramatic transmission,

    developed by ZF, offersstepless drive from 50metres/hour to 50kph.

    Operated using software and a control mechanismdeveloped by McCormickmanufacturer Argo Tractors,the transmission offers modesfor field and transport duties.

    CustomisedMcCormicks EasyPilot joystickcontroller has four speedranges, which can all be

    customised bythe operator.

    McCormick reveals VT Drive

    MASSEY Ferguson offered asurprise preview of its MF7700tractor range, to be officiallylaunched at SIMA. Powered byStage 4 engines, the models willsupercede the MF7600, andoffer several new features.With engines from 185-255hp

    (max) in the initial large chassis

    release, power boost isavailable across the range, withengine power management onDyna-4, Dyna-6 and Dyna-VTtransmission options.Recognising the popularity

    of continually variabletransmissions in more powerfultractors, the flagship MF7726

    can now be specified with aDyna-VT box for the first time. Other developments include

    an MF-designed and built front-axle suspension and anew dash with larger screentaken from the MF8700 range. Small frame versions will be

    added later in the year.

    Massey Ferguson MF7700

    THIS Scaip Warrior STX350 isthe latest steel-trackedcrawler available throughBoston-based RobertCrawford and Son. The Italian-built machine is

    one of a four-model rangewhich extends from 150-350hp.

    Scaip Warrior STX350

    Power for the range-topping STX350 comes froma Caterpillar C9 Acertengine, and it is put to use bya twin-range hydrostatictransmission using Rexrothhydraulic components.

    MaintenanceRunning gear includes aBerco track system, offeringlow maintenance through itssealed, lubricated design. Chamfered track edges

    are said to keep surfacedisturbance to a minimum,while a Cat IV three-pointlinkage and 1,000rpm pto aresaid to offer versatility witha variety of implements.

    series include cleaner and morepowerful engines, as well as

    changes to styling and a fewoperator-friendly cab tweaks.


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    MAINLY due to engine emissioncompliance, New Holland hasupdated its T8 tractor range.Meeting Stage 4 emission

    standards using the firms Hi-eSCR technology, the entirefive-model range now getsmore power, ranging from 320-435hp (maximum ratings).

    ImprovementsThe upgrade includes a host ofimprovements to comfort andconvenience, such as theIntelliview IV monitor, which is

    now standard and featuresimproved and easier set-up oftractor functions.A new multi-function handle

    has also been made moreresponsive, with less effortrequired to press the keys, nowbacklit for night-time work.Also for night operation,

    there is the option of two LEDlighting packages, increasingthe intensity of lighting aroundthe tractor, and with greaterprojected distance, says themanufacturer.

    New Holland T8

    AS with its larger tractors,Fendt has given its 300 Seriestractors a serious makeover,including new cabs, engines,features and family styling.Comprising four models, the

    310, 311, 312 and 313, featuremaximum power ranges from110-138hp. This is now courtesyof AgcoPower (formerly knownas Sisu) engines, rather than theprevious Deutz.The 300 now gets the

    VisioPlus cab, similar to the500s and 700s. With it, usersget a windscreen which curvesover the top of the cab to offer77-degrees of vertical visibility.To the right, there is no B pillar,giving an uninterrupted view ofoff-set implements.

    Uniting all the operatingfunctions is the VarioCentre,very similar to the largertractors, but mounted on theright-hand fender and not thearmrest. This includes the

    familiar two-gate joystick whichtakes care of all primaryfunctions includingprogrammable buttons forvarious tasks such as headlandmanagement.

    Fendt 300 series

    REPRESENTING the mostsignificant product launch forthe firm in 25 years, Valtra hasgiven its T-Series a completeoverhaul.More significantly though,

    this is the first Valtra tractordesigned to meet the needs ofpeople outside Scandinavia.With seven models ranging

    from 155-250hp, customers canchoose from four main variants;Direct, Versu, Active or HiTech.Direct is the top-spec machineand gets a continuously variabletransmission and electricallyoperated hydraulics.

    TransmissionWhile Versu and Active modelsshare the same 20 by 20 (30 by30 with creeper), five-steppowershift transmission, Versumachines get top-specelectrically operated hydraulics

    along with improved tractor set-up via a terminal. The lower spec Active gets

    mechanically-operatedhydraulics, but no terminal.An Agco Power, 6.6-litre,

    six-cylinder engine is fitted inthe two smallest models with a

    7.4-litre version in the biggermodels. Both engines complywith Stage 4 emissionslegislation.The Valtra T Series is

    available now to order withprices starting from 85,341 for the T144 Active.

    Valtra T-Series

    ALLOWING users to quiteliterally see the light, Claasshowed off its all-new Arion400 tractor series.In recognition of its broad

    range of tasks in this powerbracket, the manufacturer hasexpanded the range from threemodels to six, covering 90-140hp,with different specs and caboptions available for each model.

    VisibilityAimed at loader work, one ofthe standout cab options is thenew panoramic version whichboasts 90-degrees ofuninterrupted vertical visibilityfrom the ground to full loaderheight. This has been achievedby removing the cross-beam

    where the windscreen and roofwindow would normally meet.Using an FPT engine, the

    Arion is built around a solid castframe with an integral oil sump

    of Claas design. This affords atight steering angle due itswasp waist design and allowsusers to fit a loader without theneed for any extra framework.

    Claas Arion 400

    TAKING on the mantle of thefirms flagship tractors, Kubotashowed a new three-modelseries, ranging from 130-170hp.Pitched as a versatile all-

    rounder, the new M7 Seriesincludes the M7131, M7151 andthe M7171, with power ratingsrelating to the last three figuresof the model number.Power comes from the firms

    own 6.1-litre, four-cylinderengines, meeting Stage 4emissions regulations via acombination of selectivecatalytic reduction and exhaustgas recirculation.

    Courtesy of ZF, the M7 has achoice of two transmissions; its KVT