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LASER CUTTING MACHINE AXEL 4020...Axis travel X-axis 160" (4070 mm) Y-axis 80" (2035 mm) Z-axis 4" (100 mm) Max. positioning speed X-Y 6692"/min (170 m/min) Z-axis 1181"/min (30 m/min)

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Text of LASER CUTTING MACHINE AXEL 4020...Axis travel X-axis 160" (4070 mm) Y-axis 80" (2035 mm) Z-axis 4"...

  • L A S E R C U T T I N G M A C H I N E

    AXEL 4020

  • xel 4020 – the next generationof high performance Axelsystems – provides dynamic

    laser processing of thick and thinmaterials in sheet sizes up to a full157" x 78" (4 x 2 meters).

    Axel 4020 incorporates the latest inlinear drive technology, laser powerand control systems providingadvanced cutting capabilities, highflexibility and ease of use.

    Exceptional beam quality cuts thinmaterial at high speeds of up to 1574"/min (40 meters/min) andthick material up to 1" (25 mm)mild steel with consistently highquality surface finishes.

    A high pressure (clean cut) cuttinghead accepts a 5", 7.5" or 10"cutting lens. A safety systemprotects the head from collisionwith the workpiece. A 98" (2.5 meter)lifting door provides quick andeasy access to the cutting area.

    A X E L 4 0 2 0


    AIntegrated System forOptimal Performancen Fanuc GE laser source, CNC,

    PLC and motors are integratedas a complete system tooptimize machine performance,offering high speed andreliability, low operating andmaintenance costs.

    n Integrated control providesperfect reproduction ofprogrammed contours,producing acute angles at high speed.

    n All parameters, diagnostic and start-up procedures areconveniently displayed on acolor screen.

    n Powerful 32-bit control featuresan extensive material library.

    n Offers the flexibility of 2500 W,4000 W, 5000 W or 6000 W laser source.

  • High Speed Cutting,Consistent Qualityn Frame design incorporates high

    precision hardened guide waysand optimal drive systems toachieve high-speed accelerationand positioning speeds. Rigidconstruction minimizesdeformation caused by highacceleration, improving overallmachine accuracy.

    n A constant beam length systemkeeps the diameter of the laserbeam constant, maintaining afixed focal point position. Theresult is higher cutting speedsand superior cut qualitymaintained over the entireworking area.

    n Shuttle table change in only 24 seconds

    n Total Power Control automaticallydetermines the necessary laserpower for the cutting speed.

    n Laser Eye optical sensorreferencing system providesautomatic and noncontact sheetreferencing .

    n Automatic cutting gas selection(Oxygen, Nitrogen or compressedair) optimizes processing .

    n Automatic gas pressure controlwith servo valve

  • Fully IntegratedProgramming Systemn The Axel is available with

    CADMAN-L 3D, a fullyintegrated, highly automatedCAD/CAM programmingsystem for the design,unfolding, importing, nestingand cutting of laser parts and sheets.

    n CADMAN-L 3D is part of the integrated family ofCADMAN® programmingsoftware which streamlines the fabricating process byproviding a seamlesslyintegrated solution fromconcept to finished part.

    A U T O M A T I O N

    Integrated Automation -Optional Load/Unloadn Axel 4020 is standard with

    integrated shuttle tables forcontinuous, uninterrupted part processing. The shuttle table design allows one table to be loaded while the machineis cutting on the other table,maximizing uptime.

    n Optional automated load/unload system for sheets up to2204 lbs. (1000 kg) can also beretrofitted at a later date. Theload/unload system is fullyintegrated and programmable.

    n Optional warehouse system canbe retrofitted at a later date.

  • S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

    Laser Radiation.Avoid eye or skin exposure to direct or scattered radiation.

    Maximum power CO2 LaserMaximum power SEMINCON, or HeNe

    AAxxeell 44002200

    Maximum sheet size 157" x 78" (4000 x 2000 mm)

    Maximum sheet weight on table 3527 lbs (1600 kg)

    Axis travel

    X-axis 160" (4070 mm)

    Y-axis 80" (2035 mm)

    Z-axis 4" (100 mm)

    Max. positioning speed X-Y 6692"/min (170 m/min)

    Z-axis 1181"/min (30 m/min)

    Repetitive accuracy +/- 0.0008" (0,025 mm)

    Positioning accuracy +/- 0.002" (0,05 mm) *

    Machine dimensions including chiller & filter 498" x 248" x 78" (12665 x 6300 x 2000 mm)

    *Achievable workpiece accuracy depends on the type of workpiece, pre-treatment and sheet size, as well as other variables.According to VDI/DGQ 3441.

    MMaatteerriiaall CCaappaacciittiieess 22550000 WW 44000000 WW 55000000 WW 66000000WW

    Max. Sheet Thickness:

    Steel .625" (16 mm) .750" (20 mm) 1" (25 mm) 1" (25 mm)

    Stainless steel (N2) .375" (10 mm) .600" (15 mm) .600" (15 mm) .750" (20 mm)

    Aluminum .1875" (5 mm) 375" (10 mm) .500" (12 mm) .500" (12 mm)

    *Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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