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  • 1. Latin AmericanAngelNetworks
    • Latin American Angel Networks: Evolution and Future Opportunities
  • Historical & Cultural Perspective
  • Impact of Internet & Social Networks
  • Current State of Angel Networks
  • Timing is good and future is bright!

2. The Region in perspective Latin America Guatemala Monterrey Campinas Santiago Panama 2 languages:Spanish and Portuguese 1/12 of Worlds population.San Jose Sto Domingo Curitiba Cordoba Montevideo Lima COUNTRY POPULATION Guatemala13,776,517 Argentina40,134,425 Bolivia10,907,778 Brazil192,272,890 Chile17,063,000 Colombia45,393,050 Costa Rica4,253,897 Cuba11,236,444 D. Republic8,562,541 Ecuador13,625,000 El Salvador6,134,000 Honduras7,810,848 Mexico 111,211,789 Nicaragua5,891,199 Panama3,322,576 Paraguay6,349,000 Peru29,461,933 Puerto Rico3,967,179 Uruguay3,494,382 Venezuela26,814,843 Total561,183,291 3.

  • Latin America: 560 Million person market (190M are Brazilians)
  • Combined GDP exceeds $5 Trillion
  • Highest mobile density in the developing World
  • Highest urban density in the developing World, by far
  • Mexico City and Sao Paulo still largest cities in the World
  • Forward thinking: women and indigenous presidents
    • Dilma Rousseff - Brazil
    • Michelle Bachelet Chile
    • Cristina Kirchner - Argentina
    • Violeta Chamorro Nicaragua
    • Laura Chinchilla - Costa Rica
    • Mireya Moscoso Panama
    • Alejandro Toledo Peru
    • Evo Morales - Bolivia

Curious Facts Latin America Latin AmericanAngelNetworks 4. For the first time EVER in history!!! Latin America Approximate GDP GrowthOf Latin American Countries in the past 2-3 years Brazil 5-6% Peru 6-9% (7.5% 2011) Chile 6-7% Panama 7-8% Costa Rica 4% Dominican Republic 7-8% Mexico -6% - 5% Argentina 6-9% Latam Whole: 4.5% in 2010 Source: America Economia Antes Amrica Latina era el problema y hoy es parte de la solucin" Felipe Larran, Chilean Minister of Treasury (Hacienda) 5. Small deals, closed circles, and risk aversion overkill Historical Funding absence Capital Requirements Time Seed Start-up Growth Expansion Friends, Family, Fools - FFF Business Angels Venture Capital IPO / PE / M&A Risk: ELEVATED Risk: LOW Latin AmericanAngelNetworks 6.

  • Two key detonators were:
  • 1995-2005 Internet Mass Adoption
  • 2005-2011 Social Media & Social Networks
  • In the last 3 years alone
    • Being an Angel becomes popular
    • Formation/Formalization of Networks
    • Organization at a Regional Level
    • Crossborder deal-sharing begins

The Web and Social Networks as Detonators Advent of the Angel Latin AmericanAngelNetworks 7. 35+ networks within an association Angel Networks: Current State Latin AmericanAngelNetworks 8. 35+ networks within an association Angel Networks: Current State Latin AmericanAngelNetworks 9.

  • A combination of 3 factors make timing right:
  • Advent of the Angel in Latin America
  • Economic Growth in Latin America
  • Surge of Crowdfunding on a global scale

The starts are aligning themselves Timing is Right: Future is Bright Latin AmericanAngelNetworks 10.

  • Program by CORFO and Innova Chile
  • $40,000 to start
  • Access Access Access!!
    • Additional funding
    • Clients and partners
  • Plan to bring 1,000 entrepreneurs

You dont have to be Latin to get funded Entry point to Latin America Latin AmericanAngelNetworks 11. ByLatin AmericanAngelNetworks Thank you for your time! Session Feedback much appreciated 12. You may reachLatin American Angel Networks@ : Estuardo Robles [email_address] @tatarobles