Latin American Nationalism & Independence

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Latin American Nationalism & Independence. AIM: How Did Nationalism Affect Latin America ? Do Now: Latin American Independence Worksheet. European Empires: 1660s. Dutch Spain Portugal English French. 1700-1800s: New Ideas Brewing in Europ e. Enlightenment. Rulers. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Latin American Nationalism & Independence

Revolutions in Latin America: 19c-Early 20c

Latin American Nationalism & Independence

AIM: How Did Nationalism Affect Latin America?

Do Now: Latin American Independence Worksheet1European Empires: 1660s

Dutch Spain Portugal English French21700-1800s: New Ideas Brewing in Europe

RulersEnlightenment3Causes of Latin AmericanRevolutionsEnlightenment Ideas writings of John Locke & Jean RousseauCreole discontent at being left out of government jobs and trade concessions.Inspiration of the American/French Revolutions.Preoccupation of Spain & Portugal in fighting the Napoleonic Wars.

4Enlightenment IdeasLaws of nature [NATURAL LAWS] govern natural science and human society.Give people rights life, liberty, property!Make fair societies based on reason possible.Challenged the theory of Divine Right monarchy.


Latin American Revolutions6Simn Bolivar: The Brainsof the Revolution

Creole leader of the revolutions in Venezuela.Spent time in Europe and the newly-independent United States.7Simn Bolivar Meets Jos de San Martin

8The Muscle of the Revolution

Bolivar coming from the North.Jos de St. Martn and Bernard OHiggins cross the Andes Mountains.9Bolivar & San Martin Fight for Independence!


Bolivars Accomplishments11Bolivars FailureAfter uniting Venezuela, Columbia, & Ecuador into Gran Columbia, he left to help free the rest of Latin America.

He died a year later, with his goal of uniting all of South America unfulfilled!