Latin American Revolution 1750-1914

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Latin American Revolution 1750-1914. By: Keenan Smith Christian Flores Jamie Dickinson Danielle Grossman . Background. American Revolution, 1776 French Revolution and Enlightenment, 1789 Napoleon’s conquest, 1800’s. The cause and effect. Powerful leaders call for independence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Latin American Revolution 1750-1914

Latin American Revolution 1750-1914

Latin American Revolution1750-1914By: Keenan Smith Christian FloresJamie DickinsonDanielle Grossman BackgroundAmerican Revolution, 1776French Revolution and Enlightenment, 1789Napoleons conquest, 1800s

The cause and effect Powerful leaders call for independenceIdeas of Enlightenment spread to the AmericansRevolutions occurred in South America, North America, and FranceSetting up colonies in the Americas by SpainSpains power weakensTrade expands steadilyDeaths occurred Civil War breaks downHelp shape the pathCommon defense PactParliamentary AssemblySome nations gained independence

Wars for independence in Latin AmericaThe resultTrade-Cash crop economy continuedTrade not restricted to a mother countrySpains former colonies opened trade with Britain and the United StatesCaudillo borrowed money from Britain and United States to set up industriesLand Sales-Governments sold lands to raise moneyMost land were owned by a small, elite section of the populationBanana Republics-United Fruit Company controlled Central America in late 19th and early 20th century