Latin American Revolutions and The Enlightenment

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Text of Latin American Revolutions and The Enlightenment

  • 1. The Age of RevolutionSpanish America

2. Why start a revolution?Revolutionaries:USA = 3. Conditions of the monarchy:King Carlos IVCorruptBankrupt = higher taxes, selling officeWar with England = destruction of the navyYou are a:SlaveMestizoIndigenousWomanWhite, born in the colonies = CreolePriestWealthy Americano* European born = PeninsularConditions in the colonies:High TaxesHegemonyPatriarchy, double-standards for male/female behaviorNo representation in governmentLimited freedom for women, peasantsNo freedom for slavesChurch controlled lifeCaste SystemSpanish monopolies on trade and industryUnemployment1. What reasons do you have to start revolution?2. How would you defeat the Spanish?3. How would you change the conditions in the colonies?4. Your ideal society after the revolution?Aristocracy, Democracy, Monarchy, Communism, Anarchy, Oligarchy? 4. The EnlightenmentThe Social Contract 5. Man was born free, and everywhere he is in chainsJean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1787)Are humans innately selfless? Or, innately selfish?State of NatureSocialContractPopularSovereigntyHobbes"solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and shortbellum ominum contra omnes(meaning war of all against all) 6. Eugne Delacroix, La Libert Guidant le Peuple 7. Jacques-Louis David, Napoleon Crossing the Alps 8. Francisco Goya, Nor This, from the series, The Disasters of War 9. Portugal and Brazil 1807 Portuguese refuse to close ports anddeclare war on England France invades in response Prince Joo and royal court fled to Rio de Janeiro By 1810, a startling contrast existed. ThePortuguese crown was closer than ever to Brazil.The Spanish crown, usurped by a foreigner, wasfurther than ever from Spanish America. 10. The Ideals ofa RevolutionBetrayedJacques-Louis David, The Death of Marat