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Layout Slide 2 Soil Texture Slide 3 Describe Topography Slide 4 Topography Maps Slide 5 Slope Limitation Allowable Slope depends on profile (low, standard high), span length, pipe diameter, and tire size range 7% to 18% Crop clearance Slope absorption Pivot Flex Slide 6 Slope Adsorption Crop Clearance Slide 7 Map Out Obstacles and Field Shapes Slide 8 Slide 9 Slide 10 Applying Irrigation Water in Circles (vs. squares) In a rectangular system each sprinkler applies water to an Identically sized Area (A) In a circular system the area increases as the radius increases Hence, each sprinkler applies water to a differently sized Area (A) 1 243 1432 A1 = A2 = A3 = A4 A1 < A2 < A3 < A4 Slide 11 Methods of calculating area Slide 12 Circle Area Computations Area = R 2 Radius (ft.) Total Area (acres) Spoke Area (acres) 1301.2 2604.93.7 39011.06.1 52019.58.5 65030.511.0 78043.913.4 91059.715.8 104078.018.3 117098.720.7 1300121.823.1 Counting circles or dots Sprinklers are sized appropriately along length of pivot to maintain uniform applications along linear length of the center pivot machine Slide 13 Equations Slide 14 Effective Radius The effective radius of the end gun is only 75 to 80 percent of the wetted radius Slide 15 Other GIS GPS Cad Surveying Slide 16 Class Exercise Slide 17 Problem 1 A pivot has the last sprinkler at 1300 ft and the sprinkler has a throw of 55 ft What is the effective wetted radius and the irrigated area? Slide 18 Problem 2 A pivot with radius of 1295 ft has an end gun with the effective radius of 85 ft to water the corners. The end gun operates 50% of the time. Find the irrigated area? Slide 19 Problem 3 A part circle with radius of 1350 ft irrigates all but 30 degrees of the circle. What is the irrigated area? Slide 20


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