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Shop 8



Service CenterApproach lane to service center was delineated to guide our customer or vendors to the service center.

Service Center2

The end of the line.At this point our Leadworker will direct deliveries to the Parts Department or will receive equipment in for repair.

The end of the line3

Service CenterThis building was the former gas house used years ago. When gas pumps and tanks were removed it became a storage room.

The Leadworker will receive equipment for service or repair and begin by receiving the post/pre-op, conduct a walk around inspection and pull any codes with the code reader and open a work order.

Service Center4

Work Order ProcessingThe work order is opened, comments will be written in at this time to include any findings in the walk around along with the original request for service. . Contact information entered, an ETA of completion is given to the customer and the work is assigned to a mechanic.

Air conditioning and heating were added to this former gas house.

Work Order Processing5

The three shops have separate work lines which are easy to distinguish from each other as each lines up with the respective shop.


Shop A, B, C6

Parts Deliveries In an effort to keep vendors from wandering around the shop we made an entrance for deliveries specifically for them.

Parts Deliveries7

Parts Department

Once in the parts department vendors are restricted to one side of the counter and only enter beyond the counter upon invitation for security purposes.

Parts Department8

Parts ServiceDesks were placed so each EMS faces the parts window.Our parts window was relocated as were the desks. The window was located to the far right in the photo on the right.

Parts Service9

Wide open access of Parts Dept. to shop, below right is the field mechanics parts pick/delivery area.

Parts Dept. to shop, field mechanics pick/delivery area10

The Main Shop Shop 8s main shop located in San Bernardino had two Shop A & B. With the addition of CARB mandates, Local Request, ESR and RS&E work the shop supervisors were loaded with paperwork and scheduling woes. This affected our normal repair and service work or at least interfered with it.We decided to dedicate a shop solely to those responsibilities and during the slow times to assist with the workload of the other shops, as such C-Shop was formed.It streamlined the workload and now A & B Shops focus on repair and service only which has resulted in a faster turn around in repair/service time to our customer.

The Main Shop 11

C-ShopSpecial ProjectsThis bay in C-Shop is dedicated to trap service, diagnosis, cleaning and repair. If a unit comes in for any repair complaint that includes a trap issue this is its first stop. After that repair is done it moves to the shop normally assigned to handle this cost center to complete the other repairs noted.

C Shop Special Projects12

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