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Tweets LR sent re: Brandi


This is Erika Dobson, aka DOBBIE1221 on twitter-Leann met her this past year as a fan on twitter. Erika spends most of her time on twitter bashing and harassing Brandi-which Leann encourages. This picture is from the Malibu Bake sale on Dec 12, 2011 where Leann invited her and let her hang out with her, Eddie and Brandis KIDS!Leann encourages this behavior because she cant say it herself. She knows she would be called out for it. But she still sends winks ;) and LOLs as replies when they DO harass or talk badly about Brandi. This is a Bonus Mom allowed around Brandis sons?

Making fun of Brandis son peeing on the grass in the Real Housewives episode.

More Erika/Dobbie nastiness & tweets with Leann.

Leann and her gang of friends call Brandi OBB: Old Bitter Bitch. Here they are talking about her and laughing about it.

Tweets about Leann buying Erika Christmas presents!

This is Mateo, Leanns hairdresser and very close friend. He travels everywhere with Leann, including when she is responsible for Brandis children.

Darrell Brown is Leanns song writer and sometimes producer. He talks constantly on twitter about Brandis sons and was with them on Thanksgiving and birthdays.

Listing psychotic & murderous Biomoms-in reference to Brandi after quoting BonusMom Leann.

Anthony Mejan-Leann met him on Twitter as well. The more he bashed Brandi and made nasty cartoons about her, the more he got to meet her. He graphic designed Leanns twitter page background for her.