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  • International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society555 East Wells Street, Suite 1100Milwaukee, WI 53202-3823 USA

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    Milwaukee, WI

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    Congress ofParkInsons DIsease

    anD MoveMent DIsorDers

    Learn More About the MDS Progressive Supranuclear

    Palsy Study Group

    18th International Congress in Stockholm, Sweden

    How to Make the Most Out of the New MDS Website

    Call for Feedback: MDS Task Force on the Definition of Parkinsons Disease

    MDS Remembers Prof. Moussa Traore

    MDS Celebrates 50 Years of PSP

    V o lum e 1 8 , I s s u e 2 2 0 1 4 e d I t o r s , C a r lo C o lo s I m o , m d a n d ma r k s ta C y, m d

    june 14-18 2015san DIego, Ca, usa

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    ChiCago Paris Buenos aires ToronTo DuBlin syDney sToCkholm san Diego

    19th InternatIonal Congress of ParkInsons DIsease anD MoveMent DIsorDers

    Important Dates

    April 17, 2015Early registration Deadline

    MAy 15, 2015Final pre-registration Deadline

    JunE 14-18, 201519th international Congress of parkinsons

    Disease and Movement Disorders





    save the Datewww.MDsCongrEss2015.org

    june 14-182015

    san DIego, Ca, usa

  • I s s u e 2 , 2 0 1 4 M o v i n g A l o n g P A G E 3

    International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society International Secretariat555 East Wells Street, Suite 1100Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202-3823USATel: +1 414-276-2145Fax: +1 414-276-3349info@movementdisorders.orgwww.movementdisorders.org

    OFFICERSPresidentMatthew B. Stern, MD

    President-ElectOscar S. Gershanik, MD

    SecretaryFrancisco Cardoso, MD, PhD

    Secretary-ElectClaudia Trenkwalder, MD

    TreasurerChristopher Goetz, MD

    Treasurer-ElectDavid John Burn, MD, FRCP

    Past-PresidentGnther Deuschl, MD

    INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEEPaolo Barone, MD, PhDBastiaan Bloem, MD, PhDMurat Emre, MDSusan Fox, MRCP (UK), PhDVictor Fung, MBBS, PhD, FRACPEtienne Hirsch, PhDBeom S. Jeon, MD, PhDMichael S. Okun, MDAnthony H.V. Schapira, DSc, MDMark A. Stacy, MD

    Table of Contents 4 editorial:CarloColosimo,mdandmarkstacy,md

    5 Presidents Letter: Matthew B. Stern, MD, MDS President

    6 Feature Story: MDS Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Study Group

    7 InternationalCongress

    11 Society Announcements

    13 Inmemoriam:Professormoussatraore

    14 europeansection:olivierrascol,md,Phd,mds-esChair

    21 asianandoceaniansection:louistan,FrCP,mds-aosChair

    24 Panamericansection:JorgeJuncos,md,mds-PasChair

    Editorial Policy

    As part of its democratic commitment, MDS welcomes the input of all its members about the features and articles that appear in this newsletter. Have a comment or question? Each issue will include responses in the Letters to the Editor section. All materials submitted become the property of MDS.

    Address your communications to:Editor: Moving AlongInternational Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society555 East Wells Street, Suite 1100Milwaukee, WI 53202-3823 USAtel:+1414-276-2145Fax:+1414-276-3349E-mail: info@movementdisorders.org

    Letters to the Editors yourCommentsandQuestionsarealwaysWelcome

  • P A G E 4 M o v i n g A l o n g I s s u e 2 , 2 0 1 4

    E d i t o r i a l

    Moving Along, Co-Editors, Carlo Colosimo and Mark Stacy at the 18th International Congress in Stockholm.

    Former Movement Disorders Journal Co-Editors, Anthony Lang and Andrew Lees, take a break to enjoy Bzios during The 9th Brazilian Meeting of Movement Disorders.

    thisissueofMoving Along mainly deals with the reports from the Societys annual InternationalCongressheldinstockholmaswellasthevariousregionalcourses,schoolsandworkshopsorganizedbythethreemdsregionalsectionsaroundtheworld. In addition, we would like to introduce to the members the newly formed PsPstudyGroup.othermdsstudyGroups,taskForcesandCommitteeswillbeintroduced in the forthcoming issues.

    As you will see, the number and diversity of MDS regional activities is impres-siveandcontinuallygrowing.thereasonofthefervorputforthbythesocietyin supporting these regional educational activities is to offer small and focused meetings,inwhichtheexchangeofopinionsandideasbetweentheexpertsandthe audience is made easier by the size of the meeting. At the same time, the annualInternationalCongress,withitsnowclassicalformat,remainssuccessfulboth scientifically and economically (which is not a trivial point during these years of continuous recessions for many countries of the world). At the same time, the nextInternationalCongressscientificProgramisalreadyavailablethankstotheeffortsoftheInternationalCongressscientificProgramCommittee,ledbyVictorFung and Irene Litvan. Each year, this committee has tried to add a number of new speakers from the younger generation, and it looks like this idea of a continuous generational renovation has been fully accomplished for the upcoming Interna-tionalCongressinsandiego.

    duringtheInternationalCongressandthevariousmeetingsorganizedbymds,the participants not only improve their scientific knowledge, but also enjoy their free time (as seen in the picture below!).

    Last but not least, the editors and staff of Moving Along would like to wish all of you a very productive and happy 2015!

  • I s s u e 2 , 2 0 1 4 M o v i n g A l o n g P A G E 5

    P r e s i d e n t s L e t t e r

    as2014comestoaclose,ImproudtolookbackatalloftheaccomplishmentsoftheInternationalParkinsonandMovement Disorder Society (MDS) over the course of this year.

    mdshasexperiencedtremendousgrowthyetagainthisyear.membershiphasgrownover17%thisyear,bringingour total membership to over 5,300.

    thesocietystwojournalshaveeachhadgreatsuccessthisyear.Movement Disorders has successfully raised its impactfactortoanimpressive5.634andisranked14out194neurologyJournals.2014alsobroughtthesuccessfullaunch of the online Journal, Movementdisorders-ClinicalPractice,nowwithfourissuespublishedfor2014.Welook

    forward to even more forward momentum as we go into 2015 with two strong journals.

    mdsalsosuccessfullylaunchedanewwebsiteinapril2014.thedomainwww.movementdisorders.orghasstayedthesame,aswellastheaward-winningcontentofthewebsite.thewebsitenowfeaturesacleanerlook,informationthatisstreamlinedandtheabilitytousethesiteonamultitudeofplatforms.thevideolibraryisalsonowviewableonanykindofdevice,includingmobilephonesandtablets.Iencourageyou to take advantage of this fantastic resource.

    thesocietyhashelditslargestofferingoflivecoursesthisyear,includingaverysuccessfulInternationalCongressinstockholm,swedenandthe4thasianandoceanianParkinsonsdiseaseandmovementdisordersCongressinPattaya,thailand.mdshasalsohostedamultitudeofsuccessfulcoursesworldwideincludingtheFirstBasicscientistssummerschoolintaipei,taiwanandthefirstalliedteamtraininginsandi-ego,Ca,usa.mdshasalsobeenabletosupportqualitymovementdisorderseducationinunderservedareasworldwidethroughoutreachprograms such as the Developing World Education Program, Ambassador Program and Visiting Professor Program.

    ourexpandingcollaborationswithlayfoundationsincludingthemichaelJ.FoxFoundation,CHdI,thesafraFoundationandnationalParkin-son Foundation have bolstered our portfolio of educational initiatives.

    thankyouforbeingpartofanimpressiveyearformds.Ilookforwardtoseeingwhat2015willbringasweaddtoourlistofever-growingaccomplishments and to seeing many of you in San Diego in June.

    Matthew B. Stern, MDMDS President, 2013-2015

  • P A G E 6 M o v i n g A l o n g I s s u e 2 , 2 0 1 4

    F e a t u r e s t o r y

    International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society (MDS) Endorsed Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Study Group Gnter U. Hglinger, MD, Heisenberg-Professor of Neurology, German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases e.V. (DZNE); Chair, MDS Progressive

    Supranuclear Palsy Study Group

    Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) is an adult-onset neurodegenerative disorder with distinct cerebral tau pathology. Its classical clinical mani-festation, termed Steele-Sichardson-Olszewski Syndrome, includes an akinetic-rigid syndrome with oculomotor dysfunction, postural instability, frontallobeandbulbardysfunction.Clinico-pathologicalstudiesinrecentyears have demonstrated a striking clinical heterogeneity, positioning the diseaseintothespectrumspanningfromprimarilyextrapyramidalmove-ment disorders to fronto-temporal dementias, which is both highly chal-lengingandexcitingforclinicalneurologists.mr-imagingandupcomingtau-Pettracersarepromisingtohelpuntanglingthiscomplex.recentenvironmental, genetic and epigenetic studies have successfully started tounraveltheetiologicalbasisofthiscomplexdisorder.neuropathologi-calandexperimentalexaminationsstartedtoprovidedeepinsightsintothe molecular basis of the disorder, offering diverse attractive targets for therapeuticinterventions.In2014,twolargeinternationalrandomizedcontrolled studies demonstrated impressively the feasibility to conduct pivotalandGCP-conformclinicaltrials.thus,PsPhasmovedfromaneglected corner into a hot spot of scienti