Learn Photo Editing with Advanced Retouching Techniques

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Transform your photos of people into the caricatures: you will learn more about ways to develop cartoon character by using retouching, color, or photomanipulation grading method. Just with Photoshop, you will have the ability to create an amazing caricature that could be a particular logo design for an item or a specific character in the ad. In addition to 89 steps explaining the total process, this tutorial likewise provides you with text guidelines plus with images that can help you get the very best result possible. Make a fantasy picture: using retouching and color grading techniques introduced in 50-minute duration video, you will take a terrific portrait and master various looks for your own portraits. Start with the un-retouched picture of a lady, you will work on skin, color grading, lighting, and finishing with a background. Develop fantasy characters in Photoshop: the job in this tutorial is to change the old man into the alien with picture control. In addition, picture con