Lecture 3: Origin of 911 (I) – The Islamic Fundamentalist Worldview

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Lecture 3: Origin of 911 (I) – The Islamic Fundamentalist Worldview. 10 th February 2003 (Monday) simonsuperb@hotmail.com. Macro Vs Micro Origins. George W Bush: Why do they hate us so much? Macro Origins: Long-term Historical Development Micro Origins: Why was 911 arranged that way? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Lecture 3: Origin of 911 (I) – The Islamic Fundamentalist Worldview

  • Lecture 3: Origin of 911 (I) The Islamic Fundamentalist Worldview

    10th February 2003 (Monday)


  • Macro Vs Micro OriginsGeorge W Bush: Why do they hate us so much?Macro Origins:Long-term Historical Development Micro Origins:Why was 911 arranged that way?Why did Osama Bin Laden arrange the attack despite his expectation of American revenge?

  • Three Co-circles of 911 OriginsWithin Macro Origins: Islamic Fundamentalism Ethics (single-sided) Clash of Civilizations Culture & History American PerspectivesRealityCultureReality

  • Structure of Lecture 3: Definition and Origin of Islamic Fundamentalism America in the Eyes of Islamic FundamentalistsMajor Islamic Fundamentalists Organizations, including Al-QaedaConclusion Why do they practice Islamic Fundamentalism?

  • PART IIslamic Fundamentalism: Definition and Origins

  • Fundamentalisms Return to the Original, the Purist FormatFundamentalism Vs RevisionismUST Fundamentalism Vs UST Revisionism Christian Fundamentalism: PuritanismBuddhist FundamentalismMarxist Fundamentalism: Maoism

    Tariq Ali: Clash of Fundamentalisms

  • Origins of Islamic FundamentalismOrigins of Islam

    Origins of Islamic FundamentalismThe Doom Side of the CaliphatePan-Islamism Vs Nationalism of Islamic CountriesThe Koran Debate

  • Doom Side of the CaliphateCaliph = Islamic MonarchCaliphate = Regime of the Islamic Monarch

    The first 4 Caliphs& the Bad CaliphsArabian Nights: the story of the 1001 Nights Primitivism

  • Pan-Islamism Vs NationalismPan-something: the greatness of something and its exclusivityPan-Islamism Pan-Chinese MovementPan-Slavic MovementPan-AmericanismCollapse of the Ottoman Empire (1918)Colonial Era in the Middle East Independence of Modern Arabic Countries Nationalism: theoretical framework of existence of modern Arabic countries

  • The Koran Debate Status of Mohammad the ProphetIconoclastic DebateParallel between Mohammad and Secular Rulers of Saudi royalties

  • The Fundamentalist Structural PyramidAbsolutism



  • The 2-folded Fundamentalism Anti-bureaucratism Target: Bad governments (KSA, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, etc.)

    Anti-Americanism Target: Powers supporting the bad governments (USA and its allies + Israel)

  • PART IIAmerica in the Eyes of Islamic Fundamentalists

  • The Hubal of the Age 1st enemy of Islam: Paganism (7th Century)Hubal, Mecca, KSAGulf War (1989-1990)American Army = Pagan Hubal?

  • Lands of the Crusaders2nd enemy of Islam: Christian Crusade (Apostates from the West) (11th 14th Century)From Pope Urban II (1095) to Pope John Paul II (2000)Saladin the Sultan George W Bush: launch the CrusadeUSA = Christian representative?Taliban = Islam representatives?

  • The Mongol Threat3rd Enemy of Islam: Mongols (Apostates from the East) (14th Century)Genghis KhanHulegu Khan3rd Western ExpeditionIsraeli-Palestinian Conflict?Economic Sanction against Iraqi People?

  • Assigned Readings Main Text: Michael Doran: Somebody Elses Civil War Ideology, Rage, and the Assault on America (H&R P.31-52)Supplementary Text: Tariq Ali: The Clash of Fundamentalisms. Chapter 9: The Roots of Wahhabism. (P.73-78)

  • PART IIIMajor Islamic Fundamentalist Branches

  • Wahhabism (KSA)

    State religion of KSA after Wahhabi Agreement between KSA Royalty and Wahhabi mullahsIslamic Fundamentalist Training Schools Students: Al-Qaeda and Taliban

  • Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt)Agreement with President NasserThe Great PurgeAssassination of President Sadat (1981)Merge with Al-Qaeda

  • Islamic Salvation Front (Algeria) 1992 Algerian Parliamentary ElectionOnly Islamic Fundamentalists won power through democratic meansThe Algerian official reactionThe Western reactionDemocracy: the double standard

  • C.V. of Mr. Osama Bin LadenNationality: KSAFamily: Construction Business. Rich.Royal Connection: the replacement issue in Afghanistan (1979)Secular UniversityMajor: Public Administration

  • C.V. of Mr. Osama Bin Laden (II)Afghan War against USSR (1980-1989)Gulf War against USA (1989-1990)Enemy = USAFounder of Al-Qaeda Fatwa against USA911: First Response or Final Response?

  • Conclusion -- Why do people practice Islamic Fundamentalism?

  • Why? Why? Why?Religious Reasons?Political Reasons?Article 23 in the Islamic WorldEconomic Reasons?

  • The Heaven PackageThe Middle Class Paradox of 911 HijackersGreatest Scary of the AmericansThe 911 Bomber Diary Number of Virgin-wife: 70Duration of each climax: 24 yearsDiscontent towards the Current World

  • How to make the Heaven less attractive?Fight against the Evil?OR

    Satisfy:Religious aspirations?Political aspirations?Economic reasons?Humanitarian reasons?

  • Imagine John LennonImagine there's no heaven, It's easy if you try, No hell below us, Above us only sky, Imagine all the people living for today... Imagine there's no countries, It isnt hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for, No religion too, Imagine all the people living life in peace... Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can, No need for greed or hunger, A brotherhood of man, Imagine all the people Sharing all the world... You may say Im a dreamer, but Im not the only one, I hope some day you'll join us, And the world will live as one.

  • ~~The End~~Thank you for attending