Lecture5-Niyama-The Buddhist Law of Nature

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30 December, 2014.


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Niyma: The Buddhist Laws of NatureDecember 30, 2014


Sanu Mahatthanadull, Ph.D.International Buddhist Studies College (IBSC), Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University

The Pli canon + CommentariesThe PaccayasuttaThe UppdyasuttaThe Sumagalavilsin The Ahaslin2Niyma in TipiakaThe Paccayasuttakatamo ca bhikkhave, paiccasamuppdo. jtipaccay bhikkhave jarmaraa uppd v tathgatna anuppd v tathgatna hitva s dhtu dhammahitat dhammaniymat idapaccayat

S.II. 25.3Niyma in Tipiaka (Cont.)The Paccayasuttathe fixed course of the Dhamma (dhamma-niymat)specific conditionality4Niyma in Tipiaka (Cont.)The Uppdyasuttauppd v bhikkhave tathgatna anuppd v tathgatna hitva s dhtu dhammahitat dhammaniymat sabbe sakhr aniccti . . . sabbe sakhr dukkhti . . . sabbe dhamm anatttiA.I.285.56Commentarial Works on the Fivefold NiymasThe Sumagalavilsin The Ahaslin7Commentarial Works on the Fivefold Niymasthe fivefold order of the cosmos:- Germinal, Caloric, Moral, Natural-phenomenal, Psychical8Commentarial Works on the Fivefold NiymasBja-niyma:The Germinal order reveals a giving of this and that similar modes of fruition to this or that seed, as in the grams top shoots sprouting to the north, the southern creeper growing round a tree from the right, the sunflowers facing the sun, the Mluva creeper growing towards a tree, the holes occurring in the top of the cocoanut.9DhsA.272.Commentarial Works on the Fivefold NiymasUtu-niyma:The Caloric order is the simultaneous blossoming, fructifying and sprouting of such and such trees at such and such seasons.10DhsA.272.Commentarial Works on the Fivefold NiymasKamma-niyma:Thrice-conditioned kamma gives thrice-conditioned, twice-conditioned, unconditioned result; twice-conditioned kamma gives twice-conditioned, unconditioned result, not thrice-conditioned result this giving of suitable results by various kammas is the Moral Order.11DhsA.274.Commentarial Works on the Fivefold NiymasDhamma-niyma:Bodhisats taking conception, being born of a mother, their final enlightenment, as Tathgata turning the wheel of Dhamma, the surrender of life and utter passing away:- the world-earthquake at each is of the Dhamma-Order.12DhsA.274.Commentarial Works on the Fivefold NiymasCitta-niyma:And when an object strikes the sentient organism there is no doer or instigator to say, Be thou adverting, etc. From the time the object strikes the sentient organism; each according to its own nature adverting by the five doors agitates the life-continuum, visual cognition accomplishes the function of receiving, the resultant mind-cognition-element that of examining, the inoperative mind-cognition-element that of determining, apperception enjoys the taste of the object:- all this is understood as the Psychical Order.13DhsA.274.1415Bja-niymaThe Sumagalavilsin / The Ahaslin

The Paccayasutta/The Uppdyasutta

Utu-niymaKamma-niymaCitta-niymaDhamma-niymaDhamma-niymaCommentarial WorksTipiaka