Legal Frameworks and Cyber-Security

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Legal Frameworks and Cyber-Security. Discussion. Good Models to look at for Pacific Island Nations. Tonga has a computer crime act (in review) NZ does not have cyber crime act?? Australia has extensive legislation Look at NetSafe NZ (the orb??) Cyber bullying Bill 2013(NZ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Legal Frameworks and Cyber-Security

Legal Frameworks and Cyber-SecurityDiscussionGood Models to look at for Pacific Island Nations

Tonga has a computer crime act (in review)NZ does not have cyber crime act??Australia has extensive legislationLook at NetSafe NZ (the orb??)Cyber bullying Bill 2013(NZ)NZ stole Australia's Spam LegislationShould we work on a draft regional template on cyber crime?Look to academia to research cyber crime urgent need for statistics Where to start?Who is responsible (gov dept?)Need for specialist knowledge to enforce and policeNeed to build capacity of policeMust go hand in hand with education/developmentSPAM legislation is an important first step

Do we need legislation?Legislation does not (often) address the core issues/problems, look at alternatives to actual legislations (policies / education)Appropriate mandates Communicate > facilitate > regulateTo protect intellectual property (care that it does not stifle innovation)Consider how the legislation can be ABUSEDAlways remember your core principles do not compromise on valuesInternational cooperation is key (cyber crime often is a transnational crime)

Misc PointsThere is a need for legislations to be concise (?)Appropriate (and effective) responses to offencesAssume that any photo you take will end up on the internet at some pointAustralia has a lot of resources for education on staying safe on the internet3rd party liability


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