Leil Shabbos Shabbos Day Shabbos Afternoon 2017-03-03آ  March 4, 2017 Parshas Terumah ×”×‍ור×ھ ×ھשרפ

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Text of Leil Shabbos Shabbos Day Shabbos Afternoon 2017-03-03آ  March 4, 2017 Parshas Terumah...

  • March 4, 2017 Parshas Terumah ז פרשת תרומה ‘‘ו אדר תשע

    Sponsorships Mazel Tov t o:

    Leil Shabbos

    Candle Lighting 5:24

    Mincha 5:30

    Kabbolas Shabbos After


    Carelbach Minyan After


    Pirchei 8:00

    Shabbos Day

    Early Minyan 7:25

    Parsha Shiur 8:15

    Eight Twenty Minyan 8:20

    Main Minyan 8:45

    Youth Minyan 9:00

    Youth Groups 9:15

    Daf Hashavua Dr. Yakov Weil

    Following the

    Early Minyan

    Sof zman Krias Shema 9:12

    Lomdos from the Parsha Rabbi Menachem Rosenbaum

    Following the

    Main Minyan

    Shabbos Afternoon

    Early Mincha 2:00

    Rabbi Cohen’s Gemora

    Shiur Not meeting this


    Mincha 5:20

    Shalosh Seudos Following


    Maariv 6:27

    Michtav M’Eliyahu Rabbi Shmuel Cohen


    maariv until


    Stewart Sheinfeld

    Father and Son Learning 7:30

    Mr & Mrs. Myron Schreiber on the engagement of their daughter

    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kandelman on the birth of a grandson born to Mr. & Mrs. Joey Kandelman

    Rabbi & Mrs. Garsek on the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson, Tzadok Garsek.

    Rabbi and Mrs. Avrum Reifer on the birth of a great grandson, born to Mr. & Mrs. Noam Lichtman.

    Kiddush is sponsored by:

    Rabbi & Mrs. Mark Weiner have made a donation to the kiddush fund on

    the occasion of the yahrzeits of his parents, Jack & Ruth Weiner.

    Shalosh Seudos is sponsored by:

    Mr. & Mrs. Eric Rothner on the occasion of his father's yahrzeit, by Mr. &

    Mrs. Frank Kleinerman on the occasion of Susan's father's yahrzeit

    Mr. & Mrs. Colin Friedman on the occasion of his mother ’s yahrzeit.

    A donation was also made to the Shalosh Seudos fund by Mr. & Mrs. Allan Arnet

    in memory of Maurice “Bud” Friedman, Moshe ben Meir. On the occasion of the 3rd Yartzeit of Stuart Sheinfeld a number people have

    made donations to the shalosh seudos fund in his memory. A full listing is

    found on page 3. Rav Lebor from Shalavim will be speaking at Shalosh Seudos.

    Stewart Sheinfeld Father and Son Learning is sponsored by

    Mr. & Mrs. Eric Rothner on the occasion of his father's yahrzeit Motzai


    Mazel Tov


    Mr. Steve Miretzky on the loss of his father

    Marvin Miretzky, ah.

    Shiva will be at the Miretzky home 3112 W. Sherwin

    through Monday morning. Shacharis 7:15 AM

    (Sunday March 5th, 8 AM) Mincha/Mariv 5:25 PM.

    The family requests no visitors between the hours

    of 12-2 and after 9:30 PM.

  • To download this week's newsletter "The Western Wall: Halachos and

    Parameters” go to www.adasyeshurun.com/adoptakollel

    To discuss your Adopt A Kollel Pledge please speak to one of our gabboim;

    Rabbi Ari Strulowitz, Aharon Wulkan or Yakov Gutkin or email


    Nshei Corner

     The N’shei is currently preparing for the Lego Purim Party and for

    the Pre-Pesach Meals. A few additional volunteers are needed to help

    set up for the Lego Purim Party this Wednesday night and on the night

    of Purim. Please email Nshei@adasyeshurun.com for more


     Upcoming Event: Women’s Self Defense Course at the shul on

    Monday night March 13 at 7pm. $5 member $10 non-

    member.Opening presentation by Officer Brooke Finneke . Course

    taught by Mrs. Sunny Levi broken down into

    easy to learn steps adaptable to all levels of

    fitness. RSPV at adasyeshurun.com/selfdefense.

    Shul Announcements

     The Shul maintains a cholim list that is updated monthly. To submit a

    name go to www.adasyeshurun.com/cholim

     The Shul maintains a calendar of upcoming Simchas through 2023. If

    you would like to add your Simcha to the calendar, please call the

    office 773-465-2288.

     Yeshurun’s Mobile APP has just been updated. You can use the app to

    quickly access minyan times, halachik Zmanim, The Frumi Noble Audio

    Library, View Shul account, See Upcoming Events and Shiurim and

    read the weekly Announcements. The APP is available free at the both

    the Apple APP Store and the Google Play Store.


     Join us at Yeshurun's Lego Purim Party Motzai Shabbos, March

    11, it is sure to be a “Leibedik Assembly”. Reserve by Monday

    March 6 at 1pm at adasyeshurun.com/purim. Reservations

    recived after this time will be at the “at the door” rate.

     Back for a 6th year! Charvona's Purim Carnival for kids too

    young to sit through the megillah Purim Night. To reserve your

    spot go to adasyeshurun.com/purim-kids.

     Rabbi Yoel Steinmetz of the Chicago Community Kollel will be

    presenting a shiur entitled Drinking and Judaism this Sunday

    March 5th following the 8am Shacharis. Light breakfast.

     Pirchei will be at 8:00-9:00pm Friday night. Boys who come on

    time will be entered into a raffle for spray candy. Cholent will

    be served.

     The Kollel Boker will be learning Hilchos Chol Hamoed

    beginning this Monday. Please speak to Eli Klein to join.

    Photos of the week:

    Rabbi Michel Twerski and Rebbitzin Faige Twerski

    speaking at this past Sunday’s Evening of Chizuk

    for the Choshen Mishpat Kollel

    Community Announcements

     The Chicago Police Department 24th District Community Policing Office invites

    you to "Keeping it Real", presented in cooperation with the Safer

    Foundation. You can hear advice from formerly convicted criminals who use

    their past experience in an "eye-opening" format to explain to us how to

    protect our property. The program will take place at Warren Park on

    Wednesday, March 8 at 7:30pm. For further information, please contact the

    24th District Community Policing Office at (312) 744-6321 or


    Please continue to say tehillim and daven for Harav Gedalia Dov

    Schwartz, shlita, א“גדליה דוב בן פרל שליט who is in need of a refuah

    shleimah. May he be zoche to a refuah shleimah בתוך שאר חולי


    This winter over 1,000* boys and their fathers came and learned Torah in

    Yeshurun every Motzai Shabbos as part of the Stewart Sheinfeld Father and

    Son Learning Program. [Note the 1,000 figure is cumulative]

    With profound thanks to all the sponsors, speakers and everyone who

    came to this program we look forward to upcoming programs.

    This Motzai Shabbos is the final session of the year with learning starting at

    7:30. If you have yet to see this program in action, come and experience

    this Motzai Shabbos.

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shulcloud.app291 https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=934082212&mt=8

  • On the occasion of the 3rd Yartzeit of Stuart Sheinfeld the following people have made do-

    nations to the shalosh seudos fund in his memory:

    M/M Joey Abramchik,M/M Danny Altschul,MM/Anonymous,M/M Tzvi

    Atkin,M/M Herschel Block,M/M Fred Brody,R/M Zev Cohen,R/M

    Shmuel Cohen,Dr. David Crane,D/M Avy Dachman,M/M Claude Edel- son,R/M Louis Fliegelman,D/D Mark Freedman,D/M Yudi Gar-

    den,M/M Irwin Gold,D/M Shmuel Goldstein,M/M Eliezer Gross,M/M

    Sammy Joseph,M/M Aharon Kaye,M/M Adam Kirshner,M/M

    Michael Klein,M/M Frank Kleinerman,M/M Michael

    Kleinerman,M/M Marnin Lebo- vits,M/M Brian Levinson,M/M Ar-

    nold Loeb,M/M Michael Los- kove,M/M Mike Margolies,Dr/M

    David Margulis,M/M Jeffrey Men- delsberg,M/M Sheldon Mendels-

    berg,M/M David Meyers, R/M Hillel Meyers, M/M Joel Meyers, R/M

    Mordechai Millunchick,M/M Steve Miretzky,R/M Shlomo Neu-

    berger,M/M Danny Novick,M/M Mike Nussbaum,M/M Marc Ols-

    wang,M/M Gavriel Prero,R/M Shlo- mo Rosen,M/M David Rosen-

    stein,M/M James Rosenwasser,M/ M Eric Rothner,M/M Martin Sam- ber, R/M Shmuel Schuman,M/M

    David Segal, R/M Sam Seleski, S/A Ira Silverstein, M/M Marc Sommer, M/M Chaim Suss,M/M Lance Tax- er,D/M Yakov Weil,M/M Bennie

    Weinfeld,M/M Heshy Wengrow,M/ M Yitzy Wengrow,M/M Yoni Wen- grow,M/M Lyle Wexler,M/M Mi-

    chael Zahtz,D/M Phil Zaret

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