Lesson 28: Explaining Ideas 20-25 minutes ?· Learn useful vocabulary related to EXPLAINING IDEAS. 2.…

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    TOEIC Beginner Reviewer Basics (Vocabulary and Grammar) (TOEIC )

    Today, you will:

    1. Learn useful vocabulary related to EXPLAINING IDEAS.

    2. Review Comparatives

    Main Topic 3: Meetings

    Lesson 28: Explaining Ideas (20-25 minutes)


    Exercise 1: Whats the meaning? (5-6 minutes)

    A. Choose the meaning of the underlined words from the choices that follow.

    1. She explained the importance of team work.

    a. to make clear

    b. to present

    c. to question

    d. to declare

    2. The participants came to study the importance of team work.

    a. learn

    b. debate

    c. know

    d. read

    3. The workshop provided positive results.

    a. outcome

    b. viewpoint

    c. opinion

    d. belief

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    TOEIC Beginner Reviewer Basics (Vocabulary and Grammar) (TOEIC )

    4. Alice is recognized for her original ideas.

    a. new

    b. true

    c. false

    d. good

    5. The workshop included team building activities.

    a. exercises

    b. meetings

    c. seminars

    d. classes

    B. Sentence-Making Practice (3-4 minutes)

    Practice using the words youve learned in your own sentences.

    1. Explained

    2. Study

    3. Results

    4. Original

    5. Activities

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    TOEIC Beginner Reviewer Basics (Vocabulary and Grammar) (TOEIC )

    Exercise 2: Whats the word? (4-5 minutes)

    Read the following dialog with your tutor and try to use context clues to fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word. You can find the missing word from the pool of words at the bottom.

    Choices: a. replace b. compare c. except d. result

    Carla Watkins is proposing a Team Building Training Course to Ken Green:

    Carla Watkins: Team building training courses are prepared to teach leadership skills and show our participants how to lead successful and high performing teams.

    Ken Green: How does it ______ with our current training process?

    Carla Watkins: We will have team building workshops so that new and experienced managers will find the importance of how to lead effectively. The customer agents from your company will be prepared to lead highly productive teams and give better results.

    Ken Green: How many participants do you need to do the workshop?

    Carla Watkins: We need at least 25-30 delegates _________ in special cases where only 18-20 agents are qualified. The participants will be divided into groups of 5. Team building is a training course that is both challenging and practical. We aim to teach the basic 'people management skills' in a positive and useful environment. Our training courses and workshops will _______ your companys training programs, which take time. We will help the participants increase their work effectiveness, their ability to produce, allow them to have greater control of their daily activities and overcome work stress.

    Ken Green: How much will it cost?

    Carla Watkins: The cost is USD63.00 per participant, inclusive of the venue, meals and materials.

    Ken Green. I will discuss this with our Managing Director. I will call before the end of the week. Thanks for coming over to explain the whole process.

    Carla Watkins: Its my pleasure. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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    TOEIC Beginner Reviewer Basics (Vocabulary and Grammar) (TOEIC )


    Topic: Comparatives (5-6 minutes)

    General Description:

    The comparative form of adjectives is used to compare and contrast TWO objects. In contrast, the superlative form is used when comparing THREE or MORE objects.

    Comparative: London is more exciting than Paris. Superlative: London is the most exciting city in Europe.

    The table shows how to construct the Comparative form of adjectives:

    Condition Instruction Sample

    One Syllable Adjectives Add er to the adjective Cheap+er = cheaper Add r if ending in e Safe +r = safer Double the consonant if

    ending in a single vowel and consonant and add er

    Big +g+er

    Two syllable adjective ending in y

    Change y to i and add er Happy = happ+i+er = happier

    For common or longer adjectives

    Use more More beautiful, more exciting

    Remember: There are some important exemptions to these rules. See the table for some

    examples of these exemptions.


    Special Adjectives Other Form Sentence examples

    Good Better comparative This book is better than that one.

    Best superlative This is the best book Ive read this


    Bad Worse comparative His Spanish is worse than mine.

    Worst superlative His Spanish is the worst.

    Far Farther comparative Jeans house is farther than Johns


    Farthest-superlative Annes destination is the farthest.

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    TOEIC Beginner Reviewer Basics (Vocabulary and Grammar) (TOEIC )

    Comprehension Check:

    What comparative form would you use for the following adjectives?

    Hot High Interesting

    Exercise 1: Incomplete Sentences (3-4 minutes)

    Choose the word or phrase that would best complete the following sentences.

    1. Clarisse gave a ________ explanation than Morris

    a. longer

    b. heavier

    c. taller

    d. darker

    2. The team building activity produced _______ results than the company training.

    a. better

    b. good

    c. great

    d. best

    3. The activity was held in Resort Hotel, which was ________ than the Marriot Hotel.

    a. nicer

    b. nicest

    c. nice

    d. more nice