Lesson-I'm Stressed to the Limit

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  • Lesson 3 - Level B1

    Lesson 3 - Level B1 1

    I'm Stressed To The Limit! (30 min.)


    Describe people's job; make recommendations using should;

    and discuss work-related stress.

  • Lesson 3 - Level B1

    Lesson 3 - Level B1 2


    Have to





    have to

    don't have to

    work at night.



    has to

    doesn't have to





    have to work at










    do the job for free.

    You use has to / have to to show that it is necessary to do something.

    Everyone has to pay taxes.

    We all have to use the same computer program.

    When you want to show that it isn't necessary to do something, you

    can use doesn't have to/don't have to.

    He doesn't have to travel much in his job.

    We don't have to dress formally for work.

    You use should or shouldn't to show that it is a good or a bad idea to

    do something.

    You should use the internet for getting new ideas.

    You shouldn't work so hard if you want to live an old age.

  • Lesson 3 - Level B1

    Lesson 3 - Level B1 3

    Exercises: Complete the sentences in an appropriate way. Use

    has to, have to, doesn't have to or don't have to and the verbs in the


    get up wear sign get do go

    1) Our company has a 'casual Friday' policy which means you

    _________ formal clothes in the office on Fridays.

    2) All visitors to the factory __________ a register.

    3) To get to work on time he _________ at 5:30 a.m.

    4) I like holidays because you ________ anything.

    5) Every Monday morning we ________ to a departmental meeting.

    6) You ________ a visa if you travel to certain countries.


    Using the words/phrases inside the box, make two sentences with has

    to/have to/ doesn't have to/don't have to. Discuss with your partner.


    a) An air traffic controller has to take decisions very quickly.

    (It's necessary)

    b) A factory worker doesn't have to be creative.

    (It's not necessary)

    air traffic controller factory worker

    take decisions be creative

  • Lesson 3 - Level B1

    Lesson 3 - Level B1 4

    1) Middles managers CEO's solve day-to-day

    problems take strategic decisions

    a) ____________________________________.

    b) ____________________________________.

    2) Lawyer secretary wear a suit type letters

    a) ____________________________________.

    b) ____________________________________.

    3) Accountant telephonist use a computer

    be honest

    a) _________________________________________.

    b) _________________________________________.

    4) Teacher engineer tell people what to do

    wear a tie

    a) _______________________________________.

    b) _______________________________________.

    5) Lorry driver taxi driver drive long distances

    memorize street maps

    a) ____________________________________________.

    b) ____________________________________________.

  • Lesson 3 - Level B1

    Lesson 3 - Level B1 5


    Promotion? Anyone?

    Ambition pushes people at work to

    succeed, receive praise, and eventually move up

    in the company. With the promotions and

    increased responsibilities, people also dream

    about new cars, bigger homes, more exotic

    vacations, and perhaps an earlier, more fulfilling

    retirement. But new research out of Britain

    showed without a doubt that promotions at work

    may actually harm the health of people.

    Research indicated that the mental health

    of people worsened with a promotion. The negative effects weren't for

    the short term, and continued for a long time. Mental strain increased

    by an average of 10%. In addition, people were more likely to skip

    visits to the doctor. These people most often cited stress and not

    enough time because of the new job. The research also showed that a

    promotion didn't offer any health benefits at all.

    Past studies have shown that stress can be a silent and deadly

    killer. It affects every part of the body. Stress can lead to heart disease,

    cancer, depression, and even more cases of the common cold. All of

    this occurs because stress slows or shuts down important bodily

    functions like digestion, physical growth, and parts of the immune

    system. Although the negative effects are just temporary if the stress

    is removed, frequent and severe cases cause the slow down to occur

    again and again. The effects add up over time.

    The findings came from an annual survey which also included

    information from roughly 1,000 newly promoted people. And although

    the poor economy and the threat of joblessness are presently large

    enough to cause stress for some, there's now something else to worry

    about too: recognition and job promotion.

    Discussion Questions:

    1) What are some areas that generally cause stress at work?

    2) Do you agree that the new job responsibilities that come with a

    promotion are stressful?

    3) Have you ever heard the term "work-life balance?" What do you

    think it means?


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