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1. Lesson Learned Solving teachers problemsS 2. MissionS Lesson Learned works to remedy the problems in everyteachers life through low-cost, effective solutions.S every: public, private, charter, domestic, foreign, developingS low-cost: work within the constraints that are presentS effective: constantly adapt until the best solution is found 3. Start with Lesson Planning:Where does teachers timego? 4. Start with Lesson PlanningS 7.2 million teachers in United StatesS Almost 3 million at elementary and middle school levelS 45 of 50 states adopted Common Core State StandardsS Introduced in 2010S Nearly 2.7 million teachers shifting to Common CoreState Standards 5. How can we solve thistransition problem?S Harness collective powerS Identify the best lessonsS Share the best lessonsS Provide feedbackS Plan out the best unitsS Reduce planning timeS Rooted in the Common Core State StandardsS Allow teachers to focus their time on their students 6. Web PlatformS Designed around teachers needsS Search for lessons by standard S Common, efficient formatS Give / receive feedbackS Combine elements from multiple plans easilyS Plan out entire units and share them with administrationS Receive rewards for uploading quality lessons 7. Business ModelS Subscription serviceS 1 month free trialS Minimum necessary fee to cover servicesS 5 potential sources of revenueS TeachersS SchoolsS DistrictsS SponsorsS Foundations 8. Taking ActionS Create prototypeS Pilot test / populate databaseS Continuous growth:S Constant product improvementS Constant marketing and expansion