Lesson70 Step1. Questions1 Step2. Vocabulary2 Step3. Language points3 Step4. Practise4 Step5. Homework

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lesson70 Step1. Questions1 Step2. Vocabulary2 Step3. Language points3 Step4. Practise4 Step5. Homework Slide 2 1.Hank Stram and his two children was on vacation travelling through Europe by train.they were in the last carriage of the train 2.After lunch, Hank wanted to get a coffee 3.Came to a dining car, which was near the front of the train bought a coffee, got talking with another American 4.They have a lot in common and got on well. Hank didnt pay attention to the announcement Slide 3 Frankfort Bonn The two children couldnt find their father Are you sure yourve old enough to go travelling on your own? Slide 4 answer these questions on the text: 1. Where were Hank, Tina and Max travelling to? 2. Why did Hank leave his children? 3. Why did Hank spend so much time away? 4. Why couldnt Hank get back to his seat? Bonn He went to the dinning car to get a coffee. He met another American and they spent some time talking together. The door was locked because the train had been divided in two. Slide 5 5. Why couldnt Tina find his father? 6. Where did Tina and Max go? 7. Where did Hank go? 8. What do you think the announcement was? Because he was on the front of the train, which had been separated. Bonn Frankfurt. It was possibly a warning that thr train was about to be divided in two. Slide 6 Find words in the passage that mean the following. 1. The line on which a train runs 2. A time when someone is away or missing 3. The giving of information in public 4. Something which is true 5. The price asked or which is paid for something. track absence announcement truthcharge Slide 7 Language points: 1. They found that they had a lot in common and got on well. They had a lot in common- they share the same tastes, interests, experience or other things. (Have) in common (with) .. .. They are brothers, but they have nothing in common. Slide 8 Their views have much in common with mine. In common with many people, he prefers classical music to pop. In common Real friends should have everything in common. Mr and Mrs Smith own the store in common. 2. At that moment he remembered that all the tickets, passports and travellers cheques were in his jacket that he and left hanging next to his seat. Leave sb /sth +-ing Slide 9 Dont leave her waiting outside. Let her in. Leave the piano standing in the corner. When we entered her room, we saw her clothes that she had left lying around. 3. At about three oclock Tina said, Im going to see what Dad is up to.. Be up to, What is he up to now? Go and see what those girls are up to. Slide 10 4. She had gone through just a few carriages before she found herself at the front of the train. Before, I hadnt waited long before he came. They had talked only a few minutes before they found they were quite different in opinion. Find When he woke up, he found himself in hospital. I hope to find you in better health when we meet again. 5. The massage is this: you are to go to the hotel where rooms have already been book for you. Slide 11 be + Here is a message for you from your headteacher: you are to go to her office after class. Mother says youre to wait here till she comes. be + , she is to be back before 11 oclock, said the manager. 11 The room is to be locked. Slide 12 be + , They are to go travelling in August. We are to begin the work next month. Book, Booking office She has booked three seats on the plane. Seats for the theatre can be booked from 10 a.m to 6 p.m. 6. Hell be arriving at about eleven oclock tonight. Will be arriving Slide 13 Ill be meeting Miss Black at the air port this afternoon. He wont be able to come, because hell be doing his home work. -What will you be doing at 7 oclock this evening? -probably Ill be having my supper. 7. The hotel paid the taxi driver and put the charge on their hotel bill. Charge, -Whats the charge for a room? -30 dollars. Slide 14 The charge for the taxi will be increased next month. Charge, What/how much do they charge for the suit at the store? The hotel charged me 50 yuan for a room for the night. Put the charge on the bill Lets go and pay the bill for the electricity. Slide 15 Of oneself The door opened of itself. The candle went out of itself. By oneself He always lives by himself You should finish homework by yourself. For oneself Do you have anything to say for yourself. Slide 16 1. We forbid______here. Who permitted you_____ here? A to smoke, to smoke B smoking, smoking C to smoke, smoking D smoking, to smoke 2. I am very sorry for______you the matter before. A not telling B not having been told C not having told D being told 3. The students did the experiment as_________. A careful as they can B careful as possible C more carefully as it is possible D carefully as they could 4. Only in this way_____it better. A do he can B he did C can he do D he can do D C D C Slide 17 5. She is a diligent girl, she never leaves her work half ________. A doing B done C to do D being done 6. Now I have a car _______my own. And I often drive______my own to work. A of, on B of, by C to, on D to, with 7. When I came to the door, it opened________. A for itself B of itself C by itself D on itself 8. The reason_____he was absent _______school is not clear. A why, from B what, of C that, to B how, at B A B A Slide 18 Lie-lay-lain-lying Lie-lied-lied-lying Lay-laid-laid-laying