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Lessons Learned Inclusive Emergency Management November 20, 2013

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Lessons Learned. Inclusive Emergency Management. November 20, 2013. What is the “Whole Community” Concept?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lessons LearnedInclusive Emergency Management

November 20, 2013

Jessica Mitchell October, 201212What is the Whole Community Concept?Focus on enabling participation in emergency management activities from a wider range of players from the private and non profit sectors, as well as a wide range of individual, diverse community members, in conjunction with participation of Federal, state, Tribal and local government partners.Non-governmental organizationsPrivate companiesIndividual citizens including those who are often underrepresented or excludedAgencies that serve individuals who are often underrepresented or excluded

Jessica Mitchell October, 20122Disability TypesMobilityCognitive or IntellectualMental HealthHearingVisionSpeechHealth Maintenance

3Jessica Mitchell October, 201234What is an Access or Functional Need?Individuals with needs that can be accommodated with actions, services, equipment and modifications including physical/architectural, programmatic, and communications modifications. Some individuals with access and functional needs have legal protections including, but not limited to, the right to freedom from discrimination based on race, color, national origin (including limited English proficiency), sex, familial status, age, disability and economic status.

Jessica Mitchell October, 20124CMIST Framework for Needs IdentificationCommunicationMaintaining HealthIndependenceSafety, Support services and Self DeterminationTransportation

5Jessica Mitchell October, 20125


The number of Americans with disabilities is greater than the combined population of the 75 largest US citiesJessica Mitchell October, 201267Illinois Census SnapshotPeople with disabilities make up 11.6% of the populationPeople over 65 make up 13.2% of the populationPeople under 18 years make up 23.8% of the populationForeign born persons make up 13.7% of the populationPeople who speak a language other than English at home make up 22% of the populationPersons living below the poverty level make up 13.1% of the population14,055 people experiencing homelessness (depending on the definition used - Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness)

Jessica Mitchell October, 201278

The number of people with disabilities in Illinois is greater than the population of Springfield and everything below it.

Jessica Mitchell October, 20121,331,8000 people with disabilities in the state of Illinois.

89Service Delivery SystemsNetworks of organizations provide services to people with access and functional needs in the community on a daily basis.Many fields of service (children, veterans, people with disabilities, seniors, criminal justice, etc)Services are provided byPublic/governmental agenciesNonprofit agenciesPrivate Sector agenciesAssociations of individuals, volunteers, family members

Jessica Mitchell October, 20129FEMA Disability Inclusive ObjectivesProvide guidance, tools, methods, and strategies to integrate and coordinate emergency management efforts that meet the needs of people with disabilities and others with access and functional needs.Within FEMAIn collaboration with State, Local, Tribal and territorial partnersPromoting individual and community preparedness by working with community groups

10Jessica Mitchell October, 201210112010 - Established the Office of Disability Integration and Coordination2010-2011 Established Regional Disability Integration Specialists within the 10 FEMA Regions2010-2011 - Getting Real Inclusive Emergency Management conferences2011 - RDIS Disaster Deployments2010 - 2011 Memorandums of Agreement with NCIL and NDRNNational Contracts

FEMA OverviewJessica Mitchell October, 201211Recent FEMA ActivitiesNote on planning and relationship buildingSubject Matter Expert cadre development and trainingSign Language InterpretersTraining and technical assistance- internal and externalIntegrated neighborhood task forcesIntegration within grant initiatives Disaster Case ManagementIntegration within Federal Disaster Recovery Initiatives

12Jessica Mitchell October, 201212Contact InformationJessica MitchellRegional Disability Integration SpecialistFEMA Region V312-408-5499 (Office)312-576-2624 (Cell)[email protected] Mitchell October, 201213

Jessica Mitchell October, 201214